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Back to Regularly Scheduled Life… Sort of.

Well, Shorty went back to work today and I am sitting here in the calm before the storm.  I had to be up to put T1 on the bus to school, but neither one of the babies are awake yet and so I find myself with a little free time. Glory hallelujah!
I am feeling rather sad about Shorty’s return to work… two weeks went by way too fast, especially since half of it was eaten up by first Shorty, then me, then BG having the Plague (we just can’t seem to kick it- though the antibiotics are helping).  So we really only had one healthy week together (if that) and her going back to work now seems so premature. Sigh.  At least she went back on a Friday though… I’m looking at today as sort of a “test run,” since she’ll be home all weekend before going back full time next week.
The good news is, my mother is flying in tomorrow for a one-week stay, to help with the babies and to meet her grandson.  I’m looking forward to that, even though I know it is essentially just postponing the inevitable- my mother WILL leave and I WILL be alone with the babies during the daytime. I’m feeling a little anxious about that- not so much worried about not being able to handle two babies (the worst that can happen is that they scream. Right? Right?!?!?!) but that I’ll get lonely or bored in a stay-at-home mom roll.  I guess we’ll have to see though. I’m sure I’ll find ways to mix it up a little during the day.

Other things that have happened since I last blogged… BB turned two weeks old (time is flying!) and Naptime Bootcamp was abruptly cancelled on account of BG catching the Plague (double ear infections, sore throat and a cold- and we both feel terrible about it, since she caught it all from us).  Luckily, she’s on the mend thanks to antibiotics and BB hasn’t caught it yet (and hopefully won’t), so things are looking up around here.

I am still cherishing every waking moment with my boy and still in complete disbelief that he is actually ours. To keep. Forever.  It’s kind of strange and at the same time amazing that this is so.  Keep in mind that though we are (currently) a three-child household, we have never before had a child we didn’t have to share.  T1 goes to her dad’s every other weekend, holidays, half of her vacation breaks, etc.  BG has visitations with her mom and CPS and everyone else involved in the system.  Both of them are ours, but we have to share them with others. But BB… BB is all ours. There is no other parent out there with whom we must split visitations.  He will always always always be with us on Christmas and for his birthday and over school breaks.  He is 100% ours, and I love it. I love him!

I have to run, I hear at least one baby waking up… sigh.  Guess I’m on the clock now!  I’ll try to update here more often and don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the birth story… I’m still (slowly but surely) working on it!


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Shorty here again, they are prepping her for c-section right now, next post will be the introduction of our son!!

Please keep us in your thoughts.



Hello, this is Shorty. I just wanted to give you all a quick update. Baby boy still hasn’t arrived. We decided to go to the hospital at 5am after spending the whole night having contractions and not dilating at all. We are now at the hospital dilated to 4.5cm and waiting.

We will update again soon. Send us good vibes!!


labor update…

Well… woke up this morning and things had stalled again.  I was still having strong, painful contractions, but nowhere near regularly and certainly not at the 6 minute mark they had hit last night.  We resigned ourselves to another day of walking and trying to get things kickstarted.  Took a short nap around 3pm and woke up to the biggest worst contraction I have felt yet.  I worked on recovering from that one and decided I needed to pee… went to get up and water broke all over the couch!


That was two hours ago, and ever since then I have been leaking water and having painful contractions about 3 min apart.  They hurt like a sonofabitch and all I can do right now is pray they are productive at least!  Midwives are en route to our house and we will see where this goes… but either way, there’s a baby at the end of it all!


It’s starting!

So it’s almost three AM here at Casa Shorty-Amazon, and while the rest of my  household is peacefully sleeping, here I am on blogland writing to you all.


Why is that?


I can’t sleep. And the reason I can’t sleep is that I’m having contractions!  True, full-blown, baby making contractions. I would dance with joy except… Ow. I think I’ll just stay put on my birth ball thankyouverymuch.  The contractions are about seven minutes apart last time I timed them, so still quite a long ways to go- but that’s progress considering the erratic/sporadic contractions I was having all day yesterday were fifteen minutes apart at their closest point.  We did go ahead and let the midwives know as a quick heads up right before going to bed- they said to drink water and get some sleep.  I tried the sleep thing, I really did ( I might try it again here in a minute) but I’ve discovered that contractions that feel ridiculously painful whilst lying in bed are only moderately so when perched upon a birthing ball… So here I am.


I will try my best to keep y’all updated on how things progress.  Here’s hoping today becomes baby boy’s birthday! October 8th seems like a good day for that, don’t you think? 🙂



I know you were probably hoping that blog silence equaled baby-in-arms by now… believe me, I was too, friend.  Unfortunately that’s not the case; in this case blog silence just meant a lot of attempting to keep from complaining (out loud) about the same damn crap over and over again.  Sigh.  We are STILL here, STILL waiting!!!!!!! 10 days over now…


However, I interrupt this bout of blog silence to tell you about the adventure we took yesterday trying to get him out.  We woke up with no plans, unsure of what to do with our Saturday, and definitely ready to meet our son.  Plus, we had a bored and very-UNsick (YES!) seven year old on our hands, who had been cooped up in the house with the Plague for the better part of the week and who, as a result, was practically bursting with energy and climbing up the walls for something to do.  Ugh.  In this situation, the only thing to do was get out of the house before it ended up destroyed… so we recruited our friendly Neighbor E and her kids, and took a trip to the local pumpkin patch!


I know that’s not what you were thinking of when I said “adventures in trying to get him out,” but believe me, there was PLENTY of walking, exercise, a bumpy tractor ride, and even a ride down a tube slide… all in an attempt to make it a little less cozy for the little guy in the nest.  The kids had a blast running around in the crisp fall air, and the adults had fun not being inside watching our houses get destroyed by bored children watching the kids… it was a win-win situation.  Plus, after the pumpkins had been selected, the hayride hayridden, and the ponies petted and cosseted, we all went out to Mexican food for lunch and I made sure to eat plenty of spicy food and salsa… all the while trying not to pout too obviously over the delicious-looking margaritas blaring out at me from the menu pages.


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I can tell you that the preliminary results of the trip were thus:  Nothing last night, but this morning I woke up with what I would call “medium” contractions at 7am, lasting about a minute apiece and coming every 15 minutes or so.  They’ve been present all day although they’ve spaced out some since this morning and aren’t as regular anymore- I think in part because today has been dominated by a couple long car trips and a lot of sitting… not a lot of activity involved.  We are going to go try to ramp things up by taking a walk around the neighborhood, wish us luck!  In the meantime, it feels good to know that at least my body is TRYING to get things started… even if it hasn’t entirely succeeded yet.

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