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Gift Exchange and a few other tidbits!

Today we received our gift from the gift exchange from the ladies at Chunk and Mommy. It was some yummy treats, which we quickly devoured before remembering to take a picture to post. no we don’t like yummy food at all, why do you ask? Luckily we remembered before it was ALL gone and snapped the picture.

Thank you so much for the yummy treats!


Our gift will be mailed tomorrow, we are late we know, but be reassured it will be on it’s way first thing in the morning, lets hope it arrives in one piece!

Now on to tidbits of our crazy hectic life:
* Amazon has gone back to work, it’s a seasonal job, it’s at night, the hours stink, the pay is okay, everyone is adjusting.
* Pax is 14 months!! What, when did that happen. He is RUNNING – The boy loves to play chase, all you have to say is “I’m gonna get you” and he breaks into a huge smile and takes off as fast as his feet will let him. He is perfecting the art of a toddler temper tantrum when he wants something and you do not give it to him fast enough. He hugs! Best thing ever! Waves bye – so cute! He adores his big sissy, he follows her around and when she walks out of the room and into a room he can’t get to he will set and cry until she comes back. He is starting to sleep through the night, IN HIS OWN BED! This can be hit or miss, depending on his mood, but it is happening more and more.
* Family from Cali arrives Christmas Eve! Excited to see them.
* Overall we are doing well, ready for Christmas and looking forward to 2014!

To all our blog friends, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Seasons Greetings, Happy Kwanza, Feliz Navidad, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year from our family to yours!


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