Raising a Blended Family

Guess who’s here?

Introducing Shiloh Michelle!


7lb13oz, 19inches long. Our princess. 🙂

She ended up being born at 6:53pm on 7/28, more than 20 hours after we were first admitted to the floor. She came out screaming and sunny side up, which surprised everyone. 

Shiloh means Tranquility and we already have a son whose name means Peace. Michelle is my mother’s name and was a complete surprise to my mom when we announced it.

The kids have met her and everyone loves everyone. Moms are exhausted. More to come but for now, baby pictures! 




Well, still no baby. It took quite a long time for her contractions to get started once her water broke. We were trying to do this as naturally as possible, but after twelve hours of no contractions and no cervical change, we opted to go ahead and start pitocin. Since starting it, she’s been pretty miserable but her contractions have started and are getting stronger and closer together. Hopefully this helps.

Hour 18 here. Getting anxious to meet baby girl!


Baby’s Comin’ =)

Wifey’s water broke tonight! She was laying in bed while I was in the other room and I thought I heard her yelling for me. I texted her to see if it was her yelling at me or not and didn’t get a response, so I went running back there… and when I got to our bedroom she told me we were going to the hospital because her water had broken! FINALLY!!!

We said goodbye to Thing One, a (sleeping) Pax, and my mom (who is in town and will be watching them), and off we went to the hospital! Hospital is only ten minutes from our house and I might have been speeding a little bit 😉 so we got here in record time. Got checked, admitted, and now we wait!

Contractions are still far apart and nothing exciting yet- it’s 2 am and we’re both thinking about taking a nap while we can. But, there is a baby at the end of all this and she will be here relatively soon! Excited!



There are oh, so many things I have been remiss in writing about here, but the main one on my mind right now is our baby girl, and her impending arrival.

For at least the past two weeks, Wifey’s body has been trying to kickstart labor. This scared the doctor’s office initially, as we were only 36 weeks and were having runs on contractions lasting hours at 2 minutes apart and a minute long each. But, no baby appeared then and we are now safely in the realm of 38-week-land. Bring on the contractions!

We had our weekly appointment on Thursday and when the doctor checked her, we found out she is already 4cm dilated, 60% effaced and baby is fully engaged. That, coupled with the nights of intense, long-lasting contractions is enough to tell me that baby girl is trying to make her entrance into this world. The doc agreed with this assessment- he said he will be very surprised if we make it to our 39 week appointment next week.

So, with all of that in mind, we have been doing everything we can to kickstart labor and get baby girl to come out. My wife has been walking- so much walking- and we have tried pressure points, spicy food, sexy times, and even giving baby girl a stern talking to (lol). Wifey also sent me this picture yesterday of her mowing the lawn (that has normally been my chore). I guess she’s pretty determined for baby girl to come out!


 None of our strategies have worked (yet), but that hasn’t stopped us from trying. Today, she has been having some cramps, back pain, and a few pretty painful contractions. I’m hoping this all means her body is trying to ramp things up again, but at this point, who knows. 

Hopefully baby girl comes soon!