Raising a Blended Family

Our TTC Journey

December 2010

  • Decide we wanna make a baby!

January 2011

  • Decide on target TTC month (August 2011)

February 2011

  • Start charting (oral temping). bad chart. blah.

March 2011

  • Continue charting (vaginal temping).
  • Get impatient with August 2011 date and bump it up to June 2011.
  • Register with cryobank.
  • Realize that A’s schedule is too crazy, prepping for quals and possible program switch… agree to change to C’s womb instead.

April 2011

  • C keeps temping

May 2011

  • We’re going for it!!!
  • April 29=CD1
  • May 2 order two vials of sperm (for the low low cost of $657!!!)
  • Friday May 13… Cd14, expected ovulation day. No +OPK.
  • First insemination Saturday May 14,without OPK confirmation of ovulation.  We saw her temp spike and decided to DO IT.
  • Sunday May 15, false alarm. Temp back down.  Still have one remaining vial, keep peeing on sticks to get an OPK
  • Dewar due back on Monday. We decide to keep it an extra day, continue testing through Tuesday, and take it back Tuesday night if no +OPK
  • Tuesday May 17- faint positive OPK 6pm that evening, definite positive 10pm!!! The Dewar stays another day!!!
  • Wednesday May 18, insem at 4pm, 18 hours past +OPK
  • BFN #1

July – September 2011

  • Decide to use A’s uterus, continue charting.

September 2011

  • Started talking with Known Donor
  • Signed contract.

October 2011

  • No confirm +OPK
  • Insemination with Known Donor 14 days past 1 day of menstrual cycle
  • BFN #2

December 2011

  • Appt. with OB, diagnosed with erratic ovulation. Prescribed 50 mg Clomid.
  • 1st day of cycle December 18th, after a 70 day cycle.
  • Took clomid days 5-9 of cycle

January 2012

  • Got +OPK January 4th, day 18 of cycle, road trip to Chicago to meet with KD, insemination that night.
  • Very faint BFP FRER HPT on Tuesday, 12DPO
  • Darker BFP FRER HPT on Wednesday, 13DPO
  • Confirmed BFP with Digital HPT Thursday, 14DPO, WE’RE PREGNANT!!!!!!
  • 1st OB appt. January 25th, for test and blood draw.

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