Raising a Blended Family


On Friday, October 10th, something huge and momentous happened in our household. Our baby boy turned TWO!!! Yes, that’s right… Pax is two now and Moms could not be more in shock ;). WHERE did our cuddly little newborn go? WHAT HAPPENED to our wobbly little one-year-old? HOW did two years go by so, so fast? So fast.

I remember, when Pax was still a young baby, reading someone’s blog about how they too, were shocked and amazed that their baby had turned two. I remember thinking “wow, that’s gotta be a crazy feeling” but I couldn’t truly empathize with it; it was such a far-off event and it seemed like it would never happen to us. And now, it has. We have a two-year-old (an official two-year-old, I might say… before Friday, we had a one-year-old who was really good at pretending to be a two-year-old).

We celebrated his birthday family-style on Friday. Plans to go to the local pumpkin patch were rained out, so we hit the indoor trampoline park instead and let the birthday boy have the time of his life jumping. And jump he did! It was so cute to watch him discover how truly HIGH he could bounce, and cute to watch him catch his balance (and lose it) over and over again. They had a foam pit that the kiddies could jump into, but it was rather hard to climb out of so Shorty and I took turns jumping in first and then letting Pax jump in, while we were there to catch him. That was fun while it lasted, but Birthday Boy’s patience was soon worn out from the waiting in between jumps, so we mostly stuck to the main jumping courts. Very fun!




Yesterday was his party and again, he had a blast! We learned that a two-year-old party is MUCH different than a one-year-old party. Last year, it was calm and serene and very grown-up; everyone chatted and watched Pax and ooooh’d and ahhh’d over him eating Cake. This year… well, this year we had about 5 two-year-olds and a handful of slightly older kids running around our house (and I do mean RUNNING, it was kind of a mad house!) and Pax had a grand old time with all of them. We blew up our wading pool, brought it inside, and filled it with balloons to make a balloon pit- that was a huge hit (except when the balloons popped every now and then… oops). We also filled out sandbox with corn kernels, which are now scattered around the house (hello, my friend vaccuum) but which the kids nevertheless enjoyed. It was a truck/construction-themed party, so we also made a tape “road” on the floor, had plenty of cars/trucks/dump trucks/ride-ons, a coloring station, and food, of course. The kids loved it all and the grown-ups (who weren’t hosting, that is) enjoyed sitting around and chatting while the kids played together. It was a good day’s work! At the end of it, after the last guests had left, Shorty and I were exhausted and the kids somehow still had energy… I fell asleep on the couch almost instantly, even though there was still party debris everywhere to clean up! Whoops.













So, now Pax is two. And, before we end this post, I’ll give you a quick run-down of his 2yo stats:

Clothing size: 24m/2T. He still swims in some of it but 18m pants and onesies are not long enough; pants that fit him last spring now show a good inch of ankle!

Weight: about 25lbs

Height: Greater than 34″, which is what he was back in May. Next Dr. appt is in November and I will not be surprised if he has gained a full inch or even two since May!

Words: he says all kinds of words now, puts together sentences, and asks questions. Some of the most-used are fire truck (“kee-kee truck,” for some unknown reason), yogurt “yodirt,””I up” or “I down,” “park,” “are you ready?”, sister’s name, “I go buh-bye?” (this kid LOVES going buh-bye), “bus. BUS!!!” (any time he sees a school bus, which is often in our neighborhood!) and so many more that I can’t think of right now. Basically, his language has exploded everywhere and I feel like I can understand about 60% of what he is saying.

Toileting: We are still diaper-bound, but he has started to show some interest in the toilet and we will usually sit him on the toilet at least once a day. I realize that’s not a lot but it’s mostly to familiarize him with it so he won’t be scared when the time comes. We read books and sing songs and he will happily sit there for 15+minutes, all without producing a single drop of pee! But, it will happen eventually. My goal is by the time he’s three, which is going to take some serious buckling down on our parts, I know! We got him an “elmo goes potty” lights and sounds book for his birthday, and someone else got him a ‘potty time elmo” that comes with its own tiny toilet… there’s definitely a theme going on and we’re starting to move in the right direction!

Food: Pax has become, not a picky eater per se, but definitely a SELECTIVE eater. And many days, he “selects” to eat hardly anything at all. It is so hard to get him to eat! Yogurt is the one consistent thing we know he will always eat. Meat (of any kind) is something we pretty consistently know he WON’T eat. Everything else, it’s a toss-up on. I know it’s normal toddler behavior but it’s also frustrating and worrisome- there are times where he wakes up in the middle of the night crying because he’s hungry, because he didn’t eat any dinner/snack the night before right before bedtime. It’s something we’ll be speaking to his pediatrician about but in the meantime, if y’all have any pearls of wisdom… lay them on me!

Sleep: He still wakes up in the middle of the night most nights, though some nights (like last night) he is able to make it all the way through in his own bed until around 7am. I think it has a lot to do with his room temperature- some nights his room gets nice and toasty warm; other nights, his blankets or toys fall to block his floor vent and his room stays chilly. He tends to sleep better on warm nights, poor kiddo!

Toys: He still prefers trucks over anything else. We got him a brand-new lights and sounds fire truck for his birthday, and I thought he was going to come out of his skin with excitement. He will play with puzzles but gets frustrated easily, and most of his other toys he just throws around. He does love reading, and will bring us book after book after book…

Numbers, colors, etc: We are working on them but he does not know them. If you start counting “1…2…” he can finish with “3!” but I have only heard him count 1-2-3 one time.  Colors, he does not get, even though I make sure to point out every color I can whenever I can! Oh well, he’ll get there.

His abilities continue to expand daily, and I love to watch him grow into himself. It’s pretty amazing, being mommy to this special little guy. 🙂





I have a confession. I haven’t talked about something on here, something that’s potentially big (but hopefully not!) and a little scary. But, it’s the night before a procedure to rule out the scary thing, and I’m thinking about it and my mind is going places it shouldn’t so, I might as well write about it.

Basically, I’ve been having pain in my right boob for a few months now. It comes and goes, off and on, and when it is here it can last anywhere from ten minutes to all day, and feel anything like sharp and burning to just achey. It’s strange. I will randomly catch myself wincing in pain or groping my boob in public (or catch my friends giving me strange looks because I haven’t yet realized that I am groping myself in public) and I will realize that I am doing it because my boob hurts and I am unconsciously trying to relieve the pain. I haven’t noticed any rhyme or reason to it; it’s not associated with any specific bra (or lack thereof), season, weather, exercise activity, etc. It is just… there. Sometimes. And it hurts when it is.

So, when enough was enough I went to see my gynocologist. And he hemmed and hawed and felt and poked and stared at my boob for an uncomfortably long amount of time (yes, I KNOW he probably sees 145,984 boobs a week… but none of those are MY boobs). He did a breast exam and we talked about my breastfeeding history and whether that could be the cause (No, he declared, probably not from what I’m describing) before deciding that I should probably go be seen for a mammogram to rule out the big C word. No, he said, he doesn’t feel anything… but just to be safe I should go. Yes, he said, I’m young for it… but just to be safe, he wants it done anyways.

Just to be safe. And so, my friends, at the ripe old age of almost 28 (Yes, I told you how old I am. Yes, I know I’m a baby. Moving on.), I am going in to be seen for my first mammogram tomorrow morning. And, though I know it’s unlikely and the doctor made it seem like not TOO big a deal, I can’t help but what-ifing myself to death. The future seems a lot scarier when you’re staring down the boob-pancake machine, hoping it spits out the results you want to hear!

I’ll keep ya’ll updated.


Score one for the lesbians (also titled… easy ways to get a lesbian excited*)

Shorty and I are baby-wanting. We are looking at babies and thinking about babies and wishing for babies. Our current baby turns TWO at the end of this week and is no longer, by any stretch of imagination, a BABY. We miss littles!

In the spirit of missing littles (and, hey, because we want our family to grow… yeah, we thought that was a good reason as well) we are starting to gear up to do the things lesbians do to get pregnant again.

Contact donor and gain consent: check. Because you kiiiiiiinda need the willing participation of the man you are hoping will be a sperm donor for your next future-hopeful-baby.

Next step: prepare Shorty’s body for pregnancy. Her cycles are very normal, thank goodness, so we are just starting to track and she has an all’s-good-on-the-western-front appointment check in later this week to see how the ‘ole uterus is faring. So, we appear to be good there too (pending appointments).

The next step we were going to take is to start tracking cycles. Starting this cycle, in fact, so as to have three good months or so of cycle data before beginning (remember: target=January). And here is where the ‘score’ comes in… Lookee what I found!

1920499_10202927326599129_7517582423378847423_n 10151284_10202927327079141_2745308837103538484_n

Cheap (expensive!) OPKs… AND a new toy along with it. ‘Nuff said. Score one for the lesbians.

*pun not intended but recognized and left in tact anyways.