Raising a Blended Family


At almost 35 weeks along (34+5), our house is starting to look like there was a small explosion of baby things that went off inside of it. Specifically, the house looks like this:


And this:


And this:


And this:


As you can see, random baby stuff is EVERYWHERE. It is starting to slowly become more organized, but it still seems like every day we are working on finding a home for a new element of baby gear. It is, at times, a tight squeeze because we currently live in a three bedroom house with less than 1500 sq ft and there will soon be FIVE of us. We have no plans on moving, however, or at least not anytime soon. We’ve got big plans for about two years down the road but for now, we’re staying put, and staying put means making this house- tiny though it is- work. Shiloh will be rooming in with us, just like her older brother did, and if push comes to shove we figure the two little ones can share a room. I doubt it will come to that before we move in a few years, however, considering Shiloh’s older brother STILL spends at least half of every night happily tucked away in mom’s bed.

So yes, preparation is in full swing. I spent yesterday prepping our cloth diapers, which we haven’t used since Pax was one year old (insert guilty face here). I was excited to have a cloth butt in the house again, but dismayed to find that a lot of the elastic on the diapers has somehow become stretched to the point that I’m not confident it will fit a newborn baby anymore. This was quite the distressing discovery! So, now we are faced with replacing some covers (about ten in all), replacing our whole stash and getting different dipes (we currently use Best Bottoms but I’ve been dying to get my hands on some of the all in one styles), or ditching the whole kebob altogether and going for ‘sposies. Of the options, I tend to like number two the best, but have a feeling we’ll be going with number one. I really want to stay in cloth dipes no matter what and even though some of the AIOs are basically irresistable (we did, in fact, order an elephant-printed one just last night, even though it doesn’t match any of the other dipes in our stash!), it will be more economical to just replaced the covers for the system we already have. Sigh. I’m going to keep my eye on retail sites and diaper swaps though- maybe I’ll score some cute-but-cheap dipes on the fly! 🙂

Besides all the preparation, it has been quite the hectic summer. Me: finishing nursing school. Her: still working, becoming increasingly uncomfortable as the days go on. Pax: being two. Thing One: having surgery next week for her tonsils after a sleep study confirmed she has sleep apnea. Poor thing. And my parents/brother: taking a circuitous route on their road trip cross country heading here. They will be here sometime midJuly and leave… who know when. First it was midAugust, then it was my dad/brother leave early and my mom stays, then they were all leaving early, and now… who knows. The plan keeps changing and rather than being annoyed, I am trying to be very zen and peaceful about the whole thing. You know, ohm and all that good crap. Ohmmmmm. Ohhhhhhhmmmmmm. Oooooohhhhhhmmmmmmmygod can you please make up your minds?! (Operation Zen is obviously working perfectly, LOL). We do still need to get their room (our sunroom/junkroom) cleaned out before they get here, so it kind of is a blessing in disguise that they are meandering and taking their time getting here. We are going to get all the stuff out, put in a window AC (because it isn’t air conditioned out there) and maybe even get the carpets cleaned before they arrive. Then again, maybe we won’t. Who knows!

So that’s where we’re at at 35 weeks. Next doctor’s appointment is next Wednesday (farther apart than normal because our doc was out of town), and then after that they should be every week from here on out! Exciting times!

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GD Update

So we had another appointment today with the OB. We discussed the issues we’ve been having with the possibility of Wifey’s water being broken (we were in LD triage AGAIN on Sunday because of possible leaking) and also it was our first follow-up appointment since Wifey got diagnosed with GD and since we went and saw a diabetes nutrition specialist.

We got good news on all fronts. Her water is NOT leaking, but she does have a common infection that pregnant women can get in their unmentionables; this infection can cause the sharp pains and excess fluids she’s been having. As Wifey put it, OH THANK GOD. She said she’s never been so happy to have an infection in her whole life, and I have to agree with her. A little antibiotics and a little luck and hopefully baby girl really will be in it for the long haul… or at least until July 28th (the day I’m done with RN school!).

On the GD front, Wifey has been keeping track of her blood sugars in the morning and evenings, and has also been following a limited carb diet outlined by the nutritionist. The result has been that for the past week or so, all of her levels have been within normal and it doesn’t look like she’ll need to go on insulin or take any further steps to manage it. Whoohoo! She had been feeling a lot of stress and anxiety and feelings of guilt surrounding her diagnosis, so I think it was really important to her to do everything she possibly could to control this thing- so the fact that it’s well-controlled through diet was great news.

We also spoke with the OB more about what happens now, with baby girl and the rest of the pregnancy. I wasn’t there at the appointment where she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, so I hadn’t yet had a chance to ask all my questions, but today I did have that chance and not hold back. There were a lot of them (my wife never remembers to ask anything!) but the OB, bless his heart, was very patient. Basically, nothing too much out of the ordinary happens. The main side effects of GD for the baby are that she could A) be a larger-than-normal baby and B) have hypoglycemia at birth that may need to be managed. So, to address these issues, we will be getting another ultrasound at 36 weeks, to get a ballpark idea of how big baby girl is at that time and assess the need for possible induction. Both Wifey and I are pretty against induction based on estimated size alone, but the OB didn’t make it seem like it was likely anyways and he said under no circumstances would it be electively done before 39 weeks… so that made me feel good, that he wasn’t pushing for that to happen. The other thing that will happen is the Shiloh will need to get her blood glucose tested at birth, via heel stick. If she’s hypoglycemic then her first meal will be some good ole’ sugar water, either by sucking or by a tube fed down her throat. He said in rare cases, baby could need an IV, but that that usually isn’t the case and that the sugar water would probably be sufficient. I don’t like the idea of my baby girl being stuck or having tubes down her throat the second she enters the world, but I also know there are many worse things that could happen- all in all, this isn’t so bad. And hopefully, it won’t be needed at all! I like to be optimistic.

So yes, the planner type-A personality part of me feels a lot better now, knowing what the sort-of game plan is. I’ve stopped buying newborn clothes and I am totally okay with a chubby baby, as long as it’s a HEALTHY chubby baby. And healthy mama, of course.

Now, if I could just get a solid answer on when, exactly, Miss Shiloh plans on making her appearance so that I could plan that, too… Hopefully not soon is all I’m saying. We’re 33 weeks today, 7 left to go!


32 weeks

I apologize for being so remiss in blogging. Are any of you still here? To say that life has been busy- well, that would be an understatement. A HUGE understatement.
However, I have managed to carve out a tiny chunk of time (at 6:15 am on my day off when I am up with the toddler) and so I will take full advantage and try to give you a well-rounded update via bullet points:

  • Two major pregnancy developments: first, Wifey failed first her one-hour glucose test, then her three-hour one, which confirmed a diagnosis of gestational diabetes. She’s pretty freaked out and upset by it, and I am trying my best to reassure her, support her, and do what I can to help her. The whole family is now eating healthier and cutting out sweets, and we see the dietician tomorrow to see if there’s anything more to be done, diet-wise. Unfortunately, even while eating healthy, balanced, and cutting sugars and carbs, her blood sugar still isn’t where it needs to be and so chances are that next doctor appointment she will be put on an antidiabetic medication. We will see!
  • The second pregnancy development is that Wifey seems to have developed a small, slow leak in her waters. We first discovered it last week when she had a couple days in a row of movement being followed by a gush of fluid. She swore she hadn’t peed and it was enough to soak her pants, so the second time it happened we headed to labor and delivery to be checked. They did two tests, the first of which was positive and the second of which was negative for her waters being broken. Talk about confusing! Since they couldn’t get a definitive answer and we had an appointment with our very own doc the next morning, they let us go home. The following morning at the appointment the doctor couldn’t really tell us anything more than “maybe” (a repeat test was negative, but as I pointed out to him at the time, if she was only gushing small amounts at a time then there was always a high probability that the test WOULD be negative if it had been too long since a gush, etc). He basically told her to take it easy and come back if it happens again. Helpful.
  • On the plus side- we are now at 32 weeks of pregnancy! She looks amazing and is doing great. 8ish weeks left until baby girl is due and we both agree they’re going to fly by, if only because they’re so busy and chock-full of events! I have to graduate nursing school still (7 weeks and 70 hours of clinicals left, plus a few huge tests), Thing One’s birthday and birthday shenanigans are in July, we’ve got our own anniversary in July, and my parents will arrive sometime midJuly as well for their annual summer visit… Which means lots of cleaning and rearranging because the room they will stay in is currently full (of baby crap). So yeah, busy 8 weeks we’ve got coming up!
  • As far as being ready for baby: we almost are. The labor and delivery/broken waters incident scared us into throwing together a kind of haphazard hospital bag, which needs to be repacked but which nonetheless would do in a pinch. We have pretty much all the baby gear we need but we do still need to acquire a dresser and a changing pad, and some smaller odds and ends (burp cloths, pacis, etc). We will be cloth diapering again so our diaper stash needs to be prepped still (and we need to get a few newborn ‘sposie packs for the first few weeks). 

That’s about it! Busy busy bees, we are. I will try to update this more often but we will see…. The next post might be to announce baby’s arrival! Haha! 
Below, our 32 week bump pic:



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