Raising a Blended Family


on October 7, 2012

I know you were probably hoping that blog silence equaled baby-in-arms by now… believe me, I was too, friend.  Unfortunately that’s not the case; in this case blog silence just meant a lot of attempting to keep from complaining (out loud) about the same damn crap over and over again.  Sigh.  We are STILL here, STILL waiting!!!!!!! 10 days over now…


However, I interrupt this bout of blog silence to tell you about the adventure we took yesterday trying to get him out.  We woke up with no plans, unsure of what to do with our Saturday, and definitely ready to meet our son.  Plus, we had a bored and very-UNsick (YES!) seven year old on our hands, who had been cooped up in the house with the Plague for the better part of the week and who, as a result, was practically bursting with energy and climbing up the walls for something to do.  Ugh.  In this situation, the only thing to do was get out of the house before it ended up destroyed… so we recruited our friendly Neighbor E and her kids, and took a trip to the local pumpkin patch!


I know that’s not what you were thinking of when I said “adventures in trying to get him out,” but believe me, there was PLENTY of walking, exercise, a bumpy tractor ride, and even a ride down a tube slide… all in an attempt to make it a little less cozy for the little guy in the nest.  The kids had a blast running around in the crisp fall air, and the adults had fun not being inside watching our houses get destroyed by bored children watching the kids… it was a win-win situation.  Plus, after the pumpkins had been selected, the hayride hayridden, and the ponies petted and cosseted, we all went out to Mexican food for lunch and I made sure to eat plenty of spicy food and salsa… all the while trying not to pout too obviously over the delicious-looking margaritas blaring out at me from the menu pages.


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I can tell you that the preliminary results of the trip were thus:  Nothing last night, but this morning I woke up with what I would call “medium” contractions at 7am, lasting about a minute apiece and coming every 15 minutes or so.  They’ve been present all day although they’ve spaced out some since this morning and aren’t as regular anymore- I think in part because today has been dominated by a couple long car trips and a lot of sitting… not a lot of activity involved.  We are going to go try to ramp things up by taking a walk around the neighborhood, wish us luck!  In the meantime, it feels good to know that at least my body is TRYING to get things started… even if it hasn’t entirely succeeded yet.

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  1. Oh you poor thing!! (And yes, I’m guilty of some blog silence = baby thinking.) E was 3 days late and I was beside myself. I can only imagine how anxious you must be to meet your little guy! Hang in there, Mama. Sending labor thoughts your way!

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