Raising a Blended Family

Bumpdate: 27+1

…because yesterday was a craaaaazy busy day and I completely forgot to update and/or take a bump pic.  My bad.

So forgive me for the lateness, but you guys, we’re at 27 weeks! I know there’s a lot of debate and semantics surrounding the cutoff for second tri/ beginning of third tri issue, but since the tickers I use and the baby websites I go on (mostly) call 27 weeks third tri, plus 26w6d is exactly 2/3 of the way through pregnancy…  I’m just gonna go ahead and do my third trimester happy dance here. Happy daaaaaance!!!!

I am so GLAD to finally be here. It really feels like we’re on the downward slopes, you know? Yes, Baby still has to mature a bit more, but a lot of the major tasks are done and from here on out it’s a lot of gaining weight (for both Baby and I) and preparing for the birth process (for all of us).  It just feels like I can finally take a breath and actually look back and appreciate how far we’ve come. Yes, we still have 13 weeks left, but 27 weeks… daaaang.  It feels like (and has been) a long time since that cycle in December when we were debating whether or not to even start the Clomi.d at all!  So glad we did, by the way… 🙂  I am also so glad we started taking bump pics when we did because looking back now (and even though I thought I was chubby at the time) I can’t believe my belly was ever that small!  (Thanks to Michaela by the way for the encouragement to do the bump pics in the first place!). And I can’t believe it’s still going to get larger, or that the majority of “growing” in terms of belly size is still ahead of us!  I think I’d be good if my Bump and I just stayed the same size the rest of pregnancy, not that I think that’s going to happen.

I’ll just go ahead and stop being a tease and put in a few belly pics now:

27weeks, 1 day!

I feel big, but I could be bigger, I know.  My v-e-r-y pregnant coworker at work reminds me of this every day simply by virtue of having her own big (much bigger than mine) round ‘ole belly.  And she’s six weeks ahead of me so I know my own belly will probably only going to get bigger from here on out. But still. MAN.  Today alone, I got two comments relating to size.  One was from my boss (something along the lines of “every time I pass you I have to give you a wider and wider berth. Soon I’ll just have to stand aside!” as we passed each other in the hallway).  The other was from my wife- I had made a comment about not being allowed to tube downriver on our upcoming vacation because the river is too low and I am pregnant and the tubing company said no, and she jumped in with “oh yeah, that’s not a good idea, you’d be like one of those big ships that runs aground on the reefs and gets stuck.”  Thanks, wife.

In sad news, the Cankles have made their appearance.  😦  I don’t know if it’s a combination of the heat, by bad foot/favoring it more, or what, but both ankles are swollen and my right (hurt) foot is significantly more swollen than the other one. I’ve been resting and elevating them as much as possible (not a lot considering I have to work) and also increasing fluid intake and propping my right one up while I slept last night… so far, no dice.  There’s not much I can do though (right?) except sigh about it and hope it goes back down, soon….

Cankle. 😦

Anyways, our vacation is less than a week away and so is our wedding anniversary. Awww I’m so excited!  I have an awesome present for Shorty that I am DYING to show you all but, for obvious reasons, can’t… but you will get to see it when we get back and I have pictures.  =)  I’m excited to give it to her.

And finally, I just couldn’t leave you without posting this picture. I will probably get in trouble for it later when Shorty sees this, but… oh well.  T1 came home from her dad’s this weekend and she was WIPED, so she crawled up into Shorty’s lap to “rest, just for a minute mama.”  Shorty, meanwhile, was battling a migraine and took her medication that makes her drowsy… I turned around five minutes later and this is what I got.  New favorite picture. 🙂

LOVE them.

Have a good weekend you guys!  I have to work sadly, but it’s okay because vacation is SO SOON!!!!!!!!! Stay cool and safe!


Heading off to our first birthing class…

So I’m sitting here on our couch waiting for Shorty to get home so we can whisk off to our first birthing class.  Is it silly to say that I’m feeling a little anxious?

Excited, oh yes, to learn all these techniques and that baby will be here soon(ish) and blah blah blah… but anxious too.

I’m worried about inclusivity.  I’m worried about Shorty feeling left out, about the instructor using only male pronouns and speaking only to the husbands and the boyfriends and the pregnant ladies in the room, and excluding my wife in the process.  As the pregnant one, I am automatically included in everything baby-related.  I am The Walking Womb and The Patient and The “Mommy” and so when doctors and nurses and anyone else for that matter walk into the room, they automatically look to me and talk to me and ask about me.  But it doesn’t always happen with Shorty, and I worry about that.

Over the weekend, we had an Incident in which we were moving baby furniture out of the soon-to-be-nursery in order to paint it, and as Shorty and I were carrying the (very light, not heavy, I’ve already been lectured about this) dresser out of the room, my bare big toe met the side of the dresser with force, resulting in the partial separation of my big toe nail from my nail bed- in other words, my toenail was partially ripped off.  Yeah, ouch. It hurt.  Because it was only partially ripped off, we had to go to the doctor’s to get it fully removed, and naturally Shorty drove me, sat with me, and came back into the room with me when we were called.  You know- she was showing normal spousal support and concern.  When the nurse breezed into the room, however, she all but blatantly ignored Shorty’s presence and focused entirely on me. Now, I understand I was the one with the gaping wound on my big toe and that this fact automatically means I will be commanding a lot of the attention, but it went beyond that even.  For instance, Shorty was making wise cracks along the lines of how much the needle was going to hurt when they gave me the shot to numb it (for the record, I have NEVER felt a needle hurt that badly, EVER) and I jokingly told her to shut up and be supportive. The nurse, without ever cracking a smile or looking in Shorty’s direction, quite seriously asked me if I needed her to escort Shorty out to the waiting room.  What? NO!  Obviously, if she’s back here, she’s important and I need her.  And furthermore, if I had for whatever reason not wanted her in there, I could have damn well kicked her out myself!  It was like the nurse was refusing to even acknowledge Shorty’s presence.  When the time came to get the ouchyouchyOHMYGODTHATHURTS shots in my toe, I reached for Shorty’s hand and the nurse said “uh uh uh that’s my job”.  I ended up sitting there holding both of their hands like I was in a freakin prayer circle… and then the nurse had the nerve to comment that I was squeezing Shorty’s hand more than hers during the shots!

I walked out of that appointment feeling like complete crap, not because of my toe but because of the way my wife had just been treated.  Shorty even commented on it later on, in a small, hurt tone of voice that broke my heart.  I know she’s felt excluded a lot during this pregnancy, mainly while we were going to the shitty OB’s office and not so much while going to the midwife (I hope, though I know that the first appointment was tough, where the midwife took all of mine and what little we know of the DONOR’S history but had nothing to ask Shorty.).

I guess I’m just hoping that this birth class that is supposed to help us be a team for labor doesn’t end up adding to Shorty’s feelings of exclusion.  Shorty has been noticeably reluctant to go to these classes and last night she finally told me that fesr of exclusion is a big factor why she’s been dragging her heels. I can’t blame her, but I’m also still trying to figure out how to support her.  I 110% believe that she is just as much of a mom-to-be as I am, and that she deserves equal treatment in all things baby-related… in all things period. I’ve thought about just checking in with the teacher before hand, to kind of meet and greet and make sure she knows we are a same sex couple.  I might even be as blunt as to up-front ask that she make sure to use inclusive language when she speaks to the class.  I just don’t want my wife to feel left out again.

I am the one who is pregnant, but we are both expecting parents.  I just wish people would remember that.

Shorty is home… so here it goes.



Life besides pregnancy*

(*Is there such a thing?  It’s hard to believe some days that the whole world does not suddenly now revolve around getting-ready-for-baby and newborn-tricks-101!  ;))

I know all I’ve been updating ya’ll on is the pregnancy front, but honestly, there’s other exciting stuff going on too these days and I’ve been remiss in letting it slip through the cracks without blogging about it.

For instance:  Do ya’ll remember when I was going through my PhD/nursing/PA* school dilemmas?  It was just under a year ago now, I believe, and I was very, very torn on it for a looooong time.  The long and short of it is that I ditched the PhD program (and still, a year later, could not be happier with that decision!) but then still had to decide what to do with myself afterwards… a new career was in order, obviously, but which to pick? PA or RN?  I hemmed and hawed about it on here, but then took myself and my musings offline because frankly, there’s only so many “should I or shouldn’t I or which way should I go?!” posts you can make. You would have gotten sick of hearing it.  Everyone else in my life DID get sick of hearing it.  I got sick of hearing it!  And yet, I couldn’t decide.  It took a looooot of soul-searching, and I wanted to make sure I was going after the right degree this time, you know?  But at the same time, I had this fear of not getting back into something quickly enough, of getting complacent and then not being able to work up the desire to get back into school again.  So at the same time I wanted to take my time to pick, I didn’t want to take too much time… it was tough.

But now, a year later and after wrestling with this this whole time and going back and forth numerous times, I am happily able to announce that my application for PA school is almost complete!  And by “almost complete,” I mean it is waiting on one last reference (I still need to figure out who to ask) and for me to finish being picky with editing my essay… and it’ll be done. It was a close one- I even went as far as to fill out an “interest” application for nursing a few months back… but I eventually realized that what was holding me back from PA wasn’t that I didn’t want to be a PA, but that I was scared I wouldn’t get it.  I still am, by the way.  But there’s only one sure way to NOT get in and that is to not apply at all, right? And if I don’t get in this year, there’s always next year…  Strictly speaking, I don’t have as much prior health care experience/patient care experience as I should, but I’m hoping my rockin’ GPA and strong test scores will push me through in that area.  And, you know, we’ll see.  I’m busily shadowing lots of different PAs in lots of different fields (a primary care PA, an HIV specialist, an ER PA) not only to be able to put these experiences on my application (and hopefully get my last letter of reference from one of them!), but also because it’s great experience to see exactly how a PA works and what one does and how their day-to-day job goes… something I maybe didn’t look into enough before I started the Ph.D.  So far, I have loved the shadowing experience I’m getting.

I’m also busy taking a summer course that’s a prereq for the program (and it feels so GOOD to be in school again!) and will be signing up for another self-paced (online) course once we get back from vacation, that I will hopefully finish before our son arrives.  It says it takes most students a semester to finish it, but that it can take as little as 8 weeks or as much as 8 months, depending!  Talk about a range.  I am going to start it when we get back though because really, if I can get it out of the way before the baby gets here, that will make life so much easier.

In other news, Shorty has been rockin’ at her job- got a promotion, taking on supervisor duties, and generally progressing well towards Captain-hood (her ultimate goal; she’s now a Sgt.).  I’m proud of her, and I’m glad she loves her job/career so much… there are days it makes me nervous to send her off to do it (she works in corrections), but she enjoys it and she’s GOOD at it… she’s a natural-born leader.

In sad news, something else I really haven’t spoken about is that we no longer have our four-year-old nephew Bubby living with us, and haven’t, for about a month.  I wanted to tell you at the time but I didn’t know what to say… there wasn’t much TO say.  It was a shock and it was hard, but basically, his mom took him while we were in California and refused to give him back when we returned.  He was with us for 9 months, and then gone… just like that.  Because his mom is “relatively stable” (living in some guys’ spare room in his house rent-free (insert raised eyebrow here), due with baby #3 in August (please, tell me how that is STABLE), still no job, applied for gov. housing) there is nothing I, Shorty, CPS, or anyone else can do about the situation.  It is hard knowing he is not in an ideal place (although she did enroll him in preschool, all on her own, without us suggesting it- that’s a plus!), but I must also guiltily admit it makes it easier around here too.  For instance, we now have a room for the baby (he was going to be living with us before this) and $400 more a month that we no longer have to pay for childcare.  But these are small things and in the bigger picture we would both rather have him back in a stable and nurturing environment, rather than where he is now.  But… there is nothing we can do, and life is slowly returning to the normal “pre-Bubby” state.

Speaking of kids, our own daughter has also been gone for awhile- T1 is at her dad’s for half her summer break and we have been seeing her on weekends.  It is hard not seeing her all the time, and only picking her up for these short visits! I can’t wait until she is home again for good, which won’t be until after we get back from our July 4th babymoon/honeymoon visit.  The day we return from that, we will not only be getting T1 back permanently but will also be having my parents and brother arriving in town for their two week stay! It’s going to be crazy hectic, considering that we will be going from a nice, leisurely two-adult vacation back to a six person household in the time span of one day!  But it will be good to see them all and I am looking forward to it.  We have a trip to lake Michigan (hopefully camping, if we can find a spot!) slated for that next weekend since my west-coast family has never seen the Great Lakes, plus an ultrasound while they’re here (our final one for the study, in 3D this time- yeeeeey!!!!) and celebrating T1 SEVENTH birthday (Idon’twannatalkaboutit!!!!!!!).

ANNNNND for the icing on the cake (and this is possibly cheating to include here, since it is baby-related), Shorty and I start birth classes on Tuesday.  I am excited, she less so, but since I am the one pushing the baby through a very small hole this go-round, and I feel like I would be more comfortable (comfortable. ha.) doing that if we get formal training/classes on techniques and such… Shorty has agreed to be a sport and so we’re going.  I figure if they’re useless to us (since they’re hospital-based classes and we’re homebirthing and all) we can always drop out, but I’d like to at least SEE.  So that’s Tuesday.

And there, I think I’ve finally updated you on everything.

It’s definitely been very busy around here, and looks like it will be for awhile, what with work, taking my class, preparing my application**, preparing for vacation, preparing for my parents to be here… and oh yes, preparing for baby!  But it’s all good stuff and it makes me feel good to be making forward progress on the career front and staying busy enjoying our summer in general.

I’ll try to keep you updated more on this stuff, I promise.  It’s just so easy to get lost in BABY land and forget to talk about anything else…  🙂


*For those of you unfamiliar… PA= Physician Associate= one step down from doctor.  It’s a two and a half to three year Master’s program (depending on where I get in), and students take all the same classes as med students do and do the same rotations.  The difference is PA’s don’t have to do the four years of residency afterwards and are generally expected to have some healthcare experience before entering the program, whereas MDs are not, thus making for a shorter program.  PAs can specialize in any area- surgery, neuro, OB, anything- or they can be primary care providers.  They work under a supervising physician but have diagnosing, treating, and prescribing powers and make a very decent salary.

**For those of you further interested… the timeline for PA school, if I get in, would be for the program to start next fall or January 2014.  So the baby would be either one (or very close to it) or 1 1/4 when I start, and I would be done with the program by the time he starts school.  It seems like it will be difficult but doable…

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26 weeks…

..and holy hell, do I feel pregnant now.

This week was accompanied by lots and lots and lots of heartburn (ugh), feelings of belly stretching (but no huge marks yet, although the ones on my side are getting worse), and lots of huffing and puffing any time I have to roll over/get up off the couch/etc.  Yeah. Pregnancy is sexy (insert eyeroll here).  It was also accompanied by ridiculous amounts of hunger!  I think if this keeps up I will end up eating us out of house and home.  We had lasagna for dinner one night and after eating my portion, an hour later, I was hungry again- and that’s how it’s been all week.  I have to wonder if he’s going through a growth spurt or something-  I just can’t seem to stop eating!  This baby is gonna come out the size of a sumo wrestler.  😦

Speaking of preparing for him to come out though, we went and picked out paint swatches for the nursery this past weekend.  We have yet to actually pick the final color (some shade of light blue) but anything will be an improvement over the pale yellowish color currently on the walls (not that I have anything against yellow or even yellow walls, but our whole house is that color and I’m kind of sick of it).  We have high hopes that when my parents come to town in two weeks (gulp) my handy dandy dad will help us buckle down and get it all fixed up.  He’s good like that- plus I know he’ll be bored to death here in the middle of the Corn State and will be itching for things to do.  🙂  Shorty and I also picked out the baby’s bedding- not that it will matter for a long while, since he will be upstairs with us in his cosleeper, but still…

Isn’t it adorable?!?!?!

It’s feeling more and more like we’re almost all set, baby-gear wise, for him to be here (mentality-wise and actual physical readiness-wise we’ve still got a long way to go!). Gear-wise, we still need to acquire a pack n play, and a changing table for upstairs- his crib downstairs will have a changing table attached to it, luckily.  More diapers, more wipes, diaper pails and liners… but considering the overwhelming shopping list I was staring down at the beginning of these shenanigans, all of that seems very doable!  And we’ve also decided we’re completely set on clothes from 0-6 months.  We’ve got tons and tons of baby sleepers, sleep sacks, swaddlers, onesies, pjs, and every other form of baby clothing imaginable… plus my parents are bringing us a tote full of baby gear we got from our first shower and we still have one more shower to go!  So we’ve put a moratorium on clothes-shopping and when we do begin again (or when my mother goes apesh*t all over the baby aisle while she’s out here) we’re aiming to buy up in sizes and start getting things from 6mos on up.  Sounds reasonable, no?

And finally, a bump picture for ya’ll… I swear I’ve grown this past week! I could FEEL it stretching at times. Very odd.  My bump also seems to have become more… square?  LOL I wonder how he’s lying in there to cause that!


25 weeks?! Whoa!!!

So this week’s number for some reason is making me step back and say “whoa” in a way that the last 4-5 weeks really haven’t.  25 weeks? Holy crap!  25 is a big number. 25 is solidly in pregnant land (I know, I know, we’ve been in pregnant-land for a good long while now, but you know what I mean).  25 weeks is only 2 weeks out from third tri, only 15 weeks from our due date. 25 weeks.  It just seems like a lot.

I had my first stranger smile and ask me when I was due today. 🙂  To be fair, it wasn’t a COMPLETE stranger… some lady I pass in the hallway of the hospital I work at every morning, who I usually just politely nod at and continue on my way… but still, words have never been exchanged before and I’ve certainly never told her I’m pregnant.  Huh. Guess I must be showing. 🙂

Pregnancy symptoms this week have included a lot of soreness and some swelling. Earlier today, when Shorty and I went out on our walk, my hands and feet started tingling and swelling and by the time we got home my ankles and fingers were puffy.  It was a really strange sensation, but it got better once I put my feet up and drank some water.  Also, I’m finding that I’m sore a lot in my hips and pelvis/groin region… getting out of bed in the mornings, or getting up from chairs is when it’s particularly noticeable and when I am most prone to waddling for a few minutes afterwards.  Dr. Google tells me this is all par for the course as the hormone relaxin literally “relaxes” my joints and muscles, making them hinge and stretch further than they normally would during the course of everyday use and making me sore in the process. Ah, well.  Speaking of things doing things they don’t normally do, my belly button is getting even more shallow! It is still not an outie by any stretch of the imagination but it has gotten to where it’s so shallow that if I push down lightly on either side of it, it pops out!  This has become a new (strange, I know) fascination of mine and I guess we’ll see if I end up with an outie at the end of the next 15 weeks!  Finally, I have been S-T-A-R-V-I-N-G this week… no amount of food is enough! Earlier, I asked Shorty to get me a few hot dogs while she was up, and she asked how many I wanted… I said three.  She gaped at me in disbelief and told me, slowly and reasonably, that we would start with two and see how I felt afterwards.  Those two hotdogs were gone SO FAST all she could do was sit there and blink at me, and watch in disbelief as I got up, got myself another one, and downed it, too.  I was HUNGRY (and now I’m hungry again, speaking of…)

In home news, poor Shorty has been battling the world’s most killer migraine all week.  She’s been laid out on the couch unable to go into work or do much of anything since Sunday afternoon, poor lady.  Today was the first day she finally found some relief, after I drove her unwilling self to the doctor’s yesterday and we experimented with some new injection-type medications to knock the headache out.  Thus far, they seem to be working, although Shorty is not a huge fan… they have to be injected in the butt and the needle really isn’t that small.  I don’t think I’d like that too much either although as the one NOT being stuck in the butt, I do get to giggle a little when she waddles around afterwards and sits down gingerly because her rear is sore. 🙂  All’s fair in love and war, and I know she will be/already has been doing the same thing to me as my waddle really sets in and I get more and more ungainly.  Ah, love.

T minus two weeks and a handful of days until our vacation and wedding anniversary. Really looking forward to getting away from it all with just my wife, having a breather during which to relax, unwind, and enjoy each other’s company.  It will be nice.

Last but not least, my favorite moment of the week that I wanted to share: falling asleep cuddling with my wife, her arm draped over my stomach, and the baby doing his bodily best to “remove” her arm with all his physical strength and prowess.  I didn’t even have to say anything… we were just laying there feeling him kick and she was like, “Is that the baby?”  She already knew the answer though, and we just lay there in the dark quietly, both of us feeling our son moving as we drifted off to sleep.  Love.  <3.

Bump pics! You get TWO this week, just for being such good readers.  🙂

The standard bare belly pic….

And me in one of my favorite new summer outfits (spent waaaay too much on maternity maxi dresses at Ol.d Nav.y, but DAMN those things are comfortable!!!!!!)

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I couldn’t resist showing you…

We got all of this for $30 tonight at a garage sale.


It is

  • 15 outfits (in varying sizes, not just 0-3 months since we’re pretty well stocked on those)
  • 3 sleep sacks
  • 4 swaddle me wraps
  • 3 crib sheets
  • 3 blankets
  • 4 washcloths
  • 2 bibs
  • and an assortment of socks.

I also got to satisfy my desire to shop for some of the cuter, pinker, girlier stuff as we picked up some things for a coworker of Shorty’s who is due in August. SO much fun.

And it makes my heart happy that my washing machine is currently full of baby clothes, blankets, and sleepers.  Love.


24 weeks=6 months?

So my pregnant friend and I were having a debate.  As of today Shorty and I are 24 weeks (yay!) and my friend will be 30 weeks tomorrow.  According to the calendars I’m looking at, I have just reached 6 months pregnant and she is in the middle of month 7.  According to her pregnancy app, she’s 7 months tomorrow and I’m only 5 months.  Insert confusion here…

Regardless though, I’m definitely 24 weeks and most of the articles I have read generally agree that we have now reached the “point of viability”- ie, if Mr. Man were born now he would have at least a chance of survival.  Obviously, those odds would be low and we don’t want him to come any time soon regardless- bake, baby, bake! Don’t you dare come out yet- listen to your mothers, young man!- but it’s nice to have at least a small modicum of a safety net underneath us.  Even if we have no intentions of using it (16 more weeks to go kiddo!).

Finally, although I have been feeling movement for a long time now and Shorty has felt it many times now, today was the first day I ever saw my stomachmove.  I was sitting here with the laptop on my lap earlier and I felt him kicking, so I moved the laptop (I think he doesn’t like it sitting on top of him, silly baby ;p) and sure enough every time I felt a kick there was a corresponding bulge from my tummy and it looked like the surface of my skin was dancing.  It was so cool!  Unfortunately Shorty wasn’t here to see it and attempts to videotape it utterly failed, but hopefully he’ll do it again soon. Hands down it was the coolest thing I’ve ever experienced.   =)

And now for the 24 week bump pic… ta-da!!!!!!

I’ll also wish you all a premature happy weekend now- this weekend will be filled with visits to the midwife and Indy Pride for us (plus a wine-tasting for the nonpregnant one), and it’s going to be busy but fun!  Hope ya’ll have a good one too.  🙂


Random thoughts of a pregnant lady…

This pregnancy just keeps trucking along!

We are at the point now where I am starting to think seriously about all of the things that need to be done before the baby gets here, and that I should probably get started on now while I can and while we have time.  Now, while I have the energy, now, while I am still relatively small (see bump picture below for a discussion on the “relatively” part of that statement, because I am actually starting to feel pretty big and knowing I could still poke out another 5 inches or so before it’s all done is starting to freak me out!), and now, before my mother and brother descend on us to stay from July to August or longer.  Now is certainly an ideal time to get things done or to start working on them, things like:

  • Get the second parent adoption thing up and running. We got the name of a good lawyer from a friend (the same who helped her with her SPA a few years back); now we just need to follow through and actually contact the lady.
  • The nursery, the nursery, the nursery.  Currently, Stuff is just piling up and there and while I am relishing having a “baby room” to put everything in and lots of baby Stuff to fawn over all the time, the organizational side of me is DYING to get the crib and put it together, get some wicker baskets and fold/sort all those cute little sleepers, get the walls painted, etc.  Plus I have DIY projects in mind like painting the letters of his name in coordination with the nursery decor and making some of those really cool booksling thingies.
  • Setting up the playroom.  This one deserves some explanation, but we’ve decided that I’m not going back to my job after Mr. Man is here.  Neither one of us relishes the idea of daycare for him, and so instead I’ll be staying home.  And although she’s a rockstar and keeps earning great promotions at work (you go, wife!), we currently can’t afford to live on Shorty’s salary alone so I will be doing home daycare with a couple of friends’ kids plus maybe an add on or two from craigslist (starting 6 weeks postpartum, ideally).  So the goal is to get the stuff for this playroom for the daycare all set up before Mr. Man gets here so that we won’t have to worry about it once he’s here and we can just jump into daycare whenever I feel up to it.
  • Buy the last of the baby gear.  Believe it or not, the “big stuff” is pretty much taken care of.  We got our stroller for our shower, the crib and downstairs changing table is from my mom,  carseat and one base from the study, baby carrier from the consignment sale, high chair from a friend, rock n play sleeper from the sale, cloth diapers from what we’ve been stockpiling/buying in small quantities… I could go on because it’s all fun cute baby stuff to me, but I don’t want to bore you. 😉   Suffice it to say we have a lot of stuff taken care of already! One major acquisition that we picked up last week was an arm’s reach cosleeper… barely used for $40!!!  Friggin’ sweet.  We are also acquiring our breast pump (Medela Freestyle) from an acquaintance tomorrow for $100… she never used it, just opened it.  Another score, and another big thing to check off, leaving us with relatively smaller, less costly, and more manageable items such as swaddlers, changing table, bassinet sheets, and pack n’ play to buy.

The stockpile… plus the bottom two shelves in the closet are his as well and we have an entire tote filled with clothes!

In other news, one of the things that was on my list until very recently was to set up child birth classes.  Even though we are going for the homebirth scenario, I am the kind of person who feels better with informed guidance and the more informed the better- especially since I’ve never done this before!  Also, during the class we will be getting a tour of the maternity ward we would end up at if anything were to go wrong with the home birth scenario; thus I feel like it’ll be a worthwhile experience all around.  So until today that was on my to-do list, and I called the lady to see when their sessions were starting and how long the classes ran… turns out the only class that fits within our 16 week window of now-until-due-date starts at the end of this month and goes for six weeks.  All the other classes ended either the week of our due date or right after our due date- much too close for comfort; thus, by process of elimination, we’ll be starting our birth classes at the end of the month right as we hit the third trimester mark!  It feels slightly early to me, considering we’ll be taking the class right alongside my 32 week coworker (who will be 34 weeks when the class starts!), but hey… information is information!

And finally, the-bump-that-is-not-classifiable-as-huge-yet-but-still-manages-to-make-me-feel-larger-than-NOT-pregnant:

23w5d =)

And in pregnancy-news-I-never-thought-I’d-admit… I actually asked Shorty to tie my shoes for me this weekend (and much to her credit, she obliged and didn’t even tease me.).  It was just sooooo much easier than bending down to do it myself or bending over the belly while sitting to do it…  😉

Time marches onnnnnnnnnn….