Raising a Blended Family

Adoption frustration

By: C
So as you will learn if you keep reading this, A is the writer out of the two of us. It has taken me 5 minutes to just write this little bit. However, here we go anyways.
At the present time I guess I’m anxious and frustrated about the adoption part of having Thing 2. I hate the fact that we live in a backward ass country and that most places, including the state we live in, currently don’t recognize us as an engaged soon-to-be-married couple, let alone recognize the baby A will be carrying as mine.  Instead, we have to make plans to go through a lawyer and pay a ton of money for a second parent adoption, just so that I can say Thing 2 is mine and the world recognize that. With that being said, I will do what I have to do so that Thing 2 is legally mine, it just sucks that I have to jump through hoops and our country can’t get with the program and accept love for what it is- LOVE – and stop looking at the gender of the people involved.