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23 week bumpdate

I know we missed last week’s because we were in Cali… here’s this weeks though. Still expanding. =)



Relief and excitement.

So in other news, today was our very last OB appointment.  We only used her went back to her to get our twenty-more-like-twenty-two week ultrasound done and get results on the cheap, since my insurance covers them through her office and not through the midwife.  I feel a little bit bad about using her and leaving her, particularly because on the way out the door she told me not to forget to stop by the receptionist to set up our next appointment. Yeah, about that…

In good news though, results came back all normal and in the clear from the ultrasound.  It’s something I didn’t even realize I was worried about until I had to sit and nervously twiddle my thumbs while the doc ran out of the room mid-appointment to get the results when I asked her about them.  She hadn’t even seen them yet and they weren’t in my chart so she had to go hunt them down and I had to sit there and wait.  It was nerve-wracking but ultimately everything is fine.

With that over, it’s time to look onwards and upwards… staring summer straight in the face! It kind of officially kicked off with our california trip this past week, and then this weekend we have a family pride picnic hosted by our local LGBT group that we’re going to, next weekend is the midwife appointment and a baby shower (not ours, someone else’s lol) and Pride (if we can make it), weekend after that is actually free, and then the weekend after that we’re heading off on our babymoon vacation… and when we get home, my mom and brother will be here to stay for a monthish! By the time they leave, T1 will be starting school, we’ll be halfway through third tri, and we’ll be looking forward to fall starting!  Whew!

I have a feeling time is going to flyyyyyy by these next few months… and I’m looking forward to loving every second of it.  =)


Home again.

We are back from California, and very sad about it! Our trip was amaaaaaaaaazing.  We flew out on Wednesday night and came back last night… so it wasn’t very long, but we had so much fun!  We got to see all sorts of family and friends, went to the beach many times, did some touristy sight-seeing stuff, got good food (!), and yes- had our baby shower! The whole time we were surrounded by various family and friends and it was good (for me) to be around so many old familiar faces.  My mom kept rubbing my belly all week long sayign “hi baby!” or “how’s baby doing?!” all excitedly… it was weird to be constantly touched but we think she’s just a little bit excited about this new grandchild she’s getting. 🙂

The baby shower was completely amazing and totally deserves its own paragraph.  My mom hosted it for us at her house and all the little decorations and such were so cute!  She really put a lot of work into the shower- we felt very loved.  Lots of family and friends showed up and we played silly games like diaper change relay race and had each person make a scrapbook page for the baby that we can add photos to later.  We also went ahead and told everyone the name, since I had slipped so many times already that my mom already knew it!  Everyone except my dad liked the name, but he’s hard to please anyways. 🙂  We got a toooonnnnn of gifts, most of which were clothes… We are officially done buying this baby any clothes in sizes 0-6 months, maybe even on up to 9 months! LOL.  We also got a bunch of gift cards to the stores we’re registered at, which will come in helpful, and a few homemade blankets/quilts for the baby that made me tear up when I saw them.  They were just so lovely and so much time and love were put into them by their creators!  Sniff, sniff.  Anyways, the biggest gift we got was the gift of our stroller, given to us by my grandma and aunt. That was unexpected and very very nice of them!  With that out of the way, the only big things we have left to get are our pack n play and my breast pump (which is where those gift cards will come in handy).  So overall our family and friends were very generous and I feel very lucky to have them!

And now, what I’m sure you’re all waiting for… pictures! =)

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Yep that’s my son….

So let me start this post off by letting you know this is Shorty posting, and I absolutely hate doctors. I will kick and scream all the way to the doctor’s office if made to go.  My wife insists that I go to the doctor at every sneeze, stubbed toe, or twinge, and I go kicking and screaming every time (Amazon’s note: I do not!).

Anyways, you’re probably wondering what this has to do with my son…well, he does not like doctors either. Today we had another ultrasound and my boy was not willing to cooperate at all. We didn’t even get good baby photos due to him hiding his face with his arms and hands, crossing his legs, moving around and curling up. The tech had an extremely hard time getting the measurements and photos that she needed, which tells me that my boy does not like doctors and will kick and scream every time we make him go to one.

So yep that’s my son..and I am absolutely completely in love with him.

Life is Good =)


21 weeks and counting the days away….

We are 21 weeks today, which doesn’t feel like any sort of milestone except for it being one more week down, 19(ish) to go.  But hey… it’s progress and I’ll take it.  Mr. Man has been kicking the crap out of me at least 3x daily now (and often nightly as well), which I have to say I am in love with.  Not all of the kicks feel wonderful, but it’s so great to be able to feel him period, and Shorty can feel sometimes too by placing her hand on my belly.  I’m noticing a pattern to his movements… every morning on my car ride in to work I get kicked (not a fan of car rides, I suppose) and every afternoon when I come home and gratefully stretch out on the couch, after about 5 minutes of laying there I get kicked again!  And then usually while I’m trying to fall asleep and other random times during the day, like whenever I set the laptop on top of him to rest (like now lol).  I love it, and I love him!

Also, we only have 3 full days and one half day until we get to see him again at our scan. =)

And… California… in 5 days!!!  I am having dreams about walks on the beach, visits with family, In n Out Burger (anyone? anyone?), and Mexican food galore. (Side note on this: Shorty has spent a great deal of time laughing at me these past few weeks because I have spent half my time planning our visits with relatives/friends and the other half planning where and what to eat while we’re in Cali!!!!  I can’t help it… I miss Cali food so much.  I’m a foodie, plus I’m pregnant… so of course good food will be on my list of priorities! The little mexican taco shop hole-in-the-wall type places, or the nice big Mexi restaurants with the Mariachis that come around, In n Out burger, Rubios, Daphne’s greek cafe…. JAMBA JUICE.  Okay I’m done but can’t you see there’s just so much to plan to eat?!?! /end side note).

Time-wise and stress-wise, Shorty and I are both in a place where we could really use a break from work and it seems like this trip comes at the perfect time for that.  We are both really excited as well to be going somewhere ON OUR OWN, sans kids.  I have caught myself starting to plan everything I need to pack for the kids for this trip a few times, or thinking about taking them to the beach and getting them all showered and un-sand-ified afterwards, or how bored they’re gonna be on the plane and different ways to entertain them… and then it hits me.  They’re staying here! (At their respective other parents’, each of them). Insert sigh of relief. We get to take a plane ride as just adults, without having to worry about entertaining the under-ten set…  we get to have walks on the beach without having to take half the beach home with us in our kids’ hair and bathing suits… we get to have ADULT dinners at ADULT restaurants without having to arrange a sitter or leaving the kids with grandma.  And we get to do it for four days!!!!!!!  What a luxury.  =) Rock on, quick getaway weekends!

Last things last- bumpdate!  Thanks for your lovely comments on the belly last week. 🙂 I have started getting comments ow from people I work with about my bump, mainly because scrub tops are starting to fit more snugly now and there are even a few I can’t wear anymore.  It is silly but after weeks of being surrounded by big-bumped women who are further along in their pregnancies than I am, I’m glad to finally be starting to have some physical, visible proof that I am pregnant too!  Plus (and I know this is also silly), I’m glad to have at least a small bump before our surprise baby shower… ’cause when you picture a baby shower, you picture a big fat pregnant mama as the guest of honor, right?!  Not some lady with no bump to show off… 🙂  In any case… here is this week’s bumpdate:  Mr Man has one more week to grow before our shower next Saturday!


Happy Mother’s Day!

I just wanted to pop in here and say happy mother’s day to all you wonderful, beautiful mothers, mothers-to-be, and future mothers/heart-mothers out there.  I love reading your stories and hearing your journeys and seeing how very loved your kids and future kids all are.  You’re all rockin’, amazing mamas and I feel lucky to “know” you. 🙂

Shorty and I aren’t doing anything today, mainly because we have both agreed that California is mothers’ day present enough for the both of us, but we do keep looking at one another in amazement, because this time next year there will be not one, not two but three little ones to celebrate with. Crazymaking. =)

Have a good relaxing day everyone and enjoy it.  It’s your day!

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Halfway home =)

20 weeks have gone by and it boggles my mind.  Granted, for the first two weeksish (19 days) I wasn’t technically pregnant and then for the next 12 days I didn’t know I was pregnant…. but still.  That leaves 16 weeks of knowing-fully-aware pregnancy??? Where on earth has time gone?

I am simultaneously ecstatic for this pregnancy to continue and for us to eventually reach the end of it and meet our boy, yet at the same time I am sad to see this time going by so quickly.  I am really enjoying being pregnant-  I treasure this time we have left as a family of four, and cherish the special bond my wife and I have during this time as well.  I feel soconnectedwith her, and life just seems so good. Not that it didn’t before pregnancy, but this time is different. Outside the normal boundaries.  Special.  Glowing.  It is our first pregnancy together as a couple and I just love this time together.

In other news, we went to see the midwife again the other night and it went great!  All is measuring well with the baby, and she had a ton of helpful suggestions for everything from my legs cramps (magnesium or something? I’ll have to look at my notes) to hives (not mine, Shorty’s- and peppermint oil if you’re wondering!).  She measured my fundal height, something the OB hadn’t ever done (22, for those wondering- she said it was normal? Seems big for 20 weeks) and also felt the baby’s position and was able to tell us he’s lying basically like he’s in a hammock, with his back down and his head my left.  I wasn’t at all surprised, but I’m glad he’s comfortable in there- that makes one of us, at least.  I think due to his position and being so low, whenever he moves drastically I can not just feel it but feel it.  This afternoon he rolled over or something and I sent an email to Shorty that was something along the lines of “Um, your son is now sitting ON MY CERVIX.”  It was an incredible sudden amount of pressure that luckily didn’t last more than an hour, but while it did it was not fun! Shorty laughed and told me to try standing on my head to make him move.  Yes, highly likely (but if it happens you’ll get pictures. ha.)

And finally, I am a big fan of countdowns and keeping track of milestones and so it is with much glee that I give you an updated countdown list of things I am greatly looking forward to:

  • 1 week, 4 days until our anatomy ultrasound (the last one was with the study we were doing but was a rather truncated version of this one, which is through our OB’s office and is the last time we will be using that office.)
  • 1 week, 6 days until California.  I am practically peeing my pants I am so excited (or is that the baby on my bladder again?)
  • 7 weeks, 3 days until our babymoon
  • 8 weeks until my family arrive for a month long stay (yes, they get here right after our babymoon. we could have been nice and cancelled the trip for them to arrive sooner and spend 4th of july with us… but we are both REALLY looking forward to it so we told them we’d just see them afterwards!)
  • and then sometime in the next 12 weeks is our Indiana baby shower
  • 20ish weeks until we meet our little one!

Reading over that list and all of the good things coming our way, I feel like a very lucky ducky.  Plus, unlisted but equally as fun, are all the upcoming summer BBQs, pool trips, Lake Michigan roadtrips, Indy Pride, and so many more things that herald the arrival of summer. I love this season!

Last but not least, bumpdate! I think I’m getting a wee bit bigger….

Twenty week bump. Halfway there!



It’s about that time

So yes, we missed doing our REAL bump picture this week. I’m kinda bummed about it- silly hormones.

In other news, Mr. Man has decided that waaaaaay down low, RIGHT by my pubic bone/bladder/whatever-the-hell-else-is-down-there, is a prime real estate location and seems to have settled in quite nicely.  Thus, even though I am not BIG big yet, things like bending over, sitting on a curb, and loading/unloading the bottom rack of the dishwasher have all been made much harder by the location of Mr. Man’s squatting.  Every time I bend over, I feel like I’m squishing him in half and he kicks me with what feels like all of the strength in his 8-or-so ounce body.  Not comfortable for either one of us!  I’ve been trying to encourage him to seek new digs and move into the vacant upstairs apartment in my uterus for both of our good… but thus far this baby is a very stubborn dude.  Must get it from his Mama.  Sigh.  😉

In fun news, although Shorty and I weren’t planning on doing so until much much later, the sudden revelation of the surprise baby shower in two weeks makes registering suddenly a necessity. So we’re going tonight, to play with baby strollers and coo over look at baby toys and sign ourselves up for all the cuteness we can find the necessities.  Even though I’m looking forward to it, it feels a little weird to be registering for things… kind of like straight up asking people to buy us stuff…?  Oh well, that little niggling feeling won’t stop me, and as my mother sternly reprimanded us: “It’s expected. Now go.”  Yes ma’am.  Don’t have to tell me twice!

So that’s me. Off to play with baby stuff and count the days to California sunshine.  I hope ya’ll are having a great weekend!

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The best wife ever.

I’ve got her.  I really, really do.

She is wonderful and amazing and loving and selfless.  She is thoughtful and kind and she is always thinking of ways to make me happ(ier) than I already am.

The latest, greatest, best example ever of this?

She knew I was feeling sad about not being around my friends and family from California during this pregnancy.  I’ve been pretty upbeat in general but knowing we were having the baby shower in July when my mom comes to visit, and knowing none of my friends or family (except my mom) would be able to afford to fly across country to be there for either the shower or to visit baby once he’s here (not until Christmas, anyways)… it’s a bit of a bummer.

So what did my loving, amazing, beautiful wife do to rectify the situation?

She bought us surprise plane tickets.  To California.  For a surprise early baby shower.  In THREE WEEKS!!!!!!!

We are leaving and going out for a four day weekend over memorial day.  We’re going to have a baby shower while we’re there, but more importantly, I’m going to get to see my family, my grandma, my other grandma (who I haven’t seen in YEARS), my people!  We get to go and hang out and eat Mexican food (oh how I have missed this) and dip our toes in the water (the ocean… sigh I miss this too!) and just celebrate the occasion.  I get to go back for a four day respite in my favorite city in the whole world (San Diego, for those wondering! Born and raised…)
I have tears in my eyes I am so, so happy and did I mention I love my wife? The gift of friends and family quality time… best surprise ever.  I love my wife.


The countdown is on. Three weeks until vacation!


Early bumpdate…


I know I’m a day early and you’ll get a proper bumpdate tomorrow, but look:


Shorty commented earlier that it looked like I had “popped.”  Made me smile, that’s for sure. What do you think? Bigger, no? In only 3 weeks!