Raising a Blended Family

Happy New Year!!!!

I don’t even have a good picture to give ya’ll, but I just wanted to pop in here really quick to wish you all a wonderful new year full of happiness and prosperity and BABIES (for those of us still trying, lol).

Tonight is my parents’ last night here (we are feeling both :)/:( about this, it’ll be nice to have our house back).  I work tomorrow, but we’re hoping that tomorrow I’ll get a positive pee stick and we could head up to Chicago tomorrow night to insem!  Alternatively, we’re also hoping that we haven’t missed O day, since we were out and about and running around today and I forgot to pee on sticks allllllll day until tonight.  It was negative at 9pm tonight, but who knows?  And who forgets to test with OPKs on CD14, after taking a full cycle of clom.id??? 😦   Worst. TTCer. EVER.  The good news is, my chart didn’t show a temp dip or anything today (but it’s been all over the place so I’m not even sure it’s reliable), and I didn’t have any EWCM (but would I, on Clo.mid?)…. and it’s only CD14.  There’s hope.

So hopefully we didn’t miss anything and we’ll be able to head up to Chicago this week for the insem.  And in the meantime, happy new year and baby dust to one and all! I’ll be back with a real post, Christmas update, etc soon.  Have a good one, be safe!


Merry Christmas Eve!!!!

And I should probably say Merry Christmas too, since I doubt I’ll be on here tomorrow to wish it to you!

I hope you all have wonderful holidays if you celebrate.  I’ll leave you with a couple videos of a group from Indiana that I LOVE…. they’re going to be performing free of charge here in January, can’t wait to go see them!




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Eight Maids A-Milking, Nine Ladies Dancing….

AKA, food and parties!  =)

I feel like I can skip right over the “parties” section of this, cause we’re really not party people and neither are our neighbors/friends, therefore we don’t really do holiday parties.  Lame, huh? Yep.

Food-wise, I am allllllll in.  As a self-professed foodie, I am all about planning the holiday menu!  I recently found several food blogs I am in LOVE with, and I have pretty much been glued to the screen carefully selecting menu options whenever I have free time.  As the hostessess, we are officially in charge of christmas dinner… which naturaly falls to me!  I am so excited for the food I am planning!  Highlights include stuffed onions, cider-glazed roots, and of course, apple pie for dessert!  Speaking of which… that last item is the reason I fell behind on blogging!  Look what I was doing last night:

They’re mini apple pies made in mini holiday-themed loaf pans.  I made about a million of them as gifts to friends/coworkers/bosses, plus one big one for us on Christmas Day…  Lots of pies! Speaking of which, I need to go bake these little beauties (didn’t get a chance last night, it was 1am when I finally finished putting them together) and finish cleaning the house… my parents and sister arrive tomorrow afternoon!!!!!!!!!!!!  🙂 🙂 🙂


PS- if anyone has any advice on Clomid, how soon to use OPKs when on Clomid, etc, I’d be glad to hear it! I already had a comment not to take it in the mornings… good to know!  Anything else I should know?


Happy Solstice Day

…to you and yours.  May every one of you be kept in light and love in opposition to the darkness outside.  May all be merry and bright, and may you have peace and hope in this new beginning.

PS- first day of clomid!

PPS- sorry I’m behind in the blog challenge (though I suspect a lot of you are right there with me!).  Ironically enough, the reason I didn’t have time to post the day 8 food challenge post is that I was up until 1 in the morning baking.  I’ll get to it tonight, hopefully!

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Seven Swans A-Swimming….

Topic: A Moment for Grace…

Well, to be honest, I think the entire week my parents are with us is going to be a moment for grace- or to remember my own grace, to be more precise.  It is going to be hectic.  There will be seven of us (possibly eight) in one small house.  There is only one bathroom.    And my mother and I generally start fighting after about two days of being together… so yes.  A moment for grace.  On the positive side, this week bring Christmas, family bowling, and general fun.  It is going to be exciting, memorable, and great quality time with family.  I am going to do my darndest to focus on that and forget the rest.


See?  Grace.


PS- I made my appointment with the RE!!! February 2nd is the soonest they could get us in, which should land me right in the middle or so of our second cycle on Clomid, depending on how much the Clomid shortens my cycles.  I also talked with the nurse on the phone about taking the clomid when we might not be inseminating this cycle, and she said to go ahead and take it.  Okie dokie, will do!


Six Geese A-Laying (aka LOOKEE what WE got!)

On the topic of GIFTS…. What a perfect prompt for today!

I came home today to not, one but TWO packages in the mail, both from unfamiliar addresses!  My wife, who had been waiting impatiently for me to get home from work, immediately announced “Let’s open them!”, and so we did.

The first one contained our holiday craft exchange presents from the wonderful Olive and Fern.  When we opened the box, the first thing we saw were these adorable satchets filled with something that smells YUMMY- can’t figure out what, lol!  They are sooooo cute:

After sitting and sniffing for a good while (we won’t say how long, it’s embarassing), we remembered to look in the box again and found this:

Which had, inside it, this adorable little collection of ornaments:

Aren’t they cute???? I can’t even imagine how to pull off those snowflakes!  In any case, they’re wonderful and we love them.  Thank you, Olive and Fern, for the great gifts!!!

After we admired Olive and Fern’s gifts, we moved on to the other package.  What could it be?, we wondered.  Turns out, it was a care package of sorts from this lovely lady, which had a little bit of info in it regarding fertility meds, some Clo.mid, and, best of all, a tin of assorted homemade holiday cookies!!!

Believe you me, I have already scarfed one or two of them and they are deeeeelicious!  Nothin better than getting yummy delicious homebaked treats in the mail.  Thank you thank you and thank you (my tummy says thank you too)! 🙂

Today was a great day for surprise gifts in the mail- definitely a good way to end the night!


Five Golden Rings….

Allow me to take this post themed on holiday baubles and pretties to show you some of my very favorite decorations!  We are still in the gathering stages of our decoration collection, and we generally pick up one to two things a year.  My goal is to have as many as my mother has- her house is basically Christmas central, and growing up, it made it all the more magical to be surrounded by all things Christmas (in a classy way, not a tacky way).  Although our collection thus far nowhere near rivals hers, here are some of my favorite ones we have so far:

This is my second favorite ornament (it was my favorite until last year). It belonged to my great grandmother, then my grandmother, my mother, and finally me. I have always loved clipping it on to the highest branches of the tree as soon as I come across it in its box, and someday, I will pass it on to T1.


This one replaced the bird nest one as my favorite the seoncd Shorty gave it to me last year. I saw it in a store and fell in love with it, but had no idea Shorty had sneaked back to get it for me! She's one of the Willow Tree line of carved figurines, called "Happiness"


This is the ornament Shorty and I bought together at Disneyland, after our first trip there together.


Thing One made this in kindergarten last year... one of the first ornaments she ever brought home and the last one left standing after all the others have been destroyed, lol.


This is the stocking I have had since I was a little girl. As of right now, Shorty's stocking is a football themed one (ugh), Thing One's is a princess one, and Bubby's is a plain red one, but we bought some needlepoint stocking kits and are working on making it so that we all have a matching family of needlepoint stockings.


What's not to love about Kermit the Frog? This was given to me one year by my mother as the yearly ornament I get every year from her.


The jingle bell wreath hanging on our door. I love the sound it makes as we enter or leave or invite guests in. Makes everything so much cheerier. =)


This was the first Willow Tree carving I ever recieved (for my 14th? birthday, from a grandmother). Unfortunately, it got knocked down one year by either the kids or the cats (it's always one or the other, isn't it?) and now is missing a hand. Sigh. But I still love her.... this one is called "peace", and to me she represents the hope for the future that goes along with this season.


This one we just got this year- it was so cute, we couldn't pass it up!


Okay, I showed you mine… now show me yours! 😉



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Here we go again.

I’ll post a longer post on today’s blog topic tonight when  I’m at home, but for now I just wanted to drop in a quick line at work to say that today, at long last, 77 days later…. is CD1.

This will be our first clomid cycle, and the funny thing is, we’re not even sure we’ll be inseminating*.  But we will be temping and using OPKs and doing a trial run at the very least.  Next cycle WILL be the real deal.

And also?  I’m calling the RE to make an appointment this week.  Go big or go home, right?  I’m hoping to get an appointment in before the next cycle starts so that we can be monitored and (hopefully) get the trigger shot as well as just taking the Clomid.  But we’ll see!

In any case…. here we go.


*(It all depends on when we get the +OPK, in terms of work schedule, whether or not family is still here, etc.  It basically came down to a choice to take Clomid starting this cycle, knowing we might not be able to insem, or not take Clomid, have another really loooooong cycle, and have to wait until March to start trying again).


Four Calling Birds

AKA Christmas Cards!

I know I’m posting back to back, but I have to go to work today and don’t get out until 7:30, which leads me to…

The fact that in spite of all my good intentions, nary a Christmas card has left our house this season (minus the one I sent with our offering for the craft exchange).   I know, I’m horrible, especially since there’s a lot of family on the west coast that we normally see at Christmas that we won’t be seeing this year, and also since there’s a lot of people who came to our wedding who we’d like to keep in touch with.  However, I’m thinking that since Saturdays are generally pretty slow at work, I’m bringing some cards with me in the hopes that maybe? perhaps?  it’s possible?  today can be the day I finally get some of them filled out.  Guess we’ll see, huh!

Happy Saturday to one and all!


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Three French Hens

Topic: Traveling

I am sooooooo happy to report that this year, for our festivities, we are STAYING PUT.  Phew.  We did the whole traveling thing last year- packed ourselves, our kid, and alllllll our presents and flew all the way across the country to my parent’s house in California.  It was a very nice holiday, and necessary for us to travel there because not only was it Christmas, it was also the first and last time we were in California before our July wedding this past summer.  Thus, last year’s holiday was filled with a strange mix of holiday celebrating and running around to do cake tastings, caterer interviews, etc for our wedding.  Crazy I tell you!!! We got home from our vacation feeling like we needed another vacation to recover from our vacation.  It was, however, ultimately a fun and happy trip.

This year, my parents and sister are coming here!  I will gladly take up the chores of cleaning the house (and OH does it need to be cleaned) and organizing our tiny space in order to fit three more people into it, if it means I do not have to drag myself, my wife, our kids, and all the presents across country again!  As an aside, the supposed deal we have with my parents is that we will alternate Christmases between Indiana and California until Shorty and I can get outselves permanently moved out to California [long term goal]- but I am here to tell you that if we have an itty bitty baby by this time next year, there is no way in hell we will be going anywhere and my parents will be coming here again. And probably the year after that.  Shhh, don’t tell them yet (we’ll cross this bridge when it comes to it).

Anyways, so my parents and sister arrive a week from today- as in, this time next week they will be here!!! I am so excited to see them but Shorty is more stressed than excited.  She has her reasons- our house really is quite small, with only two small bedrooms downstairs and then ours upstairs.  We will be moving the kids’ beds into the same room and then having my parents sleep in the other…. my sister will probably end up crashing on the couch in the family room/common space.  Add to that the fact that my mother takes after me is really quite loud and sometime overwhelming to be around, and, well… Shorty has her reasons for the stress.  Also add in a really messy house (we’re not the most organized family, although we’re working on it and a bigger space would certainly go a long way towards that in terms of letting us have somewhere to put stuff) and Shorty’s generalized anxiety of crowds and, well… okay yeah she has her reasons.  However, having grown up with my mother’s quirks and lacking the generalized anxiety of crowds, I am trying my best to reassure her that all will be ready by the time everyone arrives, and that she can always retreat to our room for a little bit of space and alone time during the week they’re here, but, well… I’m pretty sure I’m failing to convince anyone.  It doesn’t help that I just so happen to be scheduled to work this weekend (no, I can’t get out of it) and thus am unavailable during daylight hours to help ready the house (and am also leaving Shorty alone with the two kids all weekend).  Shorty is also partly convinced I will be mad at her if she disappears while we have company (no, we’ve never had that fight, why do you ask? Albeit, under different circumstances (short term, dinner-length company vs. extended family visit).  I’ve tried telling her I won’t mind and will be understanding, but it’s not really working.  So in spite of my excitement to see my family, there is also a generalized air of stress with a side of worry hanging over Shorty and thus, over me.  So we’ll see.  In the end, I’m really hoping she can enjoy herself and not be too stressed out about it, since for me the excitement I feel over family visiting and holiday funness far outweighs any stress.  I understand, however, that the same is not true for her and that she has a right to her feelings. Sigh.


As a side note- in general, Shorty gets along really well with my mom, minus the times she gets overwhelmed.  And Shorty and my dad get along great.    Two peas in a pod, those two are.  Shorty and my sister… well, not always, but that’s more because my sister has a tendency to act exactly like what she is- a 13 year old little sister.  Also, I think we may both still be holding a little grudge against her that she woke up first last Christmas at FIVE THIRTY IN THE MORNING and then proceeded to wake our five year old up, after which the entire household was forced to get up because who tells a five year old to go back to sleep on Christmas morning?  Not us.  I swear if she pulls that crap again this year I will throw her into a mud puddle or something… but I digress.  The issue here is not that we don’t all get along… it’s that too little space will strain even the best familial relationships.


***Also as another side note, it feels worth mentioning that the original plan was for my parents to stay in a nearby hotel, except for on Christmas Eve.  I miss this plan….. I liked this plan.  However, once the plane tickets were bought and we began to talk, my mother seemingly forgot this plan ever existed.  Sigh.


Final side note: I’m sorry. This post was not meant to be so whiney.  I guess I started typing and realized how stressful it is for family to come and visit.  Sorry guys- happier posts later.

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