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Phew. Crisis over.

Well… needless to say, that was a long night.  But it’s all over now, and hopefully no more repeats for a long time ever.

Apparently, according to C, I slept through a couple different tornado siren warnings, only to wake up to the last one that sent us down into the basement.  Before I went, I called C at work, and apparently she had been just about to call me to make sure I was up and heading underground, since her work gets weather service bulletins and they knew about the tornado and already had all their inmates moved to safe locations- she wanted to make sure we were safe as well.

Mother Nature knows how to make an entrance.

So I grabbed Thing One and a bunch of blankets and headed down into our unfinished basement, shooing the cats ahead of me. At the top of the basement stairs, facing upwards, you can either turn right to go into the kitchen through the storm door, or go straight through the side door to get outside.  The side door was of course already shut and locked but as I went downstairs I made sure to close the storm door between the basement and kitchen too. Real tight.  And after it was firmly shut, I remembered that the storm door automatically locks itself from the inside- when that door is shut, you can’t get into the kitchen from the basement without the key. A key that conveniently was hanging on its hook in the living room. CRAP. So on top of the storm threat, Thing One and I were officially locked out of the house at 3am. Awesome sauce.

This was us last night- yikes.

There was nothing to do about it though, so Thing One and I headed down into the basement and found a comfy spot to sit in, knowing we would be there for awhile.  C was at work and had a key to get into the house and let us out, but she couldn’t leave immediately because of the storm and because her job needed her.  So we sat there, and Thing One fell back asleep on my lap, and I talked to C on the phone and kept up with the weather (and blogged, because you know, that’s totally a natural reaction during a possible tornado- sit in your basement and blog about it! LOL).  We didn’t actually know that there was a tornado when we headed down into the basement- C didn’t tell me and I found out that part later on- but luckily, we were fine and the storm moved past us. After about an hour C was able to run home from work to let us back into the house, and it was back to bed for us.

So yeah… eventful night!  We have since decided that we need to keep a spare key to that door down in the basement, and also that we should probably have an emergency kit down there as well (since I realized once I got down there that not only was the key upstairs locked in the living room, but so were the lanterns and flashlights- if the power had gone out we’d have been screwed. It did not, thankfully).

The only lasting effect from last night is that I now need plenty of coffee to get through my day (I’m sure Thing One is dragging her feet at school as well, poor girl) and also that I didn’t even bother taking my BBT today, since it would have been way off anyways- a shame, since I’m pretty sure I’m closing in on ovulation day. Sigh. There’s always OPKs though, and if I ovulate today I will see a thermal shift tomorrow and in the days beyond on my graph, so there’s at still some hope of not completely throwing this cycle’s chart out the window. We shall see.

Hope you’re all having a good monday, sorry to cause any concern last night!

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Hi blogworld- I hope every one of you is safe and sound sleeping well right now.

I happen to be sitting in my basement because we are under a tornado warning and there has been a tornado sighted in our area. THERE IS A TORNADO ON THE GROUND IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD. scared doesn’t even begin to cover it.

the good news is that thing one is sleeping blissfully on my lap, unaware. the bad news is that, well, there’s a tornado. I hate the midwest.

we’re okay for now and I’m hoping fervently that everyone else in my neighborhood is, that they heard the sirens and know there’s a twister and they’re safe too. I hope C is safe at work. I hope mother nature and the twister steer clear and go the hell away really soon.


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Protected: Sunday funday, family style…

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2am on a Sunday

Hi everyone this is C again, my post for the day week. It’s 2:30 in the morning, and I’m sitting at work bored bored bored.  I work in a prison as a correctional officer, and usually I work days, but this weekend I got schedule adjusted to work nights (long story).  I work 12 hour shifts, usually from 6am to 6pm, however this weekend it is 6pm to 6am. Now days is a tad bit different (and when I say tad I mean ton different than nights), when I come in at 6am I hit the ground running and its non stop till I leave at 6pm. Nights however is the complete opposite, I hit the ground and move absolutely no where, and being used to working all day and sleeping at night, all of a sudden swapping my schedule has not be an easy thing to do.  So I’m on my 9th-ish cup of coffee, a tad hyper and watching the clock as it slowly ticks by, so I thought I would take this time to work off some coffee overdose by blogging about nothing to particularly important. Lucky you, right =)

I’m feeling pretty useless right now (well useless may not be the right word, but it’s 2:30 in the morning so it’s the best I can come up with.) Anyways back to what I was saying, I’m feeling useless right now in the whole TTC operation that A and I have going on. There’s really not much I can do right now, it’s all A and tracking ovulation etc. I really can’t help in that area yet. Although thinking about it I guess I should get use to it, cause once Thing 2 is baking it’s all A  doing all the work and I’m just hanging out waiting for Thing 2 to finish baking. Once Thing 2 is actually baking I’ll at least have the role of being super supportive, foot rubs, back rubs, running out at 2 in the morning, (on days that I don’t work, and yes A this is directly talking to you!) for those cravings she will have. So in that way I will have a job and be helpful, but as of today, I can’t even really be supportive- I mean what do I do stand outside the bathroom door and cheer OVULATE OVULATE YOU CAN DO IT!! while she’s peeing on a stick? I don’t see that as being to helpful. Sigh.

In other news on the parenting front, Thing 1 is in Kindergarten and she has what we call popcorn words- little words, like “the”, “is”, “she”, “like”, “little”, etc, that “pop” up everywhere, hence the name popcorn words.  We have been working on these words via flashcards every night- she has 39 words that she should know so far in school. So far there’s been a couple that she just couldn’t get, so we’ve been working with her every night on her words. We had a prize for her for when she got them all correct the first time and yesterday before I left for work we did her cards and SHE GOT THEM ALL CORRECT. so she got her prize which was 2 Jake and Annie Magic Tree House books, which are currently her favorite. She was so proud of herself and A and I were super proud of her. Also, we think it’s pretty cool that her reward for reading words correctly is to get BOOKS- she loves being read to right now and we hope to foster a life-long love of learning in her, by giving her books and encouraging her reading.

So that’s where we stand right now.  I’m out of words, and out of coffee more importantly, so I’m going to end this now and go hunt down my 10ish cup of coffee.

until next time =)


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Good ‘ole gay marriage rant.

Warning, rant ahead (in case the title wasn’t clear enough)…

So, um, ahem, don’t mind me but, um:

*steps on soapbox*

WHAT the HELL is wrong with people?!?!?!?!? I just saw on facebook that a county clerk from Imperial County in California has joined the fight to “preserve” prop 8. Because, you know, it NEEDS preserving.  Isn’t it enough that the third US Court of appeals already said that the DEPUTY clerk did not have standing to defend it? So now the county clerk is stepping up? What are we going to do, go through every single petty governmental official to see if any of them have standing to defend that biased pack of lies packaged as Prop 8? Give it up already people! I don’t understand why others have to be so fixated on taking away the rights of people they know nothing about, care nothing about, who have done nothing to harm them and simply want to live in peace.

*steps off soapbox and takes a few deep breaths*.

Whew. Sorry about that folks. It just gets to me sometimes, you know? I’m originally from California (born and raised), and so in 2008 when the election results were announced and Obama won, I don’t remember feeling happy that he’d won… I remember sitting in my car on the phone with my best friend while we both cried as we found out that Prop 8 passed.  And then I remember walking through my day looking at the people around me wondering which of them hated me- even though they didn’t know me. That cashier who just smiled and chatted with me and told me to have a nice day- did she vote for prop 8? Would she still have been so friendly if she knew I was gay? What about that guy? Did he vote for prop 8? And so on and so forth. And I know I wasn’t alone, all across California that day GLBT people and allies were feeling the shock, and all across the US that shock has been replayed over and over and over as different discriminatory bills get pushed through different congresses or passed by different voters.

Mostly I have a thick skin. Mostly I try to adopt a “we shall overcome” attitude, and look forward to a day when we DO overcome. But every once in awhile, it gets to me. Every once in awhile I am shocked out of my shell by a new development, a new act of hatred or a new sign of just how far people will go to deprive me and my community of our rights.  Like that stupid, petty county clerk. Or every stupid jerk who still drives down the freeway with their “Support Prop 8” bumper sticker. It gets to me. Sorry guys. Tonight was just one of those nights.


Tooth Numba 2

Well, Thing Two is officially a Big Girl… she lost her second tooth today! The funny part is, both the teeth she’s lost were the ones on the bottom in the center… so now when she smiles there’s a big rectangle-sized hole where her two teeth should be- it’ adorable. We’re calling her Toothless, and tonight we tucked her into bed with many assurances that yes, the tooth fairy would come again just like last time, and yes she needed to be a big girl and not get out of bed or the tooth fairy wouldn’t come (boy, that tooth fairy character sounds a lot like Santa, huh? Maybe they’re relatives). AWWWW! Thing Two is growing up!

In other news… anybody ever had a conversation with their boss while holding a (used) OPK? As of today, I have! The test was actually just the digital test holder, minus the pee stick, and it was in a baggie in my pocket on its way back to safety in the drawer of my desk (I keep them at work so I can test in the afternoon, since that’s when everyone says you’re supposed to test).  My (male, very formal and uptight) boss stopped me on my way out of the bathroom (who does that?) to have a chat about how some experiments were going. I sat there, playing it cool, with one hand still in my pocket holding the baggie that contained the STICK I’D JUST PEED ON… thinking Oh, well, this is nice. Nice and awkward. Please don’t ask me to hold that stack of papers for you, Mr. Boss, because I’m terrified that if I remove my hand from my pocket to assist you, the baggie containing the stick I just peed on will accidentally fall on the floor and you will see it and then we will be having a whole OTHER conversation (because he would totally go there) that I would SO RATHER NOT HAVE with you, at all, ever. So can we please just move on? Please? Thankfully he let me go after what was, for him, a very brief conversation, and for me felt like ages, I retreated to the safety of my desk and put the OPK back in the toiletries bag where it belonged! Phew.

Yeah, awkward moments. We have them around here.

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Oh and…

Oops, I forgot a couple things in that last post.

  • I wanted to mention (because I’m so excited) that I just found a new meetup group for lesbian moms in my area!!! It just got started, and I am soooooo excited to have a group of people JUST LIKE US!!! Yay, family and new friends in the making!
  • I had a quick question for anyone who uses fertility friend… anyone know if it’s worth it to get the VIP upgrade after the free VIP trial runs out? Mine is about to expire but I wanted to check and see if anyone had any input on this before I pay $$$ to get VIP access.



Weekend Pics

YAY we found the camera! And by “we,” I mean me, and by “found,” I mean came across while searching in the couch cushions for the darn remote.  Whatever. Semantics aside, the camera has been found! Sweet!

So we’d been planning on going skiing this past weekend for months. MONTHS. It was our delayed Valentine’s Day gift to ourselves, since I had to work on Vday and it was a weeknight and all. This trip had been on the books for quite a long time.  We almost went a couple weeks ago instead, but thought we’d have a nicer, more leisurely trip if we went with the original dates, so even though C was anxious to hit the slopes, we waited.  “But honey,” she said, “What if all the snow melts between now and then?” “Don’t be silly,” I said. “It’s February.”

That's us. =) Hi!

Ha. Little did I know. Between that conversation and this past weekend, Indiana decided it was Spring- 60 degree temperatures and all. Bye-bye snow! We were upset (probably the only ones in the state sad to see the snow gone), but we made alternate plans… and drove up to Michigan instead! It was a great weekend, just because we were together (sans Thing One, who was with her dad)…. minus the fact the C decided to hurl herself headfirst down the steepest slope on the hill.


Oh, what, I didn’t mention that little detail yet? Yeah, so, my future wife… my wonderful, loving, incredible future wife.. is the MOST. ACCIDENT. PRONE. PERSON. I KNOW. Not exaggerating. She poked herself in the eye the other day… with a nail. She regularly falls down the stairs. She burns herself cooking ANYTHING (needless to say, I am the cook in the family).  If there is a way, she will get hurt- I swear I spend most of my time caring for her injuries. Lovingly. (I love you honey!)

C. Speaking of injuries, this was the first fall of the day (2 seconds after getting her skis on)

So why I thought that sending her down the hill on two match sticks at high velocity was a good idea, I’ll never know.  And why I then decided to let her go down the hill alone, while I went to the lodge to read and rest my poor tired legs, I’m even less sure. But I did, for a good solid few hours, until I decided my legs had had enough of a break and I’d like to cuddle up to her on the ski lift again and head down some slopes. No sooner did I head outside though, than I saw her limping towards me, tears streaming down her face. As she collapsed into my arms, she told me she wiped out. (Well, duh). And that she’d gotten air and crashed and slid down the mountain. (Ouch but still not entirely unexpected- it’s her). And that the ski patrol had wanted to evacuate her off the mountain but that she wouldn’t let them, and had instead insisted on skiing down the mountain on her possibly-broken-but-we-later-decided-just-twisted ankle, even though she was dizzy and couldn’t tell up from down.  (I forgot to mention she’s stubborn too).

Completely typical.

See what I mean with the accident-prone thing? So needless to say, our ski trip ended a little early (which I was not at all upset about, my poor legs had had it anyways). Fast forward through a bunch of ibuprofen, alternating heat and ice, and a lot of swearing, and C is almost as good as new and we have moved on to laughing about it and rolling our eyes at how typical it all was (oh wait, that last one’s me).

It was a really great weekend!

The end!


I peed on a stick.

Well I hope everyone had a great weekend! We certainly did… skiing and restaurants and shopping, oh my!  But that’s going to be another post for another day, because for now, my camera has mysteriously disappeared and with it, so have all my pictures from this weekend! Last seen: in the car on the way home (at least we know it didn’t get left at the ski slopes) in C’s hands. She swears she brought it in the house and there the trail goes cold. Sigh. Here’s hoping it turns up soon though, and I can share the fun of it with you all through pictures… oh, and I have a pretty funny story, too- but alas, it must wait! Now WHERE did I she put that camera?!

Anyways, so in the absence of weekend pictures and funny stories, I decided to blog about this instead:

My chart. I was going to wait until the end of the cycle to post it, but really… really, body? what’s UP??! I thought these things were supposed to stay relatively constant? I’m temping at the same time each morning: check. Using the same orifice Temping orally: check. Same sleep patterns, same room temperatures, no sickness, no alcohol: check, check, check, and check. So whhhhhhyyyyyyyy all the variability?

Oh and also, I thought maybe the large, unprecedented dip I saw today meant I may have ovulated, but no such luck, so sayeth the All Knowing OPK (this is where the peeing on a stick part comes in) :

See? No dice. I’m not really that surprised because all of the other signs you’re supposed to check for don’t indicate me ovulating. But still- it would have been nice to have an explanation for my wacky, bouncing off the walls (or off the edges of the graph, as it were) chart, including the looooooooow temp I got this morning.

So, in summary, I guess what I’m trying to say is this: Dear Body, if you’re listening, cut it out! Your owner would really like to make a baby sometime in the near future and your cooperation would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, me.

Oh, and stay tuned for weekend pics, folks. =)




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Learning Experience

So today C was volunteering in our daughter’s kindergarten class when I got an urgent text from her- “Help! The kids are asking me why Thing Two has two mommies! What do I say?”

Initially, I froze. Shit, I thought, what SHOULD she say?  And what will the teacher and the other volunteer parents think of her answer?  In the end though, an answer just sort of popped into my head and I sent it back, hoping it would suffice: “Just tell them families are people who love each other. In some families, like yours maybe, have a mommy and a daddy love each other. Other families, like Thing Two’s, have two mommies who love each other. And that’s okay too.”

So that’s what C told them, and the moment passed- although whether that was because of my/our brilliant answer, or because five year olds have naturally short attention spans, I’m not sure.  Regardless, that was actually my first experience answering a question like that from Thing Two’s peers. Because she is technically my stepdaughter (although we don’t make that distinction and I won’t ever love her any less than a biological child), Thing Two herself has actually asked us That Question before.  “Why do I have two mommies?”  Coming from her, it’s not as hard to answer- she’s just curious.  She knows she has a daddy (she sees him regularly) and she was not born into a gay family like lots of other children, so naturally, she has questions, and we try to answer them the best we can and on her level.  It’s just different, I guess, coming from other children- I don’t know them as well so it’s harder to connect.  But in any case, I think we all learned something today!

Anyways… so we’re going skiing this weekend (even though all our snow melted) in Michigan… It’ll be just the two of us so it should be a nice relaxing mini-vacation.  Actually, I can’t wait- C is picking me up from work (soon) to go and I am bouncing-in-my-desk-chair-excited!  So I hope everyone has a good weekend, enjoy this beautiful warm snap we’re having (unless you’re on the West Coast), and I’ll catch ya on the flip side!


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