Raising a Blended Family

The Labor and Delivery Tour We Didn’t Mean to Take

I called and left a message with the hospital coordinator Monday that we would like a tour of L&D. Tuesday, we got our unofficial tour… Because Shorty got admitted to the hospital! Nobody freak, the baby is fine. She’s not in labor, she just can’t breathe.

Let me back up: all last week, Pax was sick with a cough. We figured it was a cold, kept him home, and that was that. Monday morning, Shorty woke up coughing and we just figured she had what he had had. No biggie.

Monday night, however, she called me while I was at Starbucks studying and told me I needed to come home NOW. She sounded horrible. Concerned, I rushed home and found her hacking and coughing, barely able to get a breath. I decided we should go to the ER right then and there, but she wouldn’t budge- between coughing fits, she told me she didn’t want to go, she just wanted me home. No amount  of pleading would budge her, so I reluctantly agreed to staying home, with the stipulation that she go see her doctor first thing in the morning. Morning came, she went to see her doctor, and lo and behold he had her directly admitted to the hospital- do not pass go, do not collect $200, do not go back home. Straight to the hospital.

When she called me to tell me I was an hour and a half away in the big city doing stuff for school- had to scramble to get out of my training and on the road back home. We also had to figure out what to do with the kids, which is how we found out that even though we don’t have a ton of friends, the ones we do have are worth their weight in gold. Between all of them we got the kids taken care of so that I could go be with her in the hospital. 

So, here we are, on the L&D floor, surrounded by babies while our own is still baking. She’s doing better this morning but the doc still says she’ll be here another night. Breathing treatments, IV antibiotics, and other meds have all helped her to sound less like Darth Vader when she breathes. She’s doing her best to rest while she’s here, though it can be hard with all the hospital staff in and out constantly. 

The good news in all this is, Shiloh really is doing fine. She’s having fun playing hide and seek with the nurses when they come in periodically to check her heart rate, and she keeps kicking both the fetal doppler and the big jug of water mama keeps trying to rest on her belly while she drinks it. Silly baby!
Love and good thoughts appreciated. Hopefully Wifey feels better soon! 



I think I’ll go for a walk outside now, the summer sun’s callin’ my name…

Of course, it isn’t quite summer yet but the sun is shining, the temperatures are rising, and so, correspondingly, are my spirits. There’s something so alive about summer, about the grass growing and the sun shining and the warmth on your skin after so many days of dreary cold winter snows and spring rains. I feel the urge to be outside all the time now, have visions of camping and hikes and outdoor BBQs, long to lounge and sun myself like a lazy iguana on a hot stone. All things outdoors are calling me!

They’re calling Pax, too. Nearly every day, the first thing he says when I pick him up at daycare is “I go outside? Out?” When we’re at home he will often go get his shoes on of his own accord (usually mismatched and on the wrong feet) and come find us and say “I ready! I go outside!” (Sadly, time of day doesn’t seem to trouble him and he will happily demand to go outside at 6am on a Saturday when mommy hasn’t even had a single cup of coffee yet). He loves trips to the park, going outside to play with bubbles, wheeling his tricycle, balance cycle, and all his other wheeled items around the yard, playing with his water table, and just plain ‘ole exploring the backyard. He will play for hours at a time and usually we end up going inside because moms are tired or because he isn’t listening and is running into the neighbors’ yards, rather than because he is tired of being outside. In fact, he usually runs the OPPOSITE direction when we call to him to try to get him to come in! In a few weeks when the weather warms up we’ll blow up the backyard wading pool we bought and then we really won’t ever be able to get him inside.

Summer is only just beginning and I am so excited to take full advantage of it. Yes it will be busy, what with my wife being in her third trimester (!!!) and me finishing up nursing school and all, but not so busy that we can’t get in a lot of sunshine and happy times outdoors. I can’t wait for summer!