Raising a Blended Family

Oh, sigh.

So the anti pre-E battle goes on…


Yesterday, upon arriving at work, I very quickly realized that I did NOT feel well.  My head was pounding, my heart was racing, and was so sooooo swollen (so swollen, I could not close my fingers or hold them together because they were too puffy- still are, in fact).  I had a sneaking suspicion my blood pressure was through the roof, a suspicion which was confirmed shortly thereafter when I had my blood pressure taken and it came back at 150/90.  No bueno.  I sat at my desk for half an hour trying to see if the “yuck” would go away, but it didn’t… and it seemed like it was getting worse.  I was dizzy and I was starting to have floaters in my vision- and so I made the decision to head upstairs to the women’s urgent care clinic to be seen (these are the times when working in the hospital is very very convenient).


When I got there, they confirmed my BP was high and my pulse was in the 120’s (resting heart rate!).  No wonder I felt like it was going a million miles a minute.  They basically had me lay on my left side for two hours with constant monitoring of both me and baby.  The good news is, as I lay down, my pulse gradually went back down to the low 100’s (still high) and my BP actually drifted down into the normal range.  Who knew? 


Also, baby was perfect the whole time…. his heart tracings showed no decelerations (some accelerations, but still within the limits of where he should have been) and he was super active, squirming, kicking away at the monitor and generally trying his best to get away from the thing (insert motherly guilt here: our midwife only ever listens to his heartbeat for about 10 seconds, long enough to get an accurate count on it, because he doesn’t LIKE the doppler and kicks it away too… and here I was sticking him on a monitor for two whole hours.  Sorry, baby boy).


I still don’t have any protein in my urine, though they did find some glucose (this is on top of a recent blood test in which my glucose came back elevated), which the Dr. seemed to think was suspicious (especially as I hadn’t eaten anything sugary that morning and had only drunk water). So now we’re left wondering what the heck is going on- clearly, some PIH, but GD as well? Ugh. 


After the two hours of monitoring, since both my heartrate and my BP had declined significantly and since my headache was less and the floaters in my vision were gone, I was sent home with instructions to rest and follow up with my midwife.  Which I did, and here’s where I guess I need to vent a little:


Knowing they were in clinic with other patients, I sent the midwife a text message (rather than calling) when I got home informing her of what had happened, that I had been seen, what they found, etc.  It took her awhile to get back to me (as I figured it would, since I knew she was busy), and when she did her only advice was to “start taking ginger”.  Hmmmm. I love my midwives, and up until now have had really no complaints, but I feel like “take ginger” doesn’t properly address the situation here.  What about the blood sugar? What does ginger even do, anyways? (In the end I found this result from Dr. Google- it is supposedly an anti-inflammatory that can help reduce blood pressure).  I asked her about the sugar, dosage of ginger, etc, and got only sparse answers back.  She also said that the next time I come to see them, she would give me a blood sugar monitor to take home with me.  That’s all well and good, but I still have concerns that our brief text conversation did nothing to address. 


For one thing, “the next time I go to see them” is actually “the next time they come to see us,” since they’re scheduled for a home visit to us on Wednesday of next week. I really hope they remember that- especially since she made no mention of it and didn’t say anything back via text when I reminded her.


 Also, I have friends who have had GD and had to be induced early due to their tendency to grow 12 pound babies!  Since this is my first pregnancy, there’s obviously no way to really guess how big he will be (and we haven’t had a growth scan since 29 weeks), and I also haven’t been diagnosed with GD outside of my own speculations and those of the Dr. at the clinic yesterday, but given my strong family history of diabetes (both my mother and my grandmother) and how big I already am with 3weeks6days to go (and yes, I owe you a 36 week bumpdate from yesterday),  I can’t help but wonder if I’m following that route… and if we should be being more proactive about it?  We did do an early glucose test, which if you’ll remember I passed but only barely, and, at the midwife’s preference, an A1C rather than a second glucose test.  The A1C came back fine… but I’m wondering if, rather than the A1C, we should have done another glucose screen?  Forgive me for delving into nerd-dom here, but the A1C is a measure of blood sugar levels over the last 3 months- an average.  Women with GD don’t necessarily have elevated blood sugars until their third trimester/later in pregnancy, and both the A1C and the glucose were done early in pregnancy.  Thus, if I’ve had elevated levels now, they wouldn’t have shown up on the A1C because that was done before my levels (possibly) went up…. make sense? 


And finally, this whole herbal supplement thing is all well and good, but I have concerns with it. For one thing, though a few, small studies (that I was able to find) have been able to show that ginger is effective in treating blood pressure, there is my no means definitive, conclusive evidence out there that it does.  Same with garlic (which I am also taking).  I am not a HUGE fan of medications and strange chemicals, but I also believe that there is a time and a place for drugs and that in this situation, I would rather be on FDA-approved blood pressure medication known to be effective for women in pregnancy than herbal supplements.  That’s just my opinion, and what I feel more comfortable with- I would rather be more aggressive and go for the pharmaceuticals in order to hopefully get this under control, faster.  But that’s not how the midwife works and so, in this situation, we’re kind of at odds.  Shorty has convinced me to give the supplements a try for a week or so and if they don’t work, we can ask for a different plan of attack.  This sounds suspiciously reasonable to my hormone-fogged, anxious pregnancy brain, and so I have agreed to go with it, for now and with the intentions of bringing up my concerns at our home visit next week (assuming that happens).  But it’s still not my cup o’ joe.


So, overall, I am just generally anxious about where this is all going.  3 weeks, 6 days (up to 5weeks, 6days, depending on when he arrives*) is not a lot of time but it seems like forever right now and I’m worried about what will happen between now and then.  I know poor Shorty is also worried for me and baby, in spite of my attempts to reassure her otherwise.  I worry that we’re not being aggressive enough with treatment, that we’re not being proactive enough with our plans, and kind of feel like we’re not getting as much guidance as I’d like (there: I just summed up the last three whiny paragraphs for you- you could have skipped them all!).  I know that the goal is healthy baby healthy mama, and frankly, all I want is to get there.  I don’t even care if it happens in the hospital or at home right now- whichever will get us to that goal is fine by me.  I just feel like there’s clearly something going on with my body and this pregnancy, and I feel like it’s important to find out what, sooner rather than later, since whatever is going on has the potential to influence how the rest of this pregnancy goes treatment-wise and birth-wise.


So, we’ll see where this goes.  Our midwife appointment is on Wednesday and I have every intention of laying this all out there to see what she says.  Until then, I guess we just wait and see.


Thanks for reading, guys… it feels better to have it all typed out and not just floating in my head! I promise to do a fun post soon- I owe you a bumpdate and also, the nursery is almost done!!!!  Pictures soon.  🙂

*On a lighter note, there are now bets on when Baby will arrive.  Based purely on size, Shorty now believes he will be an early baby… and my boss told me he’ll be surprised if I make it past next week (um, I better! We’re not full term until Thursday!).  I still think that, barring the need for induction and what-not, he will be a late baby.


We’ve begun the long process of Second Parent Adoption… a documentary of sorts.

So back in April I (Shorty) called my HR department at work and told them that my wife was pregnant and I would be adopting the baby, and needed to know what I needed to be able to get approved for FMLA after the baby was born so that I could stay home with Amazon and Baby. The HR lady told me that all I would need would be for Amazon’s doctor or the pediatrician we planned to use to fill out the FMLA paperwork verifying that Amazon was pregnant and her expected due date. This all needed to be done 30 days from her due date. Then when the adoption was finalized, I just needed to turn in a copy of the court documents. This needed to be done within the first year of the baby’s life. Great, I said, I can do that. I was then told to have a nice day, and we disconnected the phone call.

Amazon and I then decided that we would start the second parent adoption process after the first of the year next year and use our tax return to fund it. If you’ve gone through a second parent adoption you know they can be expensive. So we went about life and baby preparations.

Fast forward to two weeks ago, where I again called my HR department to receive the paperwork to have the doctor fill out. This time, however, I was told that I do not qualify for FMLA because the adoption hadn’t been finalized. I calmly notified the HR lady that the adoption could not be finalized any sooner then 60 days AFTER birth, which had not happened yet, and that I do in fact qualify because I am going to adopt the baby.  The FMLA is for bonding time, home studies, attorney visits, court dates, and anything else that I have to do within the adoption process. So she then told me to call the main HR department because she had never dealt with a case like this and didn’t quite know the procedure or policy. I called the main HR Department, which didn’t know much more about the adoption policy then the other lady. The main HR Department told me that I had to have a statement from my attorney stating that I had in fact hired her to proceed with the adoption after the birth, and a statement from Amazon’s doctor and this all had to be turned in within 2 weeks. This was a BIG FREAKING problem- we didn’t have an attorney, and we weren’t planning on hiring one til after the first of the year, because of what I was told 4 months ago.

I then went to my boss, and asked him if I could just use 2 weeks of my vacation time after the baby is born to stay home with Amazon and baby, he then asked my why I needed to stay home for two weeks when my ROOMMATE had HER baby. I calmly repeated that she is my wife and this is MY baby. He then repeated back that I did not need to take 2 weeks off just because my roommate had a baby. At this point and in pure frustration I came home from work and broke into tears and panic.

Amazon and I decided that for all of our protection and so that I could have bonding time with the baby we would go ahead and hire an attorney. So we called an attorney recommended to us by a friend who did her second parent adoption through her, and set up a consultation.  The next day we went in for our consultation and the attorney agreed to help us and let us know what was all involved.

We left the consultation without completely committing to start the adoption process at this time. The process is both exciting and overwhelming. This is exciting because after 60 days of the babies life I will legally be recognized as his momma, my name will be on his birth certificate, and no matter what happens no one can take him from me. It was a bit overwhelming because there is a lot of stuff that has to be done between now and then and all these things have a price tag attached. Just to give you an idea,

  • the attorney is $2500
  • $1250 goes to filing fees and having her draw up 3 documents: Medical Power of Attorney for me over Amazon in case something happens to Amazon, Medical Power of Attorney for me over the baby, and temporary guardianship for me of the baby until adoption is finalized
  • $500, to have her draw up the Donor Consent forms, which we had to send to the donor to get his consent for me to adopt
  • $500 when the baby is born she will go and file the paperwork with the court
  • And all of this is in addition to the home study fees of $700, and background checks $40 per person.

All this has to be paid ASAP and definitely before the adoption is finalized. For our modest income, and having Thing One to provide for on top of having a new baby, this is a lot of money to come up with in 90 days! It’s overwhelming. 

We came home with mixed feelings of really really wanting to get the adoption process started and fear of not being able to financially commit right now. We were able to pull some strings though to make it happen, and so we quickly called the attorney back and told her that we wanted to go ahead and get the process started. We then set up another appointment to meet with her.

So this is where we are at now, last week we went in to meet with her and signed all the papers that will be filed with the courts when the baby is born. We emailed the donor the consent form and waiting for him to mail it back. YAY, that’s the easy and non-frustrating part!!

So what is the hard and frustrating part you ask, well I will tell you, that is the thing called a Home Study. Basically I have to fill out paperwork after paperwork, about my personality, what kind of parent I am, why I want to adopt, give a financial profile, have 5 references from people who know me well and know my personality, have a medical physical, get a reference from my doctor, have a national background check, a state background check, and a local background check, then they are going to come to my home to make sure our home is safe- all of this to decide whether or not I will be a good parent to my child. To me this is extremely frustrating considering I already have SOLE legal and physical custody of Thing 1, granted to me by a judge during my divorce. On top of this is the obvious fact that Amazon, the birth mother of the baby, is saying I want Shorty to adopt my baby. Somehow all of this does not have any bearing on the decision made, we still have to have a stranger who doesn’t know me or our lives come into my home, and based off of what we put in our application, what the references say, and what they observe while here, decide if I’m a good parent and if allowing me to adopt the baby is in the baby’s best interest. But as frustrating as this is I will complete all the paperwork, cross all my T’s and dot all my I’s to be able to have legal rights to my kid.

So for now, we are busy getting the mountains of paperwork filled out, sending out references, waiting for the donor to send the consent back, waiting for the baby to decide to be born, and preparing for the home study,  because in the end having the legal protection and rights to my child will be all that matters and all the other frustrations and loops will be a thing of the past.

Keep us in your thoughts as we go through this long complicated process and I will keep you posted along the way!




So, blood pressure has not gotten better. It’s gotten worse. 😦
Friday we were out and about and I could just tell it was high. I was all puffy and swollen and I had a headache… so we stopped by a random CVS store to take it.

The first time, it came back at 160/96, or thereabouts.  The second time, 10 minutes later, the top was lower by a smidge and the bottom was higher by a smidge- but basically, same numbers.  Disbelieving, we took Shorty’s, thinking it would be higher than normal too and that the machine was just messed up.  Hers came back at a perfect 108/66. Crap.


We texted the midwife, who immediately wanted to know if I was having any “visual disturbances”- no, thank god.  She said that at this point they are going to run some tests, see how my liver and other organs are taking it, and “go from there.”  She didn’t define “go from there,” which honestly scares me a little.  It scared me more that they called today, twice, to “see how I’m doing” and symptom-check (headache- yes. swelling- yes. blood pressure-lower than yesterday (140/90ish), but still high).  I asked the midwife, flat-out, if this was something I needed to be concerned about… and she took a small pause and said “Well, we’re not trying to alarm you and we’re not in crisis mode yet, but I wouldn’t be calling if we weren’t concerned.”  Insert sinking feeling in my gut here.
We are doing what we can. Water and rest when I can (though I still have to work) and albumin powder and calcium magnesium citrate and prenatals.  That’s all we’ve got to throw at this so far.  I can’t get blood drawn for the lab tests until Monday, and we won’t know much more until that happens.  I am on strict orders to immediately report any blurry/flashing lights in my vision (I have gotten blurry vision with the headaches, which I told them), if headaches get worse and/or don’t go away, or if I get pitting edema.


I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen from here. I feel like our nice calm homebirth is slipping out of our hands and that makes me sad.  I’m afraid they might come back and say “you’re going to need to be on bedrest,” or worse- “we’re going to be inducing you” (which would mean a hospital birth)- and that makes me anxious.  It’s nerve-wracking, not knowing the future.  I feel like it’s one thing to be staring down the 5 week wait until our due date, knowing he could come at any time after 37 weeks… but it’s another to not even know if we will be making it to our due date/allowed to go that far, or being induced, or what.


I guess we’ll see. Stay safe in there, baby boy.  That’s really all I ask.


35 weeks huge… I mean, pregnant.

So I had to take a self-portrait tonight since Shorty has to work tonight (boo).
Here’s me at 35 weeks.  Can’t believe we only have 5 weeks left (preeclamptic worries aside).



Blood pressure has still been high since the appointment but we will see. Thanks for all your kind words on the last post.  I randomly ran into the OB who coordinated the study we were in, and ended up talking with her about it some… she basically confirmed that if it happens, it happens and there’s nothing we can do.  So we’ll keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. As long as baby is healthy!

Other than that, I think we’re doing okay.  We’ve got five weeks to go, and I know that time is going to fly by. Little One will be here soon enough!


Pre-E, Possibly.

Well, today we paid an unplanned and unexpected visit to the midwife.


I got a headache around 10 that simply would. not. go. away… tried food, drink, and drugs, but nothing helped.  Also got some dizzy spells to go along with it and, since I work in a hospital, went ahead and had my blood pressure checked.  It’s been a steady 110/60 my entire pregnancy but today it was hovering around 140/86 (checked twice, ten minutes apart).  Decided to call the midwife, who wanted to see us so we went straight there.


When we got there, she checked for protein in my urine and luckily, found none. She also checked my BP again, which had gone down to the 130/80 range but which was still high (especially for me).  I wasn’t very swollen today although I have been most days , and by the time we got there my headache was still present but the dizziness had subsided.  All things taken into consideration, midwife said we are borderline pre-eclamptic, and that she really wants to focus on prevention and trying to bring the BP down again.  She told me I need to eat more albumin-containing foods (eggs, basically) and also said garlic pills can help?  We are not egg fans around here but we will do what we need to do- and also, they sell it in a powder form that we can just add to our meals/shakes and so I think we will probably be going that route.

Fingers crossed that we can manage this and that it does not become full-blown preeclampsia.  We have done so well up until now, this is the first real hiccup this pregnancy has seen.

The good news is, the baby is doing just fine (kicked their doppler away several times as they attempted to listen to his heartbeat!) and is still being a good baby and staying in the headdown position.  So, that’s good.


{ Sweet Moments }

Tonight, Thing One, on a whim, decided she wanted a bubble bath.  Baths are a rare occurrence around here, and showers are an in-and-out thing, the better to get back to playing sooner.  But she needed to get clean and had plenty of time before bed- I shrugged and said why not.

She decided en route to the tub that she would take her two dollies with her- she never ever plays with dollies either, but again, why not?  She even asked if she could grab two small towels for her dollies after the bath, so we picked out a couple towels and a couple premie baby outfits from the heaps of baby clothes we have lying around here and she had herself a grand ‘ole splashin’ time.

Afterwards, she brushed her own hair… then the babies’ (nonexistent) hair.  She got her babies dressed and got herself dressed as well. She tucked them into her bed (along with her favorite stuffed animal, a Penguin named Penguiy) and came out to give me hugs and kisses, announcing that “the kids are in bed so please be quiet mommy” as she came out of her room.

I hugged her and kissed her and told her to go climb in bed and I would be in in a minute to tuck her in.

I walked into the room not five minutes later, and my girl was already asleep. Snoring. Cuddling her babies like a good mama.


My heart melted. How could it not?

For all her snark and sass and trying-way-too-hard-to-be-a-grown-up-‘tude…. she’s seven. And she’s still our little girl.


34 weeks bumpdate.

…I can’t understand how this kid is supposed to be gaining a freakin 1/2 pound to pound a week soon.  He has nowhere left to go!

Also, this week I started getting stretch marks under my belly.  Or maybe I started getting them awhile ago, but never noticed until now… not like I can see down there or anything!

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…


On the eve of 34 weeks…

I can’t believe we only have 6 weeks left!  Holy moly.  Plus, that wait time is (in my mind) being chopped into two halves since at 37 weeks, we have our midwife home visit and I am really excited about that!  It makes it seem so real and SO close… the next time we see the midwife, we will be full term! And since I’m off this weekend, work the next, and the next one after that is labor day weekend… time is gonna fly!

Another mini-milestone we have coming up? Our second meeting with our adoption lawyer!  We have officially started the process and there are a ton of freakin’ hoops to jump through.  Our first meeting was all about how the process works (like I said, hoops… including a home study :(), how much it’s going to cost (a whole freakin’ lot*! But as long as we file by December we’ll be eligible for the adoption tax credit refund), and what we needed to do next.  Our meeting next Friday is to sign power of attorneys and something else that gives Shorty legal rights/temporary custody of the baby while we wait for the second parent adoption to go through. I think we’re also going to be signing/prefilling out the paperwork for the actual adoption so that once the little one makes his appearance all we have to do is call her and have her file the paperwork, without having to go back into the office.  So we’re super excited for getting the process started and hopefully getting the whole mess behind us as soon as possible so that we can move on with our lives.**


Finally, because we just didn’t have enough STUFF, we went and bought MORE baby stuff last night.  It was all necessities, small stuff that got overlooked during baby showers and our bargain-buying and such… diaper pails (still need to get the liners), a few pacis, giant pads for me, some bassinet sheets for wee one… stuff like that.  Now the only thing we have left to get is our monitor (which I think I will buy tonight actually, since we have a gift card for it!) and our crib mattress (not urgent since baby is sleeping upstairs with us and has plenty of places to nap downstairs in the meantime- pack n play, rock n play, swing, etc) and some more diaper inserts (we have about 18, I think we’re aiming for at least 24- sound right?).

So we’re getting there!  I’ll make you wait until tomorrow for the bumpdate, since it WILL be 34 weeks exactly and all that….



*For anyone interested, looking for information on cost or general process, I am totally willing to share more information. I definitely felt (still feel) lost with the whole process so if I can help I’m willing to.  Email me for details or if you have questions. 🙂



**I could also insert a rant here about how I suppose we should be grateful that our state even deigns to allow second parent adoptions, but frankly, I’m not grateful. I’m pissed. We shouldn’t HAVE to do this and they should RECOGNIZE our families from the get-go, not just grudgingly and only after we’ve paid X amount of dollars and found the right judge to talk to to approve it.  UGH.  Anyways, I know I’m preaching to the choir so I’ll just leave it at that.


33 week bumpdate!

Officially feeling beachball-ish.



Pregnancy at 32.6 weeks- a retrospective/introspective

So I’ve been doing a lot of keeping up with in-the-moment stuff, but not very much reflecting on how this pregnancy has felt, what I am feeling, etc etc.  And I think I should take a moment to write it all down, since I’m pretty sure this is the stuff I’ll want to remember and also since mine and Shorty’s plans for a next child are very much up in the air.

So, how I’m feeling right now:

Pretty mild.  I think I’m finally at a junction where I really can see the light at the end of the tunnel for this pregnancy, and while I realize that we still have 7 weeks to go and that’s not a short amount of time, it’s not an incredibly long amount of time either! In seven short weeks our lives are going to change, irreversibly and irrevocably with the addition of this new little person into our family.  We will no longer be a family of three but a permanent family of four, and I’d be lying if I said there weren’t moments where that’s a little scary to me- not scary as in, I feel like I can’t do it, but scary as in it’s a big change to prepare for and a lot to take in.  I don’t know that it will be fully real that he’s coming until he’s actually here- even now, as I sit here typing this with my son kicking in my belly.  That being admitted, I also cannot wait for him to be here. I can’t wait to meet him, to see him, to know him and to see who he becomes.   I can’t wait to see Thing One be a big sister and Shorty be a second-time mama and myself be a first-time mommy to a newborn.  I’m looking forward, already, to future family-of-four outings to the park or the zoo, to Christmases with two kids and family pictures with four family members instead of three.  This baby is already so loved and I am so excited for him to finally get here.

Speaking of him getting here: how am I feeling about going through labor?

In a word, I’m excited for it to be here. I know that’s a little crazy- being excited about something that’s going to cause me so much pain.  But I really am- I’m excited to find out how my body copes with labor, excited to have Shorty there as part of our two-woman team, and excited to have this life experience.  I know it’s going to hurt but I think (hopefully not naively!) that I am capable of coping and dealing with it.  I’m a little anxious about what will happen if I decide I can’t deal with it, and if we have to transfer to a hospital due to me not being able to cope.  I’m working on visualizing those scenarios though, not to make them inevitable and sabotage our planned home birth but so that if they do happen, it’s not something wild and unexpected but just another possible path in labor that I have thought through beforehand.  I do better when I feel like things have been planned for.  I’ve also been reading Ina May’s guide to labor and though it doesn’t have a lot of technical details in terms of positions and techniques to try, I think it’s helping me to feel more calm and self-confident about this whole process.  Ina is so positive about women’s ability to do this, to labor successfully on our own and to deliver our babies into the world, that every time I read it I feel a boost in my own positive feelings about labor.  I really hope I can keep the positivity up- I think belief in myself and my own ability will go a long way towards helping baby boy come into this world.

There are some things I have concerns about- going overdue, for one, and having to get an induction.  Being naked in front of the midwives during labor (I know this is probably not something I will care about when it happens). The birth pool falling through our floor (highly unlikely, I know, but believe it or not this has got me worried!).  I am working on dealing with these concerns so that they won’t be concerns while I’m in labor, partly by talking things through with my ever-supportive wife (who has somehow managed to NOT roll her eyes every time I mention the pool/floor thing) and partly through talking with the midwives at our upcoming appointment about everything else. I’m getting there!

What has been my favorite part of pregnancy so far:

I love love love feeling baby boy kick. And I love love love even more when Shorty and I are snuggled together in the wee hours of the night or morning and he kicks Shorty and wakes us both up, and we just lie there quietly awake while he finishes his kicking spree, until we all doze off again.  I will definitely miss those moments I think, although having a real live peacefully sleeping baby (knock on wood) to lay there and snuggle with will be a darn good substitute, methinks!
I also love my bump. This one sounds kind of silly I think but it took so long (or it felt like it did) to get a proper not-fat-but-pregnant bump, that now that it’s here I love showing it off to the world. 🙂  It’s my visible proof of pregnancy and I like seeing other women’s pregnant bumps and feeling a kind of kinship with them, like we’re all in this together.

Finally- and this one is DEFINITELY silly- but being pregnant has brought with it this strange fascination towards my own belly button! Ha! I feel like a one year old who’s just discovering it… it is half-innie half-outie at the moment and playing with it and making it “pop” has become one of my favorite absent-minded pasttimes… I do it alllll the time, even when I don’t realize it! I’m wondering if it will end up popping all the way out or if it’s going to stay like this. Either way it’s one of the smaller joys of pregnancy that I have found!
Other small parts that I like:

-oggling over new baby clothes, and toys, and teeny tiny socks

-the anticipation (even if the waiting itself is killing me!)

-getting the nursery ready. So fun! I’ll post pictures when it’s all done.

What I haven’t like about pregnancy so far:
Honestly, I feel like I’ve had it pretty easy. No morning sickness, mild heartburn, not a ton of complaints and I’m fully aware that the complaints I do have are just par for the course.  So I try not to complain about them too much.

But, to answer the question, notsofun things: my back has been hurting a lot more lately, and that has been not-so-fun.  It’s impossible to find a comfortable position to fall asleep in, so most nights I end up tossing and turning until my body just gives up and falls asleep in whatever uncomfortable position I happen to be in at the time.  Bending down is my worst nightmare right now- and since I’ve become so klutzy since being pregnant, it seems like I have to bend over a lot more than usual… not a good combination.  Finally, it’s really, really hard to get up from any position- sitting, lying, reclining- and generally requires a lot of effort, some huffing, and more than one false start.

A non-physical complaint that I do have are the constant questions about “how are you feeling?” This question bugs me to no end.  It’s not that I don’t appreciate the asker asking, it’s just that I never know what to say! “Fine, really, except that I feel like I have a 15 pound bowling ball attached to my front side at all times. You?”  For some reason, I have a feeling this isn’t quite what the asker is looking for, and since I don’t feel like going into details about how my pubic bone hurts when I walk or get up (add that to my list of physical complaints) or how I’m still trying to catch my breath from five minutes ago when I had to bend down to get something I dropped so could you give me a minute to answer please, I just don’t know what to say.  I usually end up with some variation of noncommittal “Eh, you know how it goes.  It’s pregnancy. How are you?” and leave it at that. But really, I’d be happy just skipping that question all together.

But again, these are all par for the course, and even though they are things that make life slightly more difficult, I’ll take them!  Overall, I love being pregnant and based off of this experience would do it again in a heartbeat (depending on what Shorty and I decide, of course!).



I’ve got some upcoming posts about the process of starting our second parent adoption (holycrap!) and our nursery post once it’s finished, and of course a bumpdate tomorrow… let me know though if there are any topics I haven’t covered at all during this pregnancy that you’re curious about.  🙂