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Temping, Temping, More Temping…

Well, on to charting day two. Whoohoo! It feels so good to actually be doing something towards trying to conceive this baby- even if that “something” is just waking up at 5am, every morning, to grab a quick temp and then fall back asleep!

Speaking of which, I have a question for anyone out there that may A) be reading this, and B) have some experience charting. Is there such a thing as waking up too early to temp?  I know you’re supposed to get a solid 3-4 hours of sleep before you temp.  Check. I know you’re supposed to do it before you breathe move around at all. Check.  But, for instance, is it okay to wake up at 5 am, take your temp, and then go right back to sleep?

I’m asking because I’m getting low numbers (low 96’s) and I’m worried that later on down the road, I won’t be able to tell the difference between these lows and the low of my ovulation.  But I feel like I have to temp so early because C gets up that early for work, and so usually that wakes me up too because I have to shove her out of bed make sure she actually gets up (sound sleeper, folks. VERY sound sleeper).  So I’m usually up for about 15 minutes each morning at 5:15, and then I go back to bed until 7:30.  So whatcha think?  Is temping at 5:15 too early? Should I be temping at 7:30 when I actually wake up for good? Or does it not matter as long as I’m consistent?

I never thought I’d find myself so concerned with my temperature!  But if it brings us closer to conceiving Thing Two… I’ll take it.

In other, NON temperature-related news (bet you’re relieved to move on, aren’tcha?)- so Thing One has just started swimming lessons.  And she’s started these swimming lessons because we want to avoid her drowning in the lake like she almost did last summer accidents, plus it would just be nice for her to know how to swim- I’d be a lot more comfortable buying that above ground pool I’ve been wanting, for instance.  So she started swim lessons Monday, and last night was her second lesson. There’s only one other little girl in the class (Hannah, who’s “free!” (3), as she informed us, holding out three fingers on her hand), which makes for a nice small class size.  Better yet, Hannah’s mom just had a baby- and she brought her baby to class with her last night. She’s six weeks old. As we sat in the stands and watched the kids swim, I’m not gonna lie- that baby was taking up a whooooole lot of my attention. A whole lot.  She was so cute, and soft, and sweet, and so GOOD. She was alert the whole time, but we never heard her fuss… she just sat there on her mom’s lap, facing outwards, quietly taking in the world around her.  C and I were both pretty jealous- I wanted to hold her, but, you know, just because our kids are in swim class together does not entitle me to baby-holding rights. I know this. So I just sat and watched her, and thought about how nice it will be when that’s us, when we’re the ones sitting in the stands with our baby while Thing One does her thing.  And it was just a really nice mental picture.  Can’t wait for those days.




Whoohoo!!! Let the charting begin!!! My period is officially here… and I am officially charting from now until eternity when we conceive.

See? My first little blue dot on my chart! Yesss!!!

PS don’t worry… I won’t show every single blue dot every single day… but I thought the first one, at least, was blogworthy. Surely I can’t be the only lesbian out there who’s ever gotten excited about starting to chart?


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Waiting game

Speaking of motherhood… Thing One lost her first tooth last night! And I got to be the one yanking it out of her mouth and reassuring her that all the blood was normal honey, really, I promise, as C was working late and it was just Thing One and I in the house.  So now she’s our little front tooth gap-toothed girl, at least until adult tooth numero uno grows in.  Not looking forward to that, by the way- this kid is gonna need braces, BAD. Wallet, meet orthodontist.  Orthodontist, meet wallet.

Ah, joy.

So hopefully, this will not be the last First Tooth we encounter, but for that to happen, we need to have our next child, and for THAT to happen, my period needs to cooperate. Oh sorry- my cycle. That seems to be the preferred language on all the fertility blogs and boards. Cycle. Not period. Got it. ANYhow… my cycle or period or whatever you want to call it needs to cooperate!  I am all ready to start with my BBT tracking- I have my pen, notepad, chart, and basal thermometer all set up within arms’ reach on my nightstand. I have an account on fertilityfriend dot com.   I have read all there is to know about when to take my temperature (first thing in the morning, before you even BREATHE), how to take my temperature (orally, vaginally, or rectally, in case you were wondering… but really, who’s gonna stick a thermometer up their whooha every morning when they could just pop the thing in their mouth? And how would one go about doing so without violating the don’t sit up/don’t move/don’t even BREATHE until you temp is taken rule? Quandry…), and how to chart it.  All that I need is for my cycle to actually start so I can start charting! We are on cycle day 35 over here, folks, CD35. This is ridiculous. I am normally a 31-34 day girl, so naturally, as soon as I decide I would really like my period to come so that I can take the first steps towards TTC, my cycle decides to be irregular and extend itself by an unknown number of days. Naturally.

And I know this is why I’m charting however-many-months in advance, so that I can get a feel for these sorts of things and be able to predict when I’m going to ovulate, but really, for someone as excited as I am to have to sit and wait for her body to cooperate is torture. Torture I tell you.  I suck at waiting.

And no, I don’t want to talk about how I’m going to get through 9 10 months of waiting pregnancy. Go away.


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