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My BFPOPK… or, how to confuse fertility friend.

So apparently egg-calling works.  This whole time I was waiting for a positive OPK, I could have spared myself the trouble if I had just called for my egg, nicely.

See? Proof positive of this theory (proof positive, get it? ahahaha……ha…………ha…)…


That’s right folks- I got a positive OPK! My first ever positive OPK!!! And then I jumped up and down YAY’ing quite a few times… and then I remembered I was in a public bathroom (work) and remembered to check to see if there was anyone else in there with me listening to my antics.  There wasn’t. Phew. =)

So YAY, I’m ovulating, and I’m really really really relieved.  C was happy, too.  In her words, “Now if only we had the damn sperm!”. Patience, my love, patience.

So yes, smiles and happiness all around… only, you know who wasn’t happy to see my positive OPK? Fertility friend! You see, our dear FF had taken my rise in temperature this morning to apparently mean that I had ovulated 4 days ago (still not sure how it got there) and thus, when I entered my temperature this morning pre-OPK this is what it gave me:

...because I clearly see ovulation in there, don't you?

However, after entering the results of my OPK a little later on today, I apparently screwed with its head a bit too much, and it gave me a scolding and the equivalent of “danger, will robinson.” ……..or possibly just a big fat WTF:

Your data no longer shows an ovulation pattern that we can confidently identify. It is still possible that you ovulated but your pattern does not show it clearly enough to be able to pinpoint it accurately. Please check the ovulation detector notes at the bottom of your account front page.”

And my chart looked like this:

The chart that earned me a WTF from FF.

I told you it was jacked up! Hot. Mess- yep that’s my chart right about now. You know what though? I’m not too worried about it anymore.  I feel like a lot more can go wrong with temping (mouth sleeping, ambient temperature, sleep deprivation, fever, illness, etc) than with a positive OPK, and so the fact that my stars (er, fertility signs) don’t all align right now isn’t bothering me as much.  We’ll just have to wait and see what tomorrow brings- hopefully a big fat temperature spike! Or a drop, I guess, would be okay too to show I’m ovulating tomorrow… so really, you know, whatever works!

Go with the flow. Yep, that’s me. Just not Aunt Flow yet- she needs to wait at least another few days.

YAY for OPK’s. =)