Raising a Blended Family

In the meantime…

on August 8, 2015

Although adding a new child to our family is all-encompassing and spotlight-stealing (and rightfully so!), it is not the ONLY thing we have had going on around here at Casa Lezbemoms. In fact, we have been busy busy busy over here!

I guess the biggest piece of news is that I graduated nursing school in July! It wasn’t a smooth glide to the finish though. During my Capstone (culiminating clinical experience) I had a pretty rough ride with a preceptor who basically was emotionally abusive and thought I was completely incompetent! It was bad- she contacted my nursing school about me to complain without telling me and my nursing school believed her, at first. As time went on and my instructors were able to do site visits and meet with me and her, they eventually realized that I am NOT a complete bumbling idiot (and really, I had 4 semesters of above-average clinical reviews to back me up on that!) and switched my preceptor to someone less emotionally abusive. After that, I was able to finish out nursing school pretty smoothly, with the exception of the fact that Shiloh was born the week I had to do my last 20 hours of Capstone clinicals! Because I was at the end of my program, I had zero flexibility to reschedule my hours and basically had to show up or not graduate. So, she was born at 6:52 pm on Tuesday night, I stayed the night in the hospital with her and Wifey, and then at 7am Wednesday morning I reported to the fourth floor of the same hospital to do a 12 hour clinical shift! Got that done, went back to our room on the baby floor, spent the night again with my family and repeated the next day. It was rough and I felt bad that I wasn’t able to help much with Shiloh in the hospital, but ultimately I got those clinical hours done. I also had to reschedule two finals because she was born the day I was supposed to take them- but I was able to take those on Friday and finish out nursing school on schedule. What a relief! So now, the job hunt is on- I have had one interview and applied for a few more jobs so I’m hoping something comes through so I can get my foot in the door.

Speaking of school, Thing One starts her school on Tuesday of next week! She is not too excited about it, haha. She would rather stay at home and swim all day than go back to school… it’s rough, being ten years old!

And, my mom has been here for a MONTH. This is the longest we’ve seen each other for in six years. She came early in July so she could be here for Shiloh’s birth, and then has stayed to help take care of kids and ease our transition into being a 5-person household. Though i am very appreciative of her help, it hasn’t always been easy. She can be a very critical person and a lot of times this trip, that criticism has been directed towards me. So, it’s been kind of touch and go as far as us getting along and her visit going smoothly go- but overall I am glad she is here and the kids, of course, have loved having their Grandma around. She is here for one more week before she has to fly home and we are hoping to make the best of that week!

I think that’s about it for the general craziness happening around here… Until next time, blogland!


4 responses to “In the meantime…

  1. Rachael says:

    Congratulations on nursing school! You really went out and got what you wanted there! That’s awesome. As for the mom thing, we just moved out of my mother in law’s house, I totally feel ya. Hopefully, this next week will fly by!

  2. Congratulations on your graduatIon!!

  3. Congrats on graduating nursing school! That’s awesome!!!!

  4. Lindsay says:

    Good gravy you’ve been BUSY!!! Congratulations on finishing!

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