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When a Week is a Lifetime

on August 6, 2015

It is so, so hard to believe that just last week, we hadn’t yet met our youngest daughter. Just last week, we didn’t have three children, we had two. Just last week, we didn’t have two daughters, we had one. What a week it’s been.

This past week has felt like a lifetime- and it has, quite literally, been Shiloh’s entire lifetime. I hope it’s been a good one so far. We have kissed, hugged, and snuggled. We have coo’ed, sang, shushed, and patted. We have sniffed a baby head and kissed baby feet and had countless visitors come over to help us welcome our sweet girl into the world. We have taken every opportunity available to get to know our daughter, and she, us.

The sweetest moments for me this week have come while watching brother-sister-sister interactions. Both kids have taken to Shiloh in loving and sweet ways. Thing One is interested in being Mommy’s Helper and doing everything we do with Shiloh, up to and including wanting to change diapers (brave girl!). She picks out Shiloh’s outfits and helps fetch things and has generally been a huge help. As for Pax, he is curious about all things baby. We have been teaching him as we go how to interact with Shiloh- teaching him to be gentle with the baby, not to roll on her, and to be careful when climbing on a mom’s lap when there is also a baby on that lap. Overall, it’s going great and I think he’s adjusting well to being a big brother. I am certainly enjoying watching the transition. To see Pax gently pat Shiloh’s head and have him call her “me baby,” and to imagine the years they have ahead of them as playmates and siblings… my heart swells with joy. Seeing Thing One’s own joy at finally having a sister (she wanted Pax to be a girl!) also multiplies my own. Overall, I think it is safe to say that this little girl is more than welcome in this family! I feel like our family is complete now, like we were just waiting for her to come along to make us whole. I love having three children now!

Now, all this sunshine and roses is not to say that the entire week has always been an easy one. My wife, it seems, is suffering from a little bit of postpartum blues, and that subject is something that I think gets talked about not a lot. Who wants to talk about things that are sad when there is a cuddly baby to discuss instead? Nevertheless, the reality if that in between baby cuddles and sibling love, there have been tears and crying jags. My wife has tearfully told me more than once that she wasn’t sure why she was crying or felt sad, she just did. Hopefully it’s just the postpartum hormone changes and nothing major- and it does already seem to be fading out and getting better. I hope that with even more time to adjust to life postpartum, my poor wifey can be fully 100% on board the joy train and leave all the tears and sad spells in the past.

Overall, things are going very well. I’m so glad to finally have baby girl HERE and cuddleable. 🙂

PS: pics below are preview pics from our photo shoot yesterday, and also just pics of life with a newborn. 🙂


7 responses to “When a Week is a Lifetime

  1. Lindsay says:

    She is beautiful and perfect! I remember being weepy for a few weeks after having Evelyn. I didn’t have PPD, but I think it was just the extreme change in hormones.

  2. Amazing to think we can create such perfect little creatures, isn’t it?? In terms of weepy, I cried at just about everything for weeks after giving birth. Not sad mostly, just so deeply overwhelmed by All The Feelings.

  3. Just so beautiful…glad everyone in the family is really warming up to and enjoying the newest addition…

  4. Curious B says:

    Love the photo of the raccoon with tutu. She’s precious, enjoy the baby moments.

  5. Isa says:

    So sweet. And glad to hear the siblings are just as happy that she’s there! We got to hold a little 3-weeker neighbor baby today and it was just amazing how tiny he was! Enjoy every minute (even the sad ones)!

  6. Rachael says:

    She’s precious! My heart is with your wife during her post partum stuff. It was that way for me after giving birth for a few weeks anyway; the crying the tears, the frustration. Hugs to her and kudos to you for being so supportive!

  7. Congratulations! She’s darling, and I’m glad everyone is adjusting so well to the new addition.

    As for the weepy… oh, boy, do I understand that one. I spent a few days crying off and on about the fact that I wasn’t pregnant anymore (even though I found pregnancy to be pretty miserable overall), and didn’t get to wear maternity clothes anymore (although I did wear them for a while longer, and to be totally honest, some of them I still wear… they’re nice, comfortable clothes!). It’s the hormone crash. It’s rough. (To be honest, I had a hormone crash after the miscarriage too, although that was compounded by the emotional crash as well.) My understanding is that this is totally normal, and it’s only really something to worry about if it continues.

    Also, I love the raccoon and tutu outfit!

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