Raising a Blended Family


on June 29, 2015

At almost 35 weeks along (34+5), our house is starting to look like there was a small explosion of baby things that went off inside of it. Specifically, the house looks like this:


And this:


And this:


And this:


As you can see, random baby stuff is EVERYWHERE. It is starting to slowly become more organized, but it still seems like every day we are working on finding a home for a new element of baby gear. It is, at times, a tight squeeze because we currently live in a three bedroom house with less than 1500 sq ft and there will soon be FIVE of us. We have no plans on moving, however, or at least not anytime soon. We’ve got big plans for about two years down the road but for now, we’re staying put, and staying put means making this house- tiny though it is- work. Shiloh will be rooming in with us, just like her older brother did, and if push comes to shove we figure the two little ones can share a room. I doubt it will come to that before we move in a few years, however, considering Shiloh’s older brother STILL spends at least half of every night happily tucked away in mom’s bed.

So yes, preparation is in full swing. I spent yesterday prepping our cloth diapers, which we haven’t used since Pax was one year old (insert guilty face here). I was excited to have a cloth butt in the house again, but dismayed to find that a lot of the elastic on the diapers has somehow become stretched to the point that I’m not confident it will fit a newborn baby anymore. This was quite the distressing discovery! So, now we are faced with replacing some covers (about ten in all), replacing our whole stash and getting different dipes (we currently use Best Bottoms but I’ve been dying to get my hands on some of the all in one styles), or ditching the whole kebob altogether and going for ‘sposies. Of the options, I tend to like number two the best, but have a feeling we’ll be going with number one. I really want to stay in cloth dipes no matter what and even though some of the AIOs are basically irresistable (we did, in fact, order an elephant-printed one just last night, even though it doesn’t match any of the other dipes in our stash!), it will be more economical to just replaced the covers for the system we already have. Sigh. I’m going to keep my eye on retail sites and diaper swaps though- maybe I’ll score some cute-but-cheap dipes on the fly! 🙂

Besides all the preparation, it has been quite the hectic summer. Me: finishing nursing school. Her: still working, becoming increasingly uncomfortable as the days go on. Pax: being two. Thing One: having surgery next week for her tonsils after a sleep study confirmed she has sleep apnea. Poor thing. And my parents/brother: taking a circuitous route on their road trip cross country heading here. They will be here sometime midJuly and leave… who know when. First it was midAugust, then it was my dad/brother leave early and my mom stays, then they were all leaving early, and now… who knows. The plan keeps changing and rather than being annoyed, I am trying to be very zen and peaceful about the whole thing. You know, ohm and all that good crap. Ohmmmmm. Ohhhhhhhmmmmmm. Oooooohhhhhhmmmmmmmygod can you please make up your minds?! (Operation Zen is obviously working perfectly, LOL). We do still need to get their room (our sunroom/junkroom) cleaned out before they get here, so it kind of is a blessing in disguise that they are meandering and taking their time getting here. We are going to get all the stuff out, put in a window AC (because it isn’t air conditioned out there) and maybe even get the carpets cleaned before they arrive. Then again, maybe we won’t. Who knows!

So that’s where we’re at at 35 weeks. Next doctor’s appointment is next Wednesday (farther apart than normal because our doc was out of town), and then after that they should be every week from here on out! Exciting times!


One response to “Preparations

  1. Eeek!!!! Im about to be 30weeks and 35 just sounds so much “better”. I can’t wait for your delivery post. 5weeks left lady!!

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