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This post brought to you by my own clumsy feet

on April 14, 2015

So, it turns out, when you don’t have time to post, Life makes time for you. Sometimes, it cancels a class for you… Other times, it makes you trip off a curb in front of a crowd on your way home one fine Monday evening, sprain/break your ankle (outcome TBD) and have an unexpected ER trip instead. And since you’re sitting there by yourself with your wife at home on standby with the kids ready to come get you… You suddenly have time to post. Thanks, life.

i swear that sidewalk wasnt there a second ago


hellooooo, cankle.

So while I’m sitting here chillin’, it turns out I have time to update you guys…. At least until the X-ray guy comes. But we all know that means we’ve got time.

Potty training- is going so, so much better than we ever expected. The boy pees. In the toilet, mostly (though we have of course had our occasional accidents). He holds his pee appropriately. He made it through a four hour car ride with only one stop and NO accidents. He naps dry in the daytime in just underwear, no pull up. He will occasionally tell us now when he has to go (we mostly initiate it though). He’s a miracle!

The one thing he does not do is poop. (In the toilet, that is- because he sure as heck goes poop as soon as we put his pull up on at night). So, that is a work in progress, but honestly I think he just didn’t want to make it too easy for us because everything else has been cake.

instilling an early love of reading on the pot


his favorite part of this whole thing is getting to “play in the water” afterwards.

Preggers is doing fine. And by “fine,” I mean waddling everywhere, taking up all the room in bed with her “rocket ship” (pregnancy pillow), and eating lots and lots and LOTS of pickles. No seriously. LOTS:

that’s a one-gallon jar of pickles i bought her. when i texted her a picture of it she sent back “OMG YOU’RE MY HERO.”


Baby girl is fine and healthy in there, as far as we know. All signs point to her being a star soccer player some day and it’s gotten to the point where I can feel her kicking my back at night when we’re cuddling. Awww. We have another baby appointment next week (the four weeks in between appointments keep FLYIN’ on by!) so I can update you guys then (or, you know, not… If it’s going to cause another foot-curb incident. Lol)

Nursing school is also flying. I have two more weeks in this semester and then a summer semester and I’m done! Can’t believe it. We’ve got a lot to do before nursing school ends (assignments, preparing for baby girl, figuring out how to pay summer tuition since my financial aid ran out (!)… But we’ll get there. It’s stressful, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and when we reach it, I’ll be done with school AND it will be baby girl time (hopefully in that order, pleasekaythanks.). It’ll be here before I know it!

Thing One- is doing really well this year in school. I probably haven’t talked about it much but she struggles a lot usually and was diagnosed ADHD. We started her on the lowest dose of meds they have and, they help! Her grades have steadily come up and I think, her self-esteem related to school has as well. She is silly, smart, and always tries to be helpful, and she’s starting to mature into an older kid rather than a little kid. It’s definitely a gradual transition but little by little she’s making it. Her attitude, however, is sadly still on the problem list. She will be ten this July but she acts like she’s 17 already. Definitely a lot of head-butting between moms and kid in this house! And we thought that didn’t start until teenagehood… psh. There are some days where I wonder if we will all survive until then! Ha!

a picture Wifey just sent me to make me feel better

Anyways. Overall life is good- not too many complaints and lots of happiness. That’s the way it’s supposed to be, right?

Okay. So there’s your ER-update…. Now who wants to take bets on how much longer I’ll be here? 

(Later edited to add: not broken! YAAAAAAY! Thank everything, ’cause ain’t nobody got time fo dat!)



13 responses to “This post brought to you by my own clumsy feet

  1. Great update! Glad to know your doing well overall and that you didn’t break your foot. Sorry you tripped though I’m sure that thing hurts like hell.

  2. Lindsay says:

    Glad it didn’t end up being broken! I’m glad potty training is going so well, and Thing 1 is doing well in school, to boot!

    Hope you heal quickly.

  3. Oh my goodness that ankle looks like a lot of aching!! Sounds like potty training is going well! We still haven’t taken the leap for a long car ride, as DD for some reason likes to hold it a long time then panic that she’s got to go immediately. :s we normally have been turning back to diapers for longer trips out.

  4. Isa says:

    Jeez. I hope you feel better! Yay for potty training–there is hope for me yet! And I wonder how much going to a totally new school helped thing 1. Sometimes you just need a fresh start, you know? Also, I met some parents of a friend who I think live near you. We had a nice chat about whether you’d know each other (we decided not).

  5. That is a yucky looking sprain, but great update as a result 🙂

    I am pretty sure that is the cutest little potty training, book reading, ankles crossed pose there is!!! I have heard that boys are easier and I have heard girls are easier. I guess we will find out when start potty training baby girl sometimes this summer.

    FWIW, word on the “have older kids” street is that tweens are the new teens. Boo for early teenage drama.

  6. Good thing it’s not broken! Hope you recover quickly! And how amazing is it once they get potty trained! The poop always takes longer tho, but you’re half way there! We have some issues with our 7 year old with the attitude too…i thought this crap didn;t happen until they were at least 12-13! Sheesh!! Kids sure do grow up fast these days!

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