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Potty training- notes from the trenches

on April 3, 2015

We are on day three of potty training here at Casa Lezbemoms. It is going okay. so far.

On day one (Wednesday) Pax went to daycare in the morning (they were having their egg-dying party that day)  and then came home in the afternoon and began potty training. No accidents that day and he peed in the potty twice! Moms were proud! It was definitely an encouraging start to potty training.

Day two, yesterday, went slightly worse than day one. Pax once again went to daycare in the morning because they were doing their Easter party and we didn’t want him to miss it. We brought in extra pants and underwear, and he ended up peeing in the potty once and having two accidents before we picked him up that afternoon. The accidents, though, might have had something to do with being distracted from the party and the egg hunt they were doing. When we brought him home, he had a couple accidents and only peed in the potty once. He didn’t drink a whole lot yesterday though which meant that a lot of times when we went to sit on the potty, he just didn’t have anything left to pee. When he did have accidents, we made him help clean them, so he can start to understand the connection between peeing and the need to pee on the potty.

He has started saying “no potty” and resisting going to sit on it, something that was unexpected given how clearly ready he is to potty training. I think it’s mainly a toddler-control issue, and also not wanting to be interrupted from whatever he is doing at that moment. He will also proclaim himself “done” within two seconds of his butt hitting the toilet seat- so distraction with books, songs, etc comes into play in order to make sure he sits there longer and actually goes. Finally, last night he hadn’t gone poop in two days and Shorty and I had a feeling that as soon as we put his diaper on for the night, he would go. Sure enough, he did. So that was frustrating but we will work on it.

This morning so far we are half and half, success rate vs accident rate. He flat out peed in his underwear one time and didn’t say anything, but the second time when he started to pee he looked down and said UHOH and we rushed to the bathroom, where he promptly finished peeing quite a big amount. We still had to change underwear because he’d gotten them wet when he started to go, but I count it a success since he ended up going in the potty. I have no doubt that it will get better (though any tips on dealing with the “no’s” would be great!) Today is an at-home-all-day day, so hopefully we make some progress!

In his robot underwear


One response to “Potty training- notes from the trenches

  1. Rachael says:

    Aw, we have been potty training on and off for about a year. This kid is just super stubborn or super smart. I can’t decide. Good luck though! Maybe it’s true what they say that “boys are easier” – even though I’ve heard it both ways. LOL

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