Raising a Blended Family

How I pranked Shorty

on February 25, 2015

This is a short but sweet post. I decided to play a short joke on Shorty, whose nickname is…well, Shorty for goodness sake.

She is at work but she will kill me when she gets home shortly, so I have to gloat while I can.

The backstory of this joke is, I am always teasing her for being short. She’s not actually THAT short but she is shorter than me by a few inches, soooooo it counts. She, in return, is always teasing me for being tall. It definitely goes both ways, but when I saw this opportunity to tease her more today I couldn’t pass it up!

Step 1: see desired image shared by a friend on social media:

Step two: log into wife’s Facebook page while she is at work and has no access to Facebook

Step three: make said image wife’s new profile picture.

That’s all. Sit back and watch the magic happen. Think of some good hiding places for when your wife gets home. Shortly.


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