Raising a Blended Family

16 weeks!

on February 18, 2015

Holy crap, man. Where is time going? In between the toddler tantrums and sickness spells, my wife has been quietly, slowly, steadily moving forward in pregnancy. We’re now at the 16 week mark and baby is the size of an avocado. Incredible!

Wife has different pregnancy symptoms on different days. Emotional roller coasters, exhaustion (still?! Where’s the second trimester energy boost?!), and cravings are all making themselves known, while nausea and vomiting seem to have died down… Mostly.

She’s also feeling a lot of aches and pains that we generally attribute to round ligament pain and stuff stretching out in there, though it’s nervous-making for sure.

She isn’t quite in maternity clothes yet, though she is now wearing the biggest sized pants she owns and they are barely fitting. I’m like dude, maternity clothes are so COMFY and she’s like IDON’TWANNA… So I’m like, okay, back away from the crazy pregnant lady (and maybe offer some chocolate as a token of peace. Quickly.).

A quick anecdote about our OB- he’s a funny guy! Last appointment Shorty had a sinus infection (back to the “in sickness and in health” post), and we were asking what to take for it. He was going over different options and then he said “but don’t bother trying to buy sudafed, the meth dealers have probably beat you to it.” A little off color, but I thought that was hilarious! And when we asked about pregnant women’s heart rates (Shorty has been wearing my fitbit, which shows you heart rate, and it’s been consistently in the 90’s) he said “STOP. No more of this fit-thing. You drive yourself crazy!” Again, it made us chuckle (it helps if you read those to yourself in a heavy Indian accent for a more authentic recreation of what happened.).

So. No fitbit, stay away from sudafed, and she is looking the picture of pregnant health. We move forward!



One response to “16 weeks!

  1. A.S. says:

    ooh! how exciting! btw, I don’t know why I didn’t know it was Shorty that was preggo, not you. I guess I should have read back through your posts! oops. Anyway, cheers to not obsessively tracking health signs. if there is any time to relax it is during pregnancy!

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