Raising a Blended Family


on February 6, 2015

Pop goes the baby belly!


For the record, Shorty was artist-in-chief this week. Not me! LOL

At 14 weeks there’s definitely a little baby bumpie there. Along with continued movements, easier baby-finding with the Doppler, and higher energy levels, the baby bump has now heralded our way into the second trimester.

It feels like a party of nonstop joy since we found out it is a girl. I would have been happy if it were a boy… But I am sooooo overjoyed it is a girl. And, I went shopping. 🙂




Can I tell you that it felt so WEIRD to be shopping in teeny tiny girls clothing instead of boys’ clothing? Ruffles, and dresses, and leggings galore! I’m so used to monkeys, brown stripes, and disney cars characters everywhere.To be completely honest, boy’s clothes are boring! Ha. I know later on, when Link decides to express her own unique personality, she may decide she does, in fact, like boyish clothes, or only want to wear jeans and t-shirts like her older sister… but for now- oh, I am in femme heaven. Femme-having-a-baby-girl heaven!

Our next appointment is next week and after that, our next appointment will be our ultrasound. Exciting times are on the horizon!


6 responses to “POP

  1. Lindsay says:

    Shopping for little girls is so much more fun than shopping for boys! There’s just more variety. I’m glad you’re enjoying shopping for your wee lass!

  2. Michaela says:

    Loooooool, that looks like A LOT of baby clothes.

  3. Cute little bump you have! So exciting to buy little girl clothes, I keep hoping I have at least one in there so I can have fun shopping too, boy stuff is just so boring!

  4. Rachael says:

    I have a blast buying stuff for Punky. I was sooooo happy we were having a little girl. So excited for you guys!

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