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12 weeks and MOVEMENT

on January 21, 2015

That’s right… not only are we right on the cusp of the second trimester (already?!), but for the past week Shorty has been reporting that she can feel the baby moving! I was surprised because it is early, but she has a tilted uterus and she says it always feels like little flutters or bubbles, right in the spot where we’ve been finding baby’s heartbeat with our home doppler. So, I believe her!

I will admit to a little bit of jealousy over this though. Last pregnancy, it was ME feeling the baby flutters and kicks… this time around, it will all be her. It makes me a little sad not to get to experience that side of things, and feel the baby moving inside me… but then, I guess I also don’t have to experience labor pain this time around and all the fun-ness that comes with that. So, I guess it balances out.

Shorty is doing really well! She’s only gained about 5 pounds or so, and can still wear her larger pairs of jeans, though the smaller pairs are all too tight now! She’s been steadily shopping for non-girly maternity clothes and building up her wardrobe for when that time comes. She’s found some good stuff. Morning sickness still comes and goes, though it seems like it has “gone” more than it has “come” lately. She definitely has more energy now- she helped me clean the entire house tonight, whereas a few weeks ago, she’d have been on the couch sleeping through it all. Ha! It’s nice to have my wife back and to be able to spend (nonsleeping) time together again in the evenings.

Finally, we had our 12 week doctor appointment yesterday. They did a blood draw to screen for fetal abnormalities, but- get this!- this test will also tell us if baby is a boy or a girl!!! I’m so excited! We’ll know in about a week and a half, which is obviously far far earlier than the standard 20 week time frame. So awesome! We have our names picked out already, now we just need to know which one to use!

There’s an updated pic on the belly page. Check it out!


4 responses to “12 weeks and MOVEMENT

  1. Glad to hear all is going well…

  2. Curious B says:

    I’m so amazed at the blood test that tells you boy or girl. It is strange seeing birth announcements where people know already at 12wks. But it’s so exciting!

  3. Lindsay says:

    So exciting that you’ll soon learn what the baby’s sex is! I’m glad all is well.

  4. pepibebe says:

    Wow! Im 19 weeks on Mon and still not feeling it! However i can feel from the outside where baby is lying. We have our scan this week.. 🙂

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