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Ten weeks, life, and other things

on January 7, 2015

We reached double digits today. Ten whole weeks pregnant, 25% of the way there! It feels amazing, actually. Considering we found out at 3 weeks, and then it took “forever” just to reach five weeks, and another “forever” to get to our scan appointment at seven weeks… ten weeks feels like a pretty nice accomplishment!

It is also nice for another reason- it seems we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel regarding unpleasant first trimester symptoms. It’s very hit-or-miss, but I swear there have been days where Shorty’s energy levels have returned almost to pre-pregnancy levels! There have been days where she doesn’t immediately collapse when she gets home from work, days where she has energy to stay up after the kids go to bed, even days where she has had energy for adult time again. It’s amazing (both the energy and the adult time ๐Ÿ˜‰ )ย  It also seems like she’s been much less nauseous- I’ve been able to cook things that have spices and flavors again. ๐Ÿ™‚
Shorty has reported that her pants are getting tight as well. She’s had to move up a size, and in spite of her protestations, I went ahead and ordered her some of the soft-waisted maternity pants. She initially complained, and then spent the rest of the day lounging in them, happy as a clam. Silly wifey.

We have our next appointment on the 20th, at just about twelve weeks. At one point, we had appointments at three different doctor’s offices! That would be my fault- I called and made them because we couldn’t decide which doctor/hospital combo to go with, and since all the doctor’s offices around here book so far out, I didn’t want to miss out on one. We figured it out though, and now we have our initial intake appointment with our new doctor that we will hopefully keep for the rest of the pregnancy!

So, that’s pregnancy news. The rest of life is going pretty smoothly as well. I start school back on Tuesday- something I am both looking forward to and dreading. Dreading, because it has been nice to be lazy for the month that I’ve had off, nice to spend time with the kids and Shorty, and because I know that is the last winter break I will ever get and I am cherishing every last second of it! But, I am also looking forward to going back and learning more- which is how I know I’m in the right program for me. I want to go back, and I want to learn more. Ironically, I have clinical rotations this semester in OB/maternity nursing. I will be doing clinical rotations in the same hospital and same floor that Link will be born in! Talk about getting a hospital tour. ๐Ÿ™‚ I also told Shorty that thanks to her knocked-up status, I will have my very own home-grown patient model to practice on. Ha!

PS-Started doing a little bit of shopping. I’ve been holding myself back but found a clearance sale and couldn’t resist. Bought a lot of clearance Christmas outfits and also found this adorable knit elephant hat! Newborn pictures, here we come.

10806252_10203543376039980_6639443283433725375_n IMG_1060


One response to “Ten weeks, life, and other things

  1. Lindsay says:

    Already in the double digits! Woohoo!

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