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7 weeks ultrasound

on December 17, 2014

So with us “not being sure of our dates” and all (wink wink, nudge nudge), we returned to our OB’s office today to get a dating scan.

Everyone, meet Link. 🙂


It was definitely love at first sight. I mean, look at that little gummy bear all curled up in there! We got to see and hear the flicker flicker flicker of the heartbeat, beating away at a steady 125bpm. Link is measuring a bit behind at 6w2d, which was concerning to me but seemed perfectly fine with the tech. Shorty also said that Thing One consistently measured a week or so behind at every ultrasound but still came out just fine at full term, a small-but-healthy six-pounder. So, maybe Link is just following in big sister’s footsteps or maybe s/he’ll catch up. It’s hard to say.

It was strange to be the one standing at the side of the bed watching the scan rather than being the one scanned, but at the same time not-so-strange. I had a moment during the scan where I was conscious of the difference in our positions compared to last time, but it was just a moment of awareness and not a moment of regret or jealousy. So far, I am surprising even myself with how okay I am being the non-pregnant one. I am nothing but happy that we are pregnant, nothing but excited that there is a baby growing in Shorty’s belly, and so in love with our little baby already growing so strong inside his/her mama’s belly. ❤

Merry Christmas, indeed. Seeing the heartbeat and confirming the pregnancy clears the way for us to tell my parents, brother, and our kids about Link on Christmas Day. What a joyful holiday it's going to be!



4 responses to “7 weeks ultrasound

  1. Michaela says:

    Wonderful picture.

  2. nurse BiBi says:

    I follow you lovely ladies all the time but wordpress doesn’t let me comment! Well happy day it let me for some reason today. So congrats! I am stoked for little link and can’t wait to follow this new journey!

  3. Isa says:

    So exciting! I can’t wait to see the christmas reveal pics!

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