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Christmas Gift Run-Down, 2014

on December 7, 2014

A week ago, our daycare announced they would be doing a special open daycare today where parents could drop of their children and go shop for Christmas on their own.

Shorty and I decided to take advantage of it because Pax and Thing One are both at the age where they are very much aware of what you are putting in the cart and what the “toy aisle” is… There is simply no sneaky shopping around either of them anymore. So, at ten AM sharp when the daycare opened, we dropped off the kiddos and hit the town.

It was glorious. I got to spend money to my heart’s content (a rarity for sure), got to shop kid-free (another rarity), and got some really awesome deals out of it! Best of all, I got kid-free adult time with my wife, including a time-out from shopping for a lunch date!

We came home and wrapped our loot before picking up the kids again, and now I feel like a kid myself- I can’t wait for Christmas. These kids are going to be so dang excited to see the gifts their awesome mommies/Santa brought!

First up: for our two-year-old, train-obsessed maniac, his big gift will be:


A Thomas power wheel. Obviously! I am so excited to see him open this- he goes basically crazy anytime he sees anything to do with trains, including train tracks, and if that thing also happens to be a Thomas train… Prepare to hear about it for the next twenty minutes straight. He’s going to be so happy!

Thing One’s big gift was harder. I really had to do some soul-searching. The kid doesn’t ask for much (to the point where Shorty and I had to really think to figure out some good gift ideas), but what she does ask for is A) expensive and B) electronic. I don’t blame her for the expensive part, as nine-year-olds generally have no concept of how much things cost, but the “electronic” part gets to me. Thing One already spends so much of her time on electronics- TV, kindle, wii, her Nintendo DS- that I was initially loathe to get her anything else in that category. I’d rather get her something that encourages less screen time, like a giant trampoline or books or craft supplies or something.

But, to make a long story short, it ultimately came down to this: she really didn’t ask for much this year… and by “much,” I can think of two things she specifically asked for. That’s it. And Christmas is about making my kids happy and seeing their joy when they open their asked-for gifts… So, we decided to go for it. Thing One’s big gift this year is:


A wii u! (And we got it on super discount, by the way. $100 off the normal price?! Yes please!). It will come with an accompanying Disney Infinity starter game set. The infinity is pretty much all she’s asked for and I know she will love it. The Wii U is something unexpected, I hope (though she did see me looking at one online) so it should be a good surprise. I’m super excited to see her open it on Christmas and even more excited to have all of us playing games and being silly on it together later that day. Not going to lie- moms are big fans of Mario games. 🙂

So, those are their big gifts. Most of Pax’s additional gifts center around trains and trucks: he’s getting a whole tub of wooden trains complete with train tracks, bridges, tunnels, houses, etc. I bought it all used for $20 and it was easily $150 worth of trains. It matches his current set and train table so I am happy. He is also getting a balance bike (but probably won’t use it until spring), Elmo alphabet train, rockin’ Elmo (sings songs and dances, I think), a Tonka helicopter, and some books and Elmo/Thomas DVDs. Plus an art easel. There’s a thousand other things I know he would like but with all of that from us, plus a grandma, a great-grandma and a great-aunt still out shopping, I’d say he’s set! Little ones are so easy to buy for.

Thing One was harder to figure out. Ultimately, we decided she is getting some wii u games and extra controllers, a few lego sets (X-men and Hobbit-themed, she loves both), a Minecraft dress up head (I do NOT get that game), board game, science kit, and some artsy-craftsy stuff… Plus more that I’m forgetting. She has a bit less I think but her stuff is also much more expensive- so hopefully it all evens out.

The final thing that came out of our shopping trip today is that we know how we’re telling my mom about the baby on Christmas morning. We had been going back and forth with different ideas, and then suddenly we just ran across this onesie while shopping today, and ta-DA!


It’s perfect! We’re going to add in “^and brother” in the part where it says “sister,” and write “coming August 2015” on the back diaper butt part… and then wrap the whole thing along with the booties and give it to my mom to unwrap. I’m so excited! And nervous, about how she’ll react- but that’s another post. I’m excited. We just need to figure out how to tell the kids and whether to tell them before Christmas or at the same time as my mom, somehow.

So that’s our Christmas gift rundown of the kid’s gifts. We came home, put in Christmas music, lit a candle, and wrapped our loot before we went and picked up the munchkins. It was a very successful day!



What are your family members getting for the holidays?


4 responses to “Christmas Gift Run-Down, 2014

  1. Lindsay says:

    Your daycare sounds AWESOME! I wish mine did something like that. I am desperate for a kid-free shopping trip but at this point it looks like I won’t be getting one.

    Your kids are getting an amazing haul!

  2. Irish Stout & Mommies says:

    Connor had that Thomas Powerwheels and loved it. LOVED it. He will be getting lots of Batman Imaginex pieces and 2 sets from Santa. (Batcave & Joker carnival). When is your due date?? Ours will be August 9 if everything stays where I NEED it to stay!

    We have a similar holiday parents night this Friday with our preschool! We are going to dinner and a movie. They will keep the kids until 10pm and have dinner, snacks, pjs & movies!

    • lezbemoms says:

      Sounds like he will be a happy boy!

      We are due August 5th! Very close to you guys! Race to the finish. 😉 although, definitely hear you in everything (and everyone) staying put. Fingers crossed for both of us!

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