Raising a Blended Family


on December 5, 2014

We are at 5w2d over here. Still soooo early and such a long way to go… but considering we found out when she was only 3 weeks, we’ve gotten through these past two weeks pretty well, I think!

Poor wifey has a ton of symptoms though… most of them not-so-pleasant.  On the plus side, the symptoms are reassuring, since at this point the only other thing we have to prove there’s a BABY in there is a couple of peed-on sticks. Symptoms mean something is in there causing symptoms, means BABY! But, on the negative side… nausea and morning sickness have been big issues. She’s pretty much nauseous all the time, and random things will set her off. Smells, movements, nothing at all. Poor lady had to pull over on the way to work the other day to puke. 😦  She is very sensitive to strong smells- I made quesodillas the other night with salsa and lots of yummy stuff in them, and I swear she turned green. She could only eat a bite of it before giving up. Other food aversions are sour cream and anything caffeinated- much to her dismay. She can’t even drink the one cup of coffee per day that she’s allowed- baby won’t let her!

Pregnancy tea and peppermints have come to the rescue several times on the morning sickness front, and seem to make it better. So does having crackers or something to eat quickly to line her stomach when she gets hungry, because we’ve learned hungry=nausea.  Baby likes food! Well… certain foods, anyways. We’ve taken to leaving crackers on our bedside table for easy access when she wakes up nauseous.

We have our first OB appointment next week. We initially called a different doctor who was highly recommended in town, and got scheduled in with their office, but that won’t be until we are 12 weeks in January. Since that is soooo far away, and since we (I) are worry warts, I went ahead and scheduled the initial appointment with the OB we’re already at, since I knew they would get us in sooner. We’ll go, we’ll get everything confirmed and okay’d, and then when 12 weeks rolls around we’ll transfer to the other office.

Patience is not a virtue I possess, unfortunately, but baby-baking can’t be hurried… so I’m just going to have to live with it. I have so many thoughts on this pregnancy: more thoughts on being a NGPFFT, first-trimester worries (Shorty has a history of two miscarriages, both before 8 weeks), baby name thoughts, Christmas pregnancy reveal ideas, thoughts on Pax becoming a big brother and no longer being the baby… so many thoughts! I guess there’s plenty of time to tell you all about them though… we’ve got nine long months to wait. Wait with me, friends. We’ll chat.


2 responses to “Symptomatically

  1. B says:

    I’m so sorry Shorty’s struggling with the nausea/morning sickness. Other than that, so exciting!

  2. Rachael says:

    Super exciting! Hope the nausea goes away soon! It super sucks.

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