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It’s early days, but…

on November 22, 2014

…on the basis of Shorty’s symptoms today, we decided to test.

And got a BFN.

Ah, well. It’s early days for testing, right? (10dpo). We’ve still got a lot of strong symptoms- the latest being a strong bout of nausea last night and this morning.

I’m still hopeful this worked. It helps to have the history that we do of testing when I was pregnant with Pax: a completely negative test all the way up to the night of 12DPO, and then we got our BFP the next morning at 13DPO. It goes to show that babies don’t show themselves until they are READY, and you truly aren’t out until AF shows up.

There. That’s my pep talk for this morning. Happy Saturday, everyone.


5 responses to “It’s early days, but…

  1. Curious B says:

    Hang in there, positive thoughts

  2. Hi there, I love reading your blog but just a thought….I find it a bit frustrating with all the acronyms and not knowing what they mean…

    • lezbemoms says:

      I can totally relate. When we first started TTC (that’s Trying To Conceive 😉 ), I had NO idea what it all meant. I ended up googling “TTC acronyms” or something like that and found out a lot of info so that i could understand on blogs and posts what people were talking about. 🙂

      To getcha started, AF=aunt flo=your period, BFN=big freakin negative=negative HPT, HPT=home pregnancy test, BFP=big freakin positive=SUCCESS! You’re pregnant!.

      KD is something you will see around, it means known donor for those who use someone they know to donate sperm. NGP is nongestational partner- the one who doesn’t carry the baby.

      Trying to think of others and failing lol! Go google though, there’s about a million of these acronyms out there!

      Thanks for reading along. Feel free to ask for clarification whenever you need it!

      • lezbemoms says:

        Oh! Duh! DPO=days past ovulation. It’s a way to count how long it’s been since you ovulated so you know when to test. The earliest you can possibly test is 8DPO but most people waiting until double digits. 14DPO=your period is due because it’s been two weeks (hence the term TWW, two week wait.)

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