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One of THOSE people

on November 2, 2014

As I’m sitting here writing this, I’m humming a Christmas carol under my breath and beginning to think about exactly where to place decorations for maximum Christmas effect, yet minimum toddler accessibility. Gift lists have been made (and begun to be shopped for), the-previous-holiday-decor has already been taken down and stowed away, and we’ve already had our first freakin’ snowfall so it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas already! Or something. Yes, I’m one of Those People… Always have loved Christmas (the spirit of it, not necessarily the religious connotations) and always will and I think 25 days is entirely too short of a time to celebrate. But, luckily for everyone else who is more “rational” (as my wife calls it), my wife is here to keep me in check and Christmas decor probably won’t be put up until the normal weekend-after-Thanksgiving time frame. Sigh.

Happy belated Halloween, by the way. Here are my two gremlins: (a vampire and Elmo, actually… And yes, we ARE going through an elmo phase, how did you know?!)


They had so much fun (despite the Halloween snowfall we got) and Pax has discovered a sweet tooth, to my dismay. I have a huge sweet tooth and I was hoping he would skip that particular inheritance- but no. Last year he was too little to know what candy was, but this year he quickly figured it out and is alllll over it. He fully believes that if he walks up to you and says “tick teat” (his version of trick or treat), you will produce the magical substance known as candy for him to consume. He also doesn’t understand time and so to him, a 3am wake up post-Halloween is a perfect time to demand “tick teat!” and then throw a fit when candy does not appear. Sigh.

Life around here is going well- it’s always hard but the hard has been manageable lately, and there’s been light at the end of the tunnel for me in knowing that soon I will have a week long break from my studies (thank you, pilgrims and Native Americans!) and two weeks after that I will be finished with my semester and halfway through nursing school! The end will be only 6 short months away (ish)!

Which brings me to my next announcement. We have always said (maybe not out loud in public, or on this blog) that we wanted to time our next baby so that it was due soon after I got done with school. The question of “how soon” and “when do we start” has been hanging in the air while we mulled and plotted, and January was tossed around there for awhile, then discarded, then tossed around some more. However, after much deliberation we threw out the January start date in favor of now! This month! In approximately ten days! The last piece of the puzzle, confirmation of the donor’s availability (we had a possible out-of-town scare that was resolved with careful planning and good cycle timing) is now in place and all signs are pointing to go. Shorty’s cycle has been very predictable the last few months and that has thus far continued with this cycle (she was able to call the exact date that Aunt Flo would be visiting!) and so we are hopeful that timing will be good and maybe, just maybe we might have ourselves a christmas pregnancy announcement. We’ll see.

With Shorty’s cycles the way they are, if we conceive this cycle her due date will be mid-August, which is perfect for my program as I will be done and out of school by then, but likely still in the waiting period of red tape and paperwork shuffling so that I can take my test and look for jobs. Which means I’ll just be sitting around doing nothing (we were previously contemplating a vacation during this time), but maternity leave and new-baby cuddling sounds like a much better way to pass the time!

I’m not going to lie, I’m nervous. There are some what-ifs involved, enough that it took awhile for Shorty to pry me away from January and into a November start date. I won’t be able to take my test (to get my nursing license) until the first or second week of September at the earliest, and that means there will be a newborn in the house when I take them. Which is stressful. But, it isn’t impossible. Not by a long shot. The other scary thing is timing. She might have the baby super early or have complications. They’re unlikely but you never know. However, as Shorty said, that will always be a risk no matter when we get pregnant next- so we might as well dive on in now.

So here I am, nervous but hopeful. If this works the timing will be beautiful: having the baby before I start my full time new job as a brand new nurse will mean getting to spend home-time with the baby that I otherwise wouldn’t get due to not being eligible to take time off yet. It will mean Pax and the baby are less than three years apart (just barely, but yes)- something. I always wanted for my kids. And, it would be fun to announce it at Christmas to our families! But, we will see. All we can do is try. We’ll keep you in the loop!


5 responses to “One of THOSE people

  1. Lindsay says:

    Keeping all appendages crossed for you guys that this works and you can make a very special Christmas announcement!

  2. DeCaf says:

    I hope you guys don’t have to try for very long, regardless of when you start! Good luck! 🙂

  3. Isa says:

    Yay! I’m glad you’re trying now! And if it doesn’t work on the first shot (I’m hoping it will, obvs, but just in case) you may end up with Jan anyway. But summer is a nice time for baby cuddling, to be sure!

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