Raising a Blended Family

It’s the little things…

on August 14, 2014

…that make me feel like a real live bonafide mommy to this little boy-child of mine. If I rush through the day I will miss them, but if I stop to appreciate each one they all add up to the same thing: somewhere along the way, in my ** years of life, I grew up, left my own childhood behind, and became a mommy in someone else’s childhood.

It is mind-boggling to think about, how much I have changed and grown because of the existence of this tiny little being, but it is undeniable. I do things only mommies do, say things only mommies say, help in ways only mommies help, and enjoy it all in ways only mommies can.

I am a mommy, with all that that entiails. Included in the sacred duties of this job I have grown into:

-getting him some grapes when he sees them in the fridge and calls out “‘nack! Nack! MOMMY, ‘NACK, WAPES, tee too!”

-reading him a book after he brings it to me, says “tee too” (thank you) and climbs up on my lap without waiting to see if I say yes or no (it’s always yes. Obviously.)

-enjoying the look of delight on his face when I fix a broken toy or turn on a power switch and suddenly a favorite toy lights up into action

-fulfilling song requests where he asks for “book” but then starts singing the first few verses of the song he wants and claps on delight when you join in

-noticing how when you kiss him, he automatically says “wub ooooooo” now with a long drawn-out “you” (lovelovelovelove this one)

-sleepy morning wake-ups with a snuggly boy and not so sleepy wake-ups where the boy is wide awake before I even know what’s happening and wakes me up with his face an inch from mine and an insistent “up. UP. Mommy, UP!”

-picking up in the evenings when the house is quiet and finding all the little ways he has played with his toys during the day. How he has stacked the blocks just so inside the refrigerator of his toy kitchen, or discovering his train nestled in the back of his dump truck. Little clues into how his busy mind is working and understanding the world.

-cuddling him when he needs it, whether it is because he is hurt and needs comfort or is tired and overstimulated and looks to snuggle on my shoulder for a respite.

I love it all. Through difficult times and adorable times, mommyhood is my passion now. I live it and love it and cannot imagine going back now that I have experienced it. It is all-encompassing!







One response to “It’s the little things…

  1. Lindsay says:

    This being a mom thing really is pretty awesome, isn’t it? This toddler phase is absolutely exhausting but oh, are they ever adorable and sweet!

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