Raising a Blended Family


on March 30, 2014

Well, as of Friday we are officially in our new house. I cannot say that I am particularly excited about it, nor do I have a particularly good attitude about it… but I am trying. I just keep reminding myself that this move is a stepping stone to where we want to be. That we will not be in this new house forever. That maybe the very.old.lady who lives next door with the bumper sticker on her car that reads “Mommy is a woman and daddy is a man, vote for [this asshole]” will grow to love her new lesbian neighbors. She came over to introduce herself and left us her Sunday paper, which was a nice gesture, but that was BEFORE the Lesbians On The Block had introduced ourselves. So, who knows, now.

For the first time in my life I feel homesick- for the town we just left, and not for my hometown in California. It’s a strange feeling, to realize how tied and attached you had become to the place you just left.  “Only hate the road when you’re missing home,” and all that, I suppose.

So, we moved in. Practically zero unpacking has been done (we just bought new sheets today because the.freaking.puppy peed the old ones and we can’t find our clean packed ones) except the essentials: bath products, coffee supplies, etc. I am hoping to at least make some headway on the kitchen tomorrow, but again, I am lacking motivation. Plus, my mom is in town visiting for the week, and it is much more fun to go out and DO stuff with her than it is to, well, sit in the house and unpack.

Anyone have any potty training puppy tips? Anyone want half my stuff? I swear that would be easier than unpacking.

On the one plus side- I had been feeling pretty isolated in this town. It is, for lack of a better word, a very REDNECK town in the middle of the bible belt and, by our very natures, we just don’t really fit in. We aren’t the churchgoing types, aren’t conservative, don’t wear cowboy boots, and I couldn’t talk to you about raising livestock to save my life. BUT, when we were checking out at the supermart today, Shorty was wearing Pax in his ergo, and the cashier commented that she loved the ergo and started talking about different babywearing things with us. We were amazed! Next thing you know, she was telling us all about how she plans to become a midwife and how she is a member of a crunchy mamas group here in town, and what do you know it- there was suddenly the hope of friendship and community where before, things had been looking pretty dire.

Another plus- we found a local park today, which was not as local as I would have liked (twenty minutes) but was nonetheless awesome and the kids loved the break and the chance to run around in the sunshine. So, there’s that. Little things as I remind myself it’s not that bad, and that adjustment takes time.

Ps- in typical pax fashion, he inaugurated the new house on our first day by falling and cutting his head on some bricks. ouch. Luckily it did not need stitches, he barely cried, and in the picture below he is only crying because I would not let him down. Silly clumsy boy.






2 responses to “Migrated

  1. Lindsay says:

    I really hope this house becomes “home” before long. It sounds like there might be some hidden jewels living there amongst the rednecks, just waiting to be your new friends!

  2. Isa says:

    Ugh. I hope things look up! We talk about moving to a much more conservative area, where all of my in-laws are, and I cringe just thinking about being the Ls ot B. Hopefully you’ll find friends quickly!

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