Raising a Blended Family

The Night-Night Mama

on March 16, 2014

Around here, there may be two women but there are two very different mamas. Just ask Pax. There are, for example, the Reading Mama (me) and the Wrestling Mama (her). There are also the Nursie-Mama (me again) and the Comfort-Nursing-Mama (her again).

There are also two other very distinctive types of mamas: the Non-Sleeping Mama, and the Mama-I-Fall-Asleep-For, aka, The Night-Night Mama. And believe me, Pax knows which is which. The latter I am most certainly not, according to Pax, and the former I definitely AM. I can try to wrangle a howling, screaming, overtired baby to sleep and fifteen minutes later all I’ve got is a frustrated baby and a few more gray hairs. Shorty can take that same baby and fifteen minutes later, he is O-U-T. She is the Night-Night Mama, and she does her job well.

We have fallen into a routine where every night I do pre-bedtime and she does actual sleep-achieving work. Pax and I do shower/bath, new diaper, pajamas, teeth brushing, sometimes books, and an ever-shortening nursing session (his choice), and then I will hand a wiggling, squirming, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed little monkey over to Shorty, blink, and she will be holding an innocent-looking, sleeping baby boy. It’s pretty miraculous.

She asks me a lot “if I mind.” I know why she’s asking- sleep used to be MY domain. He used to cuddle tightly to me and nurse to sleep each night, and it was Shorty for whom he would stay awake and squirm. I always laugh a little when she asks- because no, I don’t mind at all. I actually think it’s sweet that this is something they share, and to see him cuddled up against her, safe and content in the arms of his Mama. I also think it’s funny, how kids go in different cycles in terms of who they prefer for what, and it is downright hilarious how fast he goes from howling to sleeping in her arms. Funny, and sweet. She’s definitely the Night-Night Mama.

I handed him to her five seconds before the picture, and he was asleep about five seconds after this picture was taken.


One response to “The Night-Night Mama

  1. It is very similar in our house. Carter will not go to sleep without me. He giggles and plays and gets very tired with anyone else but will not fall asleep. With me, he snuggles in and falls asleep within minutes.

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