Raising a Blended Family

Foto Friday

on February 28, 2014

Because who has time for words? 😉 Happy weekend, everyone!

The Sistered20140228-181934.jpg

The Snuggle20140228-181957.jpg

The Cake With Green Icing20140228-182030.jpg

The Keeping Ourselves Occupied At The Doctor’s20140228-182110.jpg

The Sibling Love ❤20140228-182132.jpg

The Basket Case20140228-182149.jpg

The Afternoon Nap20140228-182204.jpg

The Car Crash20140228-182216.jpg

The Temptations20140228-182224.jpg

The Problem-Solver20140228-182235.jpg

The Sillies20140228-182247.jpg

The Chillin’ In My JamaJams20140228-182300.jpg

The Cool Kid20140228-182313.jpg

The Crowded Couch20140228-182333.jpg

The Newbie Princess20140228-182356.jpg

The Spoiled Princess20140228-182406.jpg

The Two Princesses20140228-182419.jpg

The Mad.20140228-182442.jpg


2 responses to “Foto Friday

  1. Lindsay says:

    I smiled the whole way through these photos!

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