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Morning at the Museum

on January 20, 2014

Last night, Shorty and I heard that today all the museums in our area- including the Children’s museum- would be free today. Since we both have the day off and Thing One had to be at school to make up a snow day, we decided it would be the perfect morning to take Pax to check out the brand new 5-and-under playscape, just mommies and him!

We knew it would be packed so we were up and out of the house first thing this morning and got there right as it opened. The playscape, which normally has a line a mile long to get into, was mostly empty and we just waltzed right in!


We took Pax out of the carrier and let him down, and he was OFF at the speed of light! The first thing he saw was this cool waterway/pond play area they have and he headed straight for it. We put one of the (dry-because-we-were-some-of-the-first-ones-in) waterproof aprons on him and he had a blast! They had all sorts of fun water toys- boats, strainers, squeegees- and Pax had a grand ole time splashing and making a big puddle on the floor.






Once the waterscape started getting crowded with new arrivals, we moved on to the music room. They had tons of instruments- drum, maracas, and a big wooden xylophone that was as big as I am! To be honest, Pax was more interest in chewing on the mallets than making music, but he did have fun jingling some bells and playing with the xylophone a bit.






Next up was this cool lily pad-pond-themed climber that made up the backside of the waterscape. I lifted pax up and set him inside the climber on one of the “lily pads,” fully expecting him to immediately want down… But instead he stayed inside playing for probably a good 45 minutes or so! He was too little to climb up to the next levels but he had fun crawling around on the three ground-level pads and playing with the netting. Honestly, the whole climber was really cool and I wanted to jump in myself! Ha!






After that, we kind of just wandered around to a few different stations- the sandpit (wasn’t a fan, tried to eat the sand and then walked away when he realized it wasn’t edible) to this sensory station with lots of soft fluffy stuff, and finally landed in the special babies and toddlers only area. This area had all sorts of stuff to do. There was a little slide, a tree trunk to crawl through, a station with cloth butterflies that would fly up into the air when you pushed a button, an area with wooden flowers to play with, some birdhouses with doors that pax enjoyed opening and closing, a wall with light up fireflies, a mirror wall, and much much more. There was also a little playmate area walled off for babies 9mos and under- I was disappointed and nervous to see several parents not properly supervising older children and letting them do running jumps into this mat area when there were small babies lying in there! If that had been MY young baby in there with those older kids jumping around, we would have had issues. Lol. Pax wanted in there so bad he could taste it but we were able to distract him with other things.

















When we could tell he was getting tired we bundled him back into the ergo and headed home for nap time. He fell asleep on the way home after reading for awhile. All in all, it was a great morning and it was nice to be able to focus on one child/age group without having to worry about boring the other child. We will definitely be going back!





5 responses to “Morning at the Museum

  1. Lindsay says:

    That looks like so much fun! Looks like Pax had a great time!

  2. Pax is getting so big! What an awesome museum. I wish we had one like that in New Mexico!

  3. This looks like all much fun for your family! Plus your hair is getting so long! I like it.

  4. How funny, we were there on Saturday! The Children’s Museum is the perfect place to hang out on a cold day. I love the playscape… Z was particularly fond of the water. For all the ways that the state of IN is less than perfect our museums rule! 🙂

  5. That looks like an awesome way to spend the morning!!!!

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