Raising a Blended Family

Oh, updates.

on January 3, 2014

So I know it’s been forever since I’ve posted here. The funny thing is, I write updates in my head every few days but then never find the time to type them out and post them. That, if anything, should give you an indicator of how crazy it’s been.

My parents and brother are currently in town from San Diego and we are enjoying a quiet lull in the crazy hecticness that has been our routine. I go to quit my temporary job that I had found, the one that had me working 55-60 hour workweeks, tonight because on Monday I start working at Shorty’s work. Definitely some relief there although I am grateful to that job as well because it got us through the holidays and allowed us to have Christmas, basically.  Things are definitely looking up, money-wise.

I also start my classes Monday and I can. not. wait.  They’re all online (for now) which should make it easier to fit them into my schedule. I am excited to be a student again, and a bit nostalgic for college days when being a student was ALL I had to be… no worries about work, daycare, cleaning the house, and all the other myriad cares I have now. Life is going to be BUSY BUSY BUSY again come Monday, but I’m not complaining, I’m just happy to get to go back to school, period.

And then there are, of course, the kids.

Thing One is doing well, though she’s been quite sassy and freakin’ downright rude sometimes. We call her Mouth, at times, for her tendency to mouth off and talk back and as a one-word reminder to her to change her attitude. Other than that though, she is doing well in school and at home. She has been officially diagnosed with ADHD, which comes as no surprise to us and is actually a relief, to have a formal answer. No medications yet (we’re still exploring options) but we shall see.

Pax is almost fifteen months old now and straddling the very fine line between toddler and baby. He loves to walk around and “talk” at you (no real words except “mama”), and several times we have found him in the center of a pile of books, babbling to himself as he “reads” and flips through the pages. It is very cute! He is in full-on walking/exploring/playing mode now, and does not like to sit still for anything or anyone (including mommy reading to him, snuggles, diaper changes and clothing changes). 


There is so much more to write (anxieties about daycare starting next week, for instance) but I wrote the above ten hours ago and haven’t even been able to come back to it since then, so I think I’d better just hit publish and hope for the best!


2 responses to “Oh, updates.

  1. DeCaf says:

    As someone who grew up having ADHD, being diagnosed was a huge relief for me too (I felt like I was always doing everything wrong and it was frustrating since I wanted to be a good kid). Medication can help a lot short term. I ended up outgrowing it, but I’ve been told that biofeedback can be very helpful.

  2. We start daycare this coming week. I feel you with the anxiety! Eek!

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