Raising a Blended Family

Married ‘n Stuff!

on November 22, 2013

So first off, I have to come out and say a huge thank you to you guys, the blog community, for being so awesome and for your kind words of support on that last post. It was by far the hardest one I’ve ever written and to have y’all respond with such sweet and uplifting comments was amazing. It was exactly what we needed to hear and it did us a world of good. So thank you, for that.

Second, the big announcement of the day, is that today Shorty and I drove out to Iowa and got legally hitched!!! It’s official!!! We can’t quite believe it- after two and a half years of “yes we’re married insert caveat here,” there is no more caveat. And we legally have the same last name as the one we gave Pax, which is the hyphen of our two last names combined. So awesome.

It was a long drive out here, but luckily the kids did AMAZING. It was a seven hour drive to our final destination and we left very early (5am). Everyone except me slept for the first three hours of the trip, and then we stopped for breakfast at a Mcd’s playplace and let the kids run around. After that we had to drive to the place to pick up our marriage license (two more hours, then got out of the car, half hour break), drive to the courthouse where we actually got married (one hour trip, hour and a half break out of the car), and then an hour drive to a nearby city to see a friend, and to check into a hotel for the night. Throughout all that driving, Thing One occupied herself with her DS, reading, and naps, and Pax alternated between napping and happily babbling. We only had a very few brief periods of starting-to-get-fussy, which were easily quelled by food, a lullabies CD, or both. And Thing One only asked “how many more minutes” less than twenty times, which for seven hours I’m going to call that a win! They were incredibly patient for a one- and eight-year-old.

And back to that wedding- after a rocky start, it went more smoothly than we could have hoped. We had lined up a friend-of-a-friend to perform the ceremony for us tomorrow, and were planning on having our in-town friends witness. That was, until yesterday when I spoke to the officiant who cancelled on us! We were so upset. I spent the day on the phone with literally half the counties in Iowa, trying to find a courthouse that performs weddings on Friday with a one day notice. I thought courthouse weddings were common but apparently they are not: most counties I spoke to no longer even perform them, instead referring people to outside ministers and magistrates who would have charge $200 just to sign papers! Luckily though, I finally got ahold of someone who was sympathetic to my sob story and contacted a local judge who does do courthouse weddings- and she had an opening for today. Thank everything! Unfortunately, though, our witness friends weren’t able to be there for the appointment time we got (in a different city, at that) and so we were forced to wing it. We needed two witnesses and so we stood in the lobby of the courthouse for half an hour asking random strangers if they would mind witnessing for us. One man said no because we were gay (jerk), two were courthouse employees, and the next man who walked in was the judge’s husband (ineligible). But we finally found two people (phew) and the rest went off without a hitch- and we got hitched!

Finally. Legally married. Two and a half years later.










3 responses to “Married ‘n Stuff!

  1. X says:

    Congratulations!!! (And glad the traveling went well!)

  2. Isa says:

    Congrats! That definitely sounds like an epic trip! I’m glad you got all the pieces to come together! šŸ™‚

  3. Rachael says:

    First of all, congratulations! Second, if you don’t mind me asking, K and I have been planning to get up to Iowa for our own ‘getting hitched’ however, the task seems a little daunting. As someone who has been through it, can you maybe help me with the process and where to start! We live in Missouri, so fortunately, the drive isn’t near as long as yours! But, it really is such an intimidating process, I’m not even sure where to begin! So glad I found your blog! šŸ™‚

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