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happy birthday to my wife!

on November 4, 2013

Today is my lovely, sweet, smart, kind-hearted wifey’s birthday! We do birthday weekends in this house so we’ve been celebrating all weekend, but today is the actual day.

On Saturday, we went out to a sushi dinner and I gave her her main gift- a glider that her dearly departed father had given her long ago when she was pregnant with T1. The poor glider was worn down to threadbare with just a tiny bit of cushion left, and we were storing it in the garage where it was collecting cobwebs and getting in the way. Shorty was convinced that the next step was to throw it in the trash and so she was super happy when I surprised her with it, restored, reupholstered, and with the kids’ names embroidered. She even cried. 🙂




Sunday we just bummed around the house, annnnd oh yeah… Got a dog. No baby, new pet, anyone? We are technically fostering this dog, but we are fostering-to-adopt, assuming everything goes well. She is a pit mix which I honestly never thought I would have (pit stigma and all), but she is the SWEETEST, most gentle, loving dog I have ever met. She is great when Pax climbs all over her and when Thing One gets all hyper in her face. She needs some training- leash training and a refresher course on house training but we have already begun those and she is doing great! We love her already.




Today Shorty worked, but I did manage to bake her a pumpkin roll (her favorite treat) and drop it, a Pepsi (another favorite) and a card off at her work for her. I had chicken and dumplings waiting at home for dinner (another fave) and we sang her happy birthday and lit candles in a cheesecake for the grand finale. She said she’s enjoyed her birthday. 🙂



One more (non-birthday related) mini update: speaking of no baby, new pet: no baby! Not even another try yet, because unfortunately, we missed my ovulation this cycle! I have been temping and using OPKs 2x/day, but the OPKs were the wondfo ones, which are soooo hard to interpret. I took soy this cycle and sure enough, I have a sustained temp shift from CD13 onwards, but never got a positive OPK (just almost-positive ones).


We’re thinking we just missed and/or misinterpreted the wondfos. I saved all my OPKs in order and looking back, there are some pretty dark is-it-or-isn’t-it positive ones on the day FF and my temps say I ovulated. Next cycle we will just get the smileys again, even though they’re expensive- there is no mistaking a positive with those and the wondfos are too hard to interpret! Also, my CM this cycle has been plentiful (strange, for me) but I never got clear egg white CM, just creamy stretchy stuff… So that contributed to the confusion as well. But that was on CD12, which is when FF says I ovulated. So I guess that WAS my fertile CM, I just never noticed! Oh well. We’ll try again next cycle. At least I ovulated!

Off to celebrate more birthday with my wife. 🙂 Happy November, y’all.


One response to “happy birthday to my wife!

  1. DeCaf says:

    Pits used to be known as the nanny dogs, since they have a reputation of being very tolerant of children.

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