Raising a Blended Family

Eleven! Months.

on September 11, 2013


Dear Baby Boy,

You are eleven months old now- only one more month to go until you have completed a full year on Earth. How time flies.

You now weigh in the neighborhood of 20 pounds, though I don’t know your height. You have long hair in the back and on the sides of you head, but not up top- leading us and other to call you our Little Old Man or sometimes, The Professor. You eat regular food now- pretty much whatever we’re having, you have, too! You still nurse three-four times a day and once or twice at night, but nowhere near what you used to do. You’re still wearing 12 month clothing, as anything that is 18months is huge on you. You shot through the first few clothing sizes and now you have been in twelve months for what seems like half your life!

You are doing and learning so much every day.

First and foremost, you are getting closer and closer to walking! You cruise everywhere now and will stand on your own for a few moments at a time (basically, you will stand until you realize that you are standing, at which point in time you will slowly sit down or grab onto something) and the other day, you allllmost walked. Mama was eating candy and you wanted some, so you let go of the couch to set off towards her chair… but you tripped over something on the floor and down you went. If that object had not tripped you, you would have walked! You’ll do it soon, I’m sure.

You are climbing everything these days. We have a climb-and-slide combo toy in the playroom that you adore. Mostly, you climb up the slide, but a few times you will actually climb the climbing portion of it. You’ve made it plenty of times on your own, too- there is a steering wheel up there that you love (mostly to chew on). You’ve fallen off the climber plenty of times too- it always scares Moms but you don’t seem phased*. We’ve started putting pillows at the bottom of the climbing portion so that when you do fall, you land on something cushioned. Falling (and the accompanying bumps and bruises) are just a part of toddlerhood, I’m told, but it doesn’t make it any easier on Moms to watch you get them! You love climbing the stairs, too (and you don’t particularly care if there’s a Mom around to make it safe for you!) and the couch too, if there’s something to help you up. Basically, you love climbing! *(as I’m writing this, you’ve fallen off the climber twice. Both times backwards. No tears, you just get yourself up and try again as Mommy cringes…)

Dressing and diapering you has become a challenge. You do not like to hold still, notevenforonesecond, and as you twist and turn and crawl away we have to chase after your little naked butt in order to get pants on you. Silly boy.

You ADORE your sister. You absolutely love her. She likes to pull you around in a homemade “go-cart” (read:laundry basket) and you will laugh and laugh and laugh. She makes funny faces and you shriek appreciatively. She plays in your playroom and you crawl around the room following her. Often, if you are crying or upset, she is the one who can get you to laugh and stop your tears in their tracks. I love seeing the two of you interact and I look forward to you two spending the rest of your childhoods together.

Temperament- and personality-wise, little one… you remain our happy-go-lucky little boy, but you have learned to throw a temper tantrum. If we do something you do not like (for instance, if we leave you in your pack n play and you wish to be OUT) you will SCREAM at us. Not cry, SCREAM- angrily. And you will look right at us while you do it. Such displays of temper are a bit off-putting since you’re so happy and silly the rest of the time… I think we were hoping you would be the one baby/toddler in history to not throw temper tantrums. Guess not! The rest of the time though, you are a joy to be around. You laugh and you make funny faces and you enjoy life, it seems. You know our names (or your name for us, “mamama”) and will look right at us and use it, or crawl over to us and pull up on our knees while exclaiming “mamama!” It’s adorable. The other night, you were being a bed hog and so Mommy got up to put you in your crib. The second you felt yourself being put down you woke up just long enough to cry a little, so Mommy scooped you back up and you went right back to sleep on her shoulder. However, when she went to put you back down in Moms’ bed, it was dark and she must’ve misjudged the distance… she put you down a little harder than she meant to and you woke up with a terrified sob and immediately cried “MAMAMA!” looking for us. It was heartbreaking. Mommy quickly grabbed you to cuddle you and you settled down, but she felt very bad for scaring you so much!

You don’t really have any other words yet, though you babble a ton and I’m sure there are words in there that we haven’t yet recognized as such yet. You’ll get there!

I love you so much baby boy and I cannot believe you are growing so fast. Slow down a little, will ya?

With all the love in the world,












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