Raising a Blended Family

Just kidding

on September 5, 2013

We are, in fact, in a TWW.

Shortly after that last post I wrote, the one declaring us well and truly out for this cycle, we decided to be spontaneous. The kind of spontaneous that involves cancelling other plans in favor of contacting our donor (“hey can you meet in a few hours? yes? great!”), booking a hotel room (thank you, ho.twi.re, for cheap same-day rates), and (literally) going for it.

Thing One was already at her dad’s for the weekend, so that worked out. And, well… Pax doesn’t need to know that he was present for his sibling-to-be’s possible conception (what child would want to know that anyways?). We took a nice ride up there, met that night to do an insem, and then met again the next morning . The timing is a little iffy because we actually insemmed ON ovulation day (and the next morning, which we’re pretty sure was useless but hey? why not), but at least we actually have a chance this cycle, as opposed to no chance.

After we checked out of the hotel, we took a nice family walk along the shore of Lake Michigan and had a leisurely lunch at Sw.eet Tom.atoes (we don’t have one where we live and I freaking LOVE that place!) before heading home again. It was actually kind of a nice little one-night getaway.

Thus far I have had a feeling of bloating and stretching that I am trying not to read too much into, and some minor twinges. Hunger? Maybe? But as I noted last time around (and yes, I actually went back to check my own notes- helpful, those) hunger could be either a sign of a BABY, or just a sign of PMS. Either or. Same with the tired (and it could also be a sign of oh hey! your 11 month old is reverse cycling at night and would like unrestricted access to the all night boob bar all night every night, thankyouverymuch).

My chart shows a clear ovulation pattern, minus the fact that my temp last night dipped low low low, as in below-coverline-low. But since it’s too early for an implantation dip and I do recall waking up shivering in the middle of the night (we had the AC running and the fan directly above our bed running on high, it was only 50 degrees last night and I had no covers), I’m going to go ahead and explain that one away as hey- I was cold!, rather than, say, an inexplicable blip on my chart that might otherwise confuse the hell out of fertility friend. Yep. Disregarding any data that does not support my current desired conclusion. That’s not a flawed plan at all.

So anyways.

Surprise! Hello, 4 DPO.










6 responses to “Just kidding

  1. Isa says:

    Yay! Also: sad to have missed you! But I get to see you soon so yay again! Fingers crossed!

  2. SotOhana says:

    Ooh! Exciting! Just like last time, I can’t wait to see how this one turns out for you all!

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