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The cycle that wasn’t meant to be

on September 1, 2013

Folks… this one just clearly wasn’t meant to be.

First there was the uncertainty created by planning to get Shorty pregnant and having her have a possible new job opportunity at the same time. Fine, we said. We’ll wait and see what happens with her interview- maybe use my body instead. Shorty’s OPK turned positive and we ignored it, choosing to wait for the outcome of the interviews.


Then, she had her first interview (which went well) and had the second scheduled for later the same week. We were looking forward to her completing the interview and to having a better sense of where we stand, and so she drove to the interview… only to find out that, because of some internal fuckaroo at the new job, she would not be able to interview that day after all. She was sent away with many many apologies and the interview has been rescheduled for this Tuesday.


Fine again, we thought. I’m not due to ovulate until later next week and even then I’m usually a late ovulator (CD19 was the cycle that got me pregnant with Pax!), so we still may know something and be able to go ahead with this cycle by then.


And then the damn pee stick turned positive last night, on CD-freaking-eleven. And we are in NO position to be able to inseminate today. And since when the hell do I ovulate so early anyways? Ugh.


Cycle cancelled. It’s probably for the better. In a month we will DEFINITELY (better have, damnit) know where we now stand and will be in a better position to know what to do.  It’s just so hard to wait.



One response to “The cycle that wasn’t meant to be

  1. meridith says:

    Damn unpredictable cycles.

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