Raising a Blended Family

General Update

on August 18, 2013

So we are sitting here at Shorty’s CD7, anxiously wishing time would go faster so we could inseminate and get the TWW started. Ya’ll… we’ve got baby fever. Bad.

I never even knew it was possible to have baby fever when you already have a, you know, actual baby already in the house- but it is! Besides, our baby is on the verge of being notsomuch a baby and we miss the days of head-bobbling, gummy grins and sleepy newborn stares.

Beyond that, we are anxious for Pax to have a close-in-age sibling, and both of us are nervous about how long TTC this new baby will actually take. We were so, so lucky when Pax came to us after only two tries- can lightning strike twice? Could we be that lucky? It remains to be seen but every month that passes means Pax gets older and he and his sib get farther apart in age. Right now, we’re fine- we’re still within the window of time that would put them about 2 years apart or so. Perfect. We just have to get the job done in that time frame, which leaves us a couple months to work with and a steadily-increasing sense of anxiety.

I guess we’ll see.

Shorty is temping and going to start using OPKs in a few days.  We’ve been having some wonky cycles where she gets her positive OPK on CD14 or 15 but doesn’t get her period until CD31 or so. Really long luteal phase? The other monkey wrench in the bag is that she’s typically been getting a negative OPK in the afternoon, and then by that evening it’s positive, but by the next morning it’s negative again. We’re assuming this means she has a short surge, which I always thought meant she would ovulate very soon after the positive test as well. If that were true, it would mean (given the standard 2 week luteal phase) her cycles should be only 28-29 days, instead of 31ish. So where are we picking up these extra few days? It’s crazymaking.

Regardless, the plan is to try to cover both bases by doing an insemination the night of our positive OPK, and another one the next night. Since we’re using fresh swimmers, the hope is they will last longer than thawed ones and cover a wider window of time. I guess we’ll see how that works out. Shorty’s temperature should at least confirm when she ovulates this cycle, and give us an idea of if we got our timing right or not.

So bring on the positive OPK, I’m impatient to get this show on the road!


One response to “General Update

  1. Isa says:

    We’re cycle buddies! At least, more or less. It looks like this round will be commencing sometime around the middle of this week. Maybe your baby was just waiting for me to catch up so they can be pals? I don’t know about the timing. It’s sort of a lark over here, since we haven’t ever managed to make it work doing ICIs, but I hope you get a good plan, and I think fresh swimmers cover a multitude of ills!

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