Raising a Blended Family

Ten Months Old!

on August 16, 2013

August 10, 2013

Dear Sunshine Boy,

I know these letters have been too few and far between, but I just HAD to write one to you right now- you are ten months old and changing so fast! Right now you are somewhere in the neighborhood of 19-20 lbs (60th percentile last dr. visit), and 29.5 inches long (80-something percentile last dr. visit), and wearing twelve month clothing. You are still mostly bald on the top with longer hair on the sides and back, leading us to call you our “little old man” or sometimes “the professor.” You sit in your big-boy carseat now and have been for about a month and a half, though you still look so little in it! I feel like you are walking the very fine line between baby and crawdler/toddler- with some things you do reminding me that you’re only ten months old, and others reminding us that you are on the verge of ONE YEAR OLD, and getting closer every day!

You babble like a baby. Your favorite sound to make is “mama,” which you will either say clearly and directly pointed at one of us as our name (the other day, your sister was holding you and trying to play with you, and you were fussing and not enjoying it; I snuck up behind you and plucked you out of her arms and with a cry of joy you turned around and recognized me: “mama!”), or, alternatively, you will babble away with it: mamamamamadabamamama. You also like to yell it, emphasis on the second syllable: ma MA!!! Maaaaaaaaaaaaaa MA! MAMA! Again, this can be either directed at us (when you’re in the play room by yourself and would like to be rescued, thank you very much) or just for amusement (when you’re bored in your carseat as we’re driving down the road). Either way is fine with us, and frankly both are adorable.

You are starting to try to move like a toddler. You just mastered true crawling within the past month (no more of that army-style crawling for you!) and you are pulling up and cruising on EVERYTHING. You enjoy pulling up on your piano-style bouncer that we never used as a bouncer- it’s fun because you step on the keys with your feet, which then make noise, which delights you to no end. You have also made several attempts at individual standing- the longest was five seconds before you plopped back down. And you will take steps if we hold your hands and will use your walker to get across the playroom if we place you on it. So, you’re getting there!

You’re finally eating more like a toddler too. When, at nine months old, you were still exclusively breastfed and refusing all forms of solids- puree, soft chewable, puff, or otherwise- we decided it was time to check in and see if you needed some help learning to eat. We saw a speech pathologist at the children’s hospital who informed us that your delays were because you had had such bad reflux as an infant. You had essentially taught yourself NOT to eat as a protective measure. We had no idea! The SP taught us how to feed you, got you started on breastmilk-yogurt smoothies that we gradually thinned out (to help you learn to drink from a straw), and had us feed you “puffy” foods that would simply melt in your mouth, even if you did not chew and swallow them (to lessen choking hazards; organic cheetohs and freeze dried fruit were good for this). You caught on very quickly and one month later, you’re eating avocado and eggs and cheese and lots of other things, in addition to eating baby food purees. We’re so happy to have a baby who eats!!!

It was also rather timely of you to learn to eat, since this past month of your life Moms abandoned you for a week while we went on vacation solo. You were left with your Grandma Shelley, who reports that you did very well while we were gone, drank a ton of Mommy’s freezer stash of breast milk, and even started sleeping through the night (apparently if the Boob isn’t around, it isn’t worth waking up for, though you quickly reversed your sleep progress and continued your nighttime wakings as soon as Moms got home). We felt bad- so bad!- leaving you, but honestly I think it worked out for the best and helped you to come out of your shell a little bit. We sure as heck missed you like crazy though!

Mommy pumped her milk (every three hours except at night) the whole time she was gone in order to make sure you could continue breastfeeding when we returned, and although her supply dipped a little bit, your demand when we got back was more than enough to get things up to snuff again! So yes, you are still breastfeeding- only now, you’re doing it like a toddler. You do NOT sit still or even lay still anymore while eating. Your favorite thing now is to latch on, and then get up on your hands and knees with my boob still in your mouth and look around at all the sights to see. I’ve tried to get you to just eat sitting up but apparently Boob Gymnastics are more fun. You have also “helped yourself” quite a few times now (not counting the times when we cosleep at night, since you always help yourself then). One time, you pulled up using my shirt and the couch as handholds, and you accidentally pulled my shirt down when you did that. I wasn’t wearing a bra so you decided that right then and there was a good time to help yourself- standing and everything! You will also crawl across the bed and latch on all by yourself now if I am not wearing a shirt at bedtime. In short, you are DEFINTILEY acting like a toddler and I miss our close, cuddly feedings. You are a man on the move and even for eating, you cannot slow down.

Your favorite activities right now are varied- you still love reading, and love it when Mommy sings the Baby Beluga book to you. You also love being sung “You Are My Sunshine-“ it’s become yours and Mommy’s song and we affectionately call you Sunshine Boy now because of it (and because you’re always so happy!). You also love your bouncer still (your rainforest one, not your piano one), like being in the stroller more and more for walks, and like manipulating things with your ever-improving pincer grasp. Mommy got you a bead maze that you are quite fond of and you are also teething (8 teeth, going on ten!) so you like anything you can chew on as well. Bathtimes are a favorite- you love splashing in the water and chewing on all your bath toys. You’re a very busy little guy!

Moms love you so much and we cannot believe you’re already this big. Mommy would like to freeze you in time and not have you get any bigger until she’s ready, but since she knows that’s impossible, she looks forward to seeing you grow and learn more through the coming months.

With All Our Love,

Mommy and Mama








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