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Happy 8th birthday, Thing One!!!

on July 19, 2013

Thing One turns 8 whole years old tomorrow (today)!!! Happy Birthday baby girl!

By the time this posts myself, Shorty, my mother, brother, the babies and all three kids (including the Birthday Girl herself!) will be headed in two separate cars to a destination of the Birthday Girl’s choosing- a local water park called Holiday World- to spend the day conquering water coasters, wave pools, and giant water playgrounds (the kids) and floating in the lazy river trying to be as sloth-like as possible (myself, Shorty, my mom, and the babies will probably have a go at it too.). It’s going to be a hot one (90ish degrees) so the water will be a welcome relief and a great way to celebrate a little girl who is getting older but still has a youthful spirit.

In the past year Thing One has grown so much.

She repeated- and kicked the ass of, might I add- first grade and came out a more competent, confident student who is ready to take on second grade in a few weeks…

She lost a lot of baby teeth, and gained some big ole teefers in return…

She’s gotten better at making friends and a little bit more mature in her friendships (though still very girly and not at all preteen-like… Ok by me!)…

She has lost none of her goofy, silly ways…

Scaring the crap out of anyone and everyone she can by hiding around corners and doors is still a favorite activity…

She has taken to big sisterhood like she was born to be a Big Sister. Heck, maybe she was. I can’t wait to see her and her brother’s relationship continue to grow over the years.

She remains our smart, silly, hyperactive, lovable, energetic Thing One. We love her one year more, one year older, onwards!





One response to “Happy 8th birthday, Thing One!!!

  1. Isa says:

    happiest of birthdays to T1!! I hope you had an amazing time! There’s no one I’d rather do Fancy Nancy stickers with, no one at all!

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