Raising a Blended Family

Slow-and-steady, slow-and-schmeady.

on June 23, 2013

Pax has been going through explosive development lately- so much we can hardly keep track. He has apparently decided that slow-and-steady does not, in fact, win the race and so has decided to go from a slowish pace to warp speed all at once. In the past week alone, he has:

-learned to sit! Before, he would sit when you sat him up but could not get there himself. We were getting slightly concerned and even asked the doctor about it last week. She told us he looked fine, muscle-tone wise and suggested that perhaps his diapers were too tight around his legs, making it hard for him to stretch them out and stay balanced for sitting. We were skeptical but went ahead and started buttoning them up one less snap- and lo and behold, this morning he went from tummy to sitting in a series of steps, all by himself! Not sure if it was a coincidence or really did have something to do with the diapers (they weren’t super tight or anything but its possible they were the culprit) but either way- he sits now!

-the same day (today) he learned to sit, he also stood for the very first time! Crazy baby. He pulled himself up on our coffee table in order to grab my camera… And then promptly fell over and almost clocked himself as the camera fell over with him. Gave his Moms a heart attack! He did it a few more times and we made sure there weren’t any heavy, hard metal objects that he could pull down on himself!

-put himself back to sleep without intervention. Again, for the first time and again, he did this TODAY. Well, tonight, actually. We heard him start to cry and stir on the baby monitor- usually, if not answered, this would escalate into full-blown screaming. Tonight, however, he fussed for a minute and just as Shorty was getting up to go get him, it got silent. We heard another peep out of him a few minutes later, and some rustling, a few more half-hearted cries and then…. Nothing. A quick peek upstairs and he is sound asleep!

-he slept through the night for the first time last week. He hasn’t done it since and he did have a fever that night, but still! It happened and it was NOT a dream and by the way, no one tells you that the first time your baby sleeps through the night, you will wake up in a panic about five thirty in the morning, practically kill yourself thrashing out of the covers and out of bed, and wake up the baby in the process because you suddenly realize you haven’t heard from the baby all night and OH MY GOD IS HE EVEN BREATHING… And then he starts to cry because you woke him up and you breathe a mental sigh of relief and simultaneously kick yourself because, hello, if you hadn’t been so loud, you could have kept sleeping. Dumbass.

-he says mama! The form varies- he says “mamamamama” babbling-style (but looking right at you and not breaking eye contact) and also has a short-hand, more demanding version- “AM!” (Rhymes with “mom”). He will also use his limited mobility to move towards you while saying it and holding eye contact, making it clear in no uncertain terms that YES, he means you now come get him, dammit.

-he is in transition from army-crawling to true crawling. He uses his feet to push himself now as his arms pull, and a few times he has gotten up on hands and knees… But no true crawling yet.

Did I mention he is growing in leaps and bounds?!?!?! These are just the things I can REMEMBER right now- I don’t even know what there may be that I’ve forgotten! I can’t believe he’s growing so fast. All traces of my newborn baby boy are gone and he is getting more grown up every day. Sniff.

Sitting by himself for the first time!20130623-222800.jpg


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