Raising a Blended Family

Diving in

on June 19, 2013

I know I owe you updates but I also know that with only the iPad and limited time, they just aren’t coming like I’d like them to. So here’s a few quick ones, bullet-style:

-Pax is now eight months! And he has gone from being our big boy to our little boy- he is now longer (29.5 inches, 89%) and leaner than Addie (19lbs,13oz, 58%) and we find ourselves looking at him wondering… When did he get so SKINNY? He army-crawls now (which accounts for some weight loss I’m sure) and rolls and sits up if you sit him up. He is starting to say mom (“ma-ma-ma!” looking right at you).

-Addie is ten months! 29.25inches, 21 pounds (!!!), 95% both. She is standing and cruising and once or twice has stood on her own before she realized what she was doing and holy-shit-I’m-standing-let-me-sit-down’d. She says mom, hi, and babo (bottle). She will wave, come here, and dance (wiggles shoulders backs me forth) if you tell her too. SO fun, and cute!

-We are waiting on Pax to undergo a feeding study at the local children’s hospital. Child will not eat any solids. More than that, he gags and violently barfs when you try to feed him. Solids, baby food, cereal, even expressed breast milk. We’re concerned and our doctor admitted that something seems off about that. He doesn’t take any food at all in spite of showing interest, and at eight months, both our mom-alarms are beeping, so we took him to the doc and she referred us to the hospital. Hopefully they can help us figure it out. On closer examination, this kid has always had problems with taking anything by mouth- bottle, pacifier, even meds. He had very bad reflux in the early days and in general has always had swallowing issues. Hopefully they can finally pinpoint the problem with this study.

-We may lose Addie and Bubby soon. 😦 😦 😦 I can’t go into full details, but they have moved to all-day unsupervised visits with mom (meaning we leave them there with her by herself) and are looking to go to all weekend and soon week long overnight visits. It seems like they’re rushing it- mom just complete the last requirement (finding her own housing) a week ago and already our caseworker told us we may not even have them by the time we go to Jamaica at the end of July. We are bracing for it, we are heartbroken. The first time we left them after drop-off for their first all-day visit, we both cried.

-L stays. For now. It’s complicated.

-A series of minor illnesses and mishaps: Pax has an earache, L was so constipated she required an ER visit, I had an ear infection.

-Shorty has been undergoing back treatments for her two herniated discs. It is intensive, three-night-a-week therapy, and hopefully it will help!

-In spite of all of this, life is actually good. Summer is here and that means lots of outdoor park time and time at the splash pad. We bought the babies a little pop up wading pool that we bring with us so that they can enjoy the splash pad too and they seem to love it. Big kids love bubbles, chalk, and the park. Life is good.



















One response to “Diving in

  1. Isa says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about the kids. I know that it’s complicated, but I can’t help feeling that they’ll have the best home with you. Whatever happens, I hope it works out for the best.

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