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Date Night and Easter

on April 4, 2013

Well, things have been crazy busy around here (understatement), but Shorty and I still managed to have a date night (with help from Grandma, who babysat).  It was a pretty intense date night… we laughed, we cried, and there were several points in time when I’m pretty sure my wife wanted to kill me. Sounds successful, right?

It was a two-part evening. The first part was an adventure to a high ropes course that I picked as a surprise date.  I have done low ropes courses before, but never high, and I thought it would be a fun adventure… something different from the norm.  Shorty had never done either… and I forgot (until we got there and she started rocking back and forth) that she’s afraid of heights. Oops. So that would be the wife-wanting-to-kill-me part.

The first thing we did when we got there was called “ground school.”  Basically, it was where they taught us how to put on our harnesses and how to attach ourselves to the cables of the ropes course, all while standing on the ground so we didn’t kill ourselves once we were 10,000ft in the air…. or whatever.  Pretty sure Shorty was wishing the entire time that we would just stay earth-bound. Sorry, wife.


Shorty, safely only 3 feet off the ground, holding on for dear life while learning to clip herself in.


Us, BEFORE the course. Note the wife’s forced smile?


nervously examining the heights….

After we finished ground school, the next step was to decide how to get UP into the course. There were four routes we could have taken:

This rope ladder...

This rope ladder…

These two elements were also possibilities...

These two elements…


..or this.

Wife told me she would go whichever way I went and that last one, being the hardest, was naturally the one I chose to try. Sorry again, wife.

Climbing this thing was seriously a you-know-what. It was straight vertical and I have, like, zero upper arm strength. But with a lot of swearing and some serious determination, I made it to the top.

halfway up and stuck...

halfway up and stuck…

Made it to the top. BOOYEAH!

Made it to the top. BOOYEAH!

Little did we know (we should have known), getting there was the easy part.  There were still the elements to cross, and a little thing called getting down. We’ll get to that part.

Once we got to the top, our paths began to diverge.  Wife chose this crazy-scary looking tightrope type thing where the only things to hold onto were swinging PVC pipes.  Yeah. Crazy.

climbing off the platform (I swear that was the scariest part)...

climbing off the platform (I swear that was the scariest part)…


see? terrifying.

see? terrifying.


Not that my chosen path was any easier.  I chose this swinging bridge thing, which looked really fun until I realized, as soon as I stepped onto the first one, that the mother effers actually SWANG and so traversing this “bridge” was similar to standing on a playground swing on one foot and leaning back and forth to build momentum and get it to swing… except that these swings were tiny, 100ft up in the air, and then you had to reach out and try to grab the next mofo, staring into the thin air between you and the ground while you did so. Holy crapballs, it was hard.

Looking back once I got across it... see what I mean?

Looking back once I got across it… see what I mean? Those Em effers SWUNG when you stepped on them!


After this, pictures got scare as I was too busy staying alive and stuff to take pictures.  Here’s one of me walking across this log-thing after Shorty chickened out early chose to descend to the ground. I always knew she was the smarter one of the two of us.


My genius self decided to stay up there and push my luck… which is how I ended up in this little predicament:

Sitting on a ledge, legs dangling off. Staring through the thin air to the ground 100ft below. Not attached to anything on the ledge whatsoever. And they were telling me to jump.

Oh, and I also may have been hyperventilating.

Ya’ll, I pride myself on being adventure-ready. I backpack (okay, fine, used to. But loved it.). Rock climb. IN college I climbed the huge redwoods and climbed sheer cliffs.  But this. This was HARD.  Making myself jump off a ledge into a freefall… I had a really hard time with it. Sure, I was attached to cables (in a V shape) so I knew they would catch me and I would end up swinging instead of falling. But still. It was terrifying and in the end it was only the knowledge that if I didn’t do it, I would regret it, that made me go.

Here I go:

Yep. Fun at the end but scary as hell until then. I got down and promptly burst into tears of relief on Shorty’s shoulder.

In any case, we made it through alive and in one piece.  And treated ourselves to a soothing meal of sushi afterwards. It was a great date night!

post- challenge course.

post- challenge course.


The next morning, we woke up and did Easter.  I don’t have a lot to say about this except that it was chaos.  Here are the four big kids’ easter baskets, all lined up nice and neat the night before.


Let me assure you, they did not stay that way.  I wish I had taken after pictures, but alas, I did not.

After the easter-basket frenzy, we took the kids to an underwater scavenger hunt at the local community pool. It was pretty chaotic (and packed) but the kids had fun. They had these eggs that filled with water and then sank, and then the kids could trade in the eggs they found for prizes back on dry land.  Pretty nifty. The babies also enjoyed observing from the sidelines:




So that’s all for now.  Hope ya’ll had a great Easter! We definitely did.





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  1. Isa says:

    Uh, yeah. I would have killed you. I note that you both look MUCH happier to be on the ground afterwards…

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