Raising a Blended Family

Addie’s 6/7 month letter

on March 13, 2013


Dear Little Ladykins,

My, my, aren’t we all grown up? While we weren’t looking (sorry about that) you turned half a year old… 6 months! And then, because that wasn’t enough, you added another month on top of that. Seven months now!  Even saying it makes you sound old.  You are no longer a teeny tiny baby now, and it shows! Your last appointment you were 18lbs, 27.25 inches- 95th percentile both, Missy.  Getting so big, so fast!

You also quietly sprouted your first teeth right around five months old- one day there were no teeth, the next there were! No fuss, no drool. Just teeth appearing suddenly where none were before. Feel free to continue teething that way- we much prefer it to the fussing and grumping of a certain bruzzin (or any other baby) when they get teeth!

Little girl, you are a lady on the move.  Literally- on. the. move. We will place you in one spot and turn around, then turn back around and you will be at least a couple feet from where we placed you! That is because you are, for all intents and purposes, crawling. It may not be pretty or particularly refined, (your technique right now involves getting up on hands and knees, moving your hands forward, then flattening out into frog legs on your belly to pull your knees up one at a time, then getting back up on your hands and knees… rinse and repeat) but it gets you where you want to go! You are all over the playroom now and generally don’t bother with rolling anymore (by the way, you mastered that ages ago… both ways by about two weeks after I wrote you your five month letter)… crawling is so much faster!

You are also making attempts at sitting up, though you haven’t quite got there yet. If we place you in a sitting position, you will stay seated for at least a minute or so… but by yourself, you have only managed to push up into what we call your “chilling out position”- like you were lying on your side, then pushed up on the arm closest to the ground until it’s straight, then tucker your legs in. The result is you leaning on your arm while basically almost sitting. It’s pretty cute- ask me to show you pictures of you doing this!  I’ve been tempted to put a pair of sunglasses on you, a beach hat, and photoshop a beach scene in the background… you would fit right in.

Vocally, you have, well… gotten vocal.  You will babble and shriek (ouch. Those are my eardrums, child. And your bruzzin is sleeping. Not that you care.) and make all sorts of noises now.  You love to babble “da-da-da-da-da-da-da” over and over again, but will. not. Say “mama” for the life of us, even when we babble it back at you. And yes, you get your stubborn streak from Deda.

You seem like you are developing a mischievous streak- inevitably, if there is something in the playroom you are not supposed to have (cups, preferably full, are a prime example) you will make a beeline straight for it.  The other day I had a cup full of rootbeer and you wanted it and started heading for it… so I picked it up out of reach before you got there and you stared longingly at it.  When you were distracted with toys, I put it down on the other side of the chair, supposedly out of sight, and forgot about it.  I got up to go do dishes and left you and Deda in the playroom… lo and behold, ten minutes later, Deda heard a slurping sound coming from that corner and looked up from the computer to find you, cup knocked over, face down in a puddle of rootbeer and slurping.  Yes, you had your first soda at seven months. No, we are not proud and do not tell your mother.

You also love to take things out of the organizer bins.  Though you do not know it, this is a preferred and acceptable activity (it’s cute to watch you sort through things and take them out, one by one) so we often “accidentally” leave organizer bins full of toys or lids or whatever within your reach and watch what happens.  Sure, it’s more work to pick up later when you have the contents scattered all around the playroom but it easily keeps you entertained for an hour or more and, like I said, it’s cute.  Next up on the agenda: learning to put things back IN the organizer bins.

Personality-wise, you are one of the happiest individuals I have ever met- including adults, children, and that dog we used to have. You are bubbly and silly all the time and if you are not, there is a good reason (like your pants are soiled- you cannot stand poopy pants.). Other than those times, you are sweet and giggly and generally adorable. You do have a temper, but you don’t display it too often, which is nice.  I hope you stay happy, kiddo. It’s going to help you a lot in life.

I love you baby girl. I can’t believe we’re already on the downward slope to one year old.  You’re growing so fast! And I’m loving every minute of it.


Love always,

Auntie-mama Ayslinn


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