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Flying Solo

on February 27, 2013

So I’m sitting here, writing this, at eleven o’clock at night, while I should be packing for a plane trip that I’m taking tomorrow.  But no, I’m not a procrastinator or anything, why do you ask?

Anyways. So this trip. It’s a quick one, Thursday-Sunday, for a good friends’ wedding. She was in our wedding awhile back and while I was invited to me a bridesmaid in hers, with the babies and all it was too much.  I honestly wasn’t even sure I was going to be able to make the cross-country trip, but I ended up buying my ticket three weeks ago, chose “fish” as my dinner entree, and found a dress suitable for a wedding in Northern California wine country. So, all set! Unfortunately, due to cost and schedules, I will be making this trip mostly-solo, while Shorty, Addie, and Thing One stay home.  I say mostly-solo and not all the way solo, because due to his affinity for the Boobs and the fact that he will.not.take a bottle… Pax will be accompanying me on this trip.
Shorty is super sad (her first time away from her little guy) but I am mostly anxious about flying solo with a baby.  At Christmas, I wasn’t that nervous about flying with TWO babies and Thing One, because no matter what happened Shorty was there to back me up and it was two against three. I had someone to trade embarrassed glances with if the babies acted up and someone to talk to and someone else who had to be responsible along with me.  Tomorrow, though… tomorrow it’s just me, Pax, and a plane full of potentially-un-babyfriendly strangers for 6 hours.  Oh goodie. And all of these really really sillycrazy thoughts keep occuring to me- what if he has a blow out and I have to simultaneously hold the baby AND wrestle in the diaper bag for new clothes and supplies? What if I have to pee while we’re in the air?! What if he’s sleeping and I drop something and… What if he won’t stop crying?! And on, and on, and on.  I know I’m being ridiculous and it will be fine, but what IF?!?!!

He’s also older than he was at Christmas (duh) and has become more active. Where at Christmastime, he slept basically the whole time, I’m not quite sure what he’s going to do this time around.  I guess we’ll see.

The good news is, my mom will be waiting on the other end of this plane trip, and she will most certainly be of help with the baby. Yay for reinforcements!  She’s going to the wedding too (this is a childhood friend I grew up with so my mom knows her too!) and we’re going to take a side trip Friday and part of Saturday to see lots and lots of family. Pax is going to meet his great-grandmother for the first time, which simultaneously makes me happy and sad. Happy that he gets to meet her, sad because this could very well be both the first and last time he meets her (she’s old, not in good health, can’t really travel anymore and we certainly don’t get to northern California very often). So it’s a very nostalgic feeling. Pax will also be meeting various great-aunts and my cousins (which to him are first-cousins-once-removed, right? Can never quite get the hang of this family tree thing), who I haven’t seen in years either and am thus very excited to have a chance to reunite with.  It should be a good trip…

…provided the plane ride goes well.

And I guess that depends on me being prepared, which means I should get off my arse and go hunt down all of the entertaining-but-not-too-annoying-for-the-airplane toys, lots of baby clothes, etc etc etc.  And download some new iphone apps (suggestions?) in case the baby goes to sleep and I have nothing to do like last time.  And pack myself some clothes too, because running around in the same clothes all weekend is gross.

Ok. I’m going. sigh.


3 responses to “Flying Solo

  1. I fly a lot with Gus (both with D and solo). I have found (before toddlerhood) that what worked best was a boob, a favorite toy and a new toy. Our trips were shorter (generally around 2-3 hrs) but he slept a lot. Even now as a toddler he sleeps a lot on the plane (but toddlerhood is a whole other beast on an airplane).
    Good luck!!

  2. weddedwife says:

    Let us know how it went

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